Utah February 2018

We wanted to fly to Utah but it wasn’t it the cards, so driving it was.  We left on Friday around dinner time.  Cason had an appointment with his neurologist and we left after that.  Some of the kids fell asleep on the way and some did not.

IMG 0776

Wed did stop at a hotel to get some rest before we drove the rest of the way.

We got in just in time to have a girls night of Cafe Rio and watching my niece dance in her performance.

IMG 0781
IMG 0782

 Sunday we went to church and got together for dinner and fun!  Sadie made Corbin some cupcakes for his birthday!

IMG 1643
IMG 0790

The next day was Corbin’s birthday!

On the Tuesday, we went and saw a morning movie of Jumangi.  We all really liked but the boys had really wanted to see this one:

IMG 0865

Then we headed over to look at some ski stuff.  Kinsley really liked this mannequin.

IMG 0867

We got together for dinner and then visited with Connor’s grandparents who were in town from Arizona.

IMG 0901

The next day was another day of skiing.  I’d rather not go into the details of how I did but here are some of the pictures!

IMG 0910
IMG 0903
IMG 0890
IMG 5433
IMG 1833
IMG 1848
IMG 1878

That night, all of us went to a place called Dartside where we just had a big nerf gun war.  It was pretty fun!

IMG 1917

The kids got to spend the night with cousins.  Matching girls!

IMG 8373

Then the kids got to see Nana and Papa for some fun!

IMG 1944
IMG 1946

Connor and I went to the temple since our temple is now closed!

IMG 8526

We ate at the Pie with some friends!

IMG 8667

The morning we left, we ate at Waffle Love!

IMG 0918

Then got back on the road! This is what makes driving easier…devices!!!

IMG 0920

We stopped at a hotel in Winnemucca.

Then back at it! Snow!!

IMG 0925

We had a great time together and as always it is so hard to leave.  

© The Duke Fam 2014