The Fun Five

How lucky are we to get to have parents who are willing to take our kids so Connor and I can get away.  Connor’s parents volunteered this time and it was so comforting to know that our kids were so well taken care of and loved while we were away!!! 

Shauna sent us emails daily that detailed what the kids did.  We looked forward to those emails so much and were so grateful she took the time out at the end of an exhausting day with the kids to do that for us!

So here is their fun week in Nana’s words:

Day 1:

What a wonderful morning we had at Coyote Point---thanks so much for the suggestion.  

We drove into the park (as it was right off the freeway) to find out if it was going to work for the kids.  But, I was hungry so we looked for a McD to get some oatmeal.  Well, we ended up there with three orders of those little cinnamon melts cuz the kids were crazy for them.  Ends up, it was a really good thing they had the extra breakfast, so that we could stay at the park till about 12:30.  The museum of CuriOdyssey was fun.  Inside was the interactive exhibits and outside there were small animals.  

Then we went and put our feet in the bay for about 3 minutes.  The Magic Mt. Playground was awesome!!! (much more than the museum which was a little lame---especially by Utah standards)

We stopped for lunch at McD's as the kids really wanted the toys they were offering.  We hurried home and had Kinsley down for nap by 1:50pm.  The boys rested and Nana took a nap too. 

After rest we played inside and out, and then I found something in the fridge for dinner.  It was so beautiful outside, that we decided to go to Las Palmas park.  Kinsley was in rare form as we walked/strolled there.  The things she says and the way she says them and just the way she handles herself is such a hoot.  She just oozes self-confidence.  Cason had a really great day.  Corbin was a little quiet and not absolutely happy.  We will work on giving him a little more personal attention tomorrow.  

As always, the kids all go down so well, after all the bedtime routine.  They love Papa's stories. 

We had a wonderful first day and are so in love with these kids.  They just fill our hearts to overflowing.  Hope you are having a great time.  Something is wrong with dad's phone as it will only hold a charge for about an hour.  And, my phone will work for a few minutes but then it just starts going crazy calling everyone in my contacts and the home button just keeps dinging.  Anyway, if you cannot reach us===SORRY.  Our main concern will be the happiness and safety of three precious children.  At dinner, we decided to call ourselves the "Fun Five".   Because there are five of us, we are having fun and both words begin with F.  So, call the home phone if you need to and we will try to FaceTime when you wish, but we cannot accommodate your needs above the "Fun Five"``so there!


Day 2:

The kids slept really well last night and didn't wake up till 6:30, so we decided to have a little more low key day. This morning Kinsley and I went to Costco while Papa and boys played outside.  We decided to see the 2:35 movie of Planes;Fire and Rescue, so I put Kinsley down about 11:45 and the boys ate lunch and had an early rest time.  We all got to the movie, got the popcorn and settled in for a fun time.  Well, Kinsley lasted about 15 minuets before she was entertaining the whole theatre, so she and I left and wandered around the stores.  The boys and Papa really enjoyed the show.  I asked for my money back and they gave me a voucher for another movie.

On the way home we decided to stop at the library and get some books for nightly reading.  Well, we hit the jackpot with 4 star wars books AND The Clone Wars animated dvd series.  The boys were allowed to watch one of the episodes while eating dinner.  They thought that was pretty fun.  

We had hamberger patties for dinner with cooked carrots (smashed).  I thought the kids would really love them, but not the case.  But, they did like the meat patties.  We went to Washington Park for our nightly park outing.  We had Kinsley in bed by about 7:25 and the boys not long after.  I think we are going to turn it in early as well.  Sure hope you had a great day like the "Fun Five".

btw--they were all REALLY good kids today---we are pretty amazed at how well behaved they are.


Day 3:

What a fun day for the Fun Five!

We had a pretty quiet morning with kids playing w/toys, Nana & Papa took turns jogging, Nana worked in the back yard and Papa made the boys lunch.  Kinsley went down early so that we could go to Sky High Trampoline and then ChuckeCheese---WOW was it fun.  We even managed to be home by 8pm and kids were in bed by 8:30.  I got some really cute pictures.

I sprayed insecticide on all fruit plants; fertilized; trimmed back growth and PICKED A BOWL FULL OF THE BEST STRAWBERRIES I HAVE EVER EATEN.  THEY WERE AWESOME.  

We are tired and headed to bed.  Sure hope the wedding day is wonderful and that you are having as much fun as the Fun Five.


Day 4:

Just another day in the life of the....FUN FIVE.

As you know, we all slept in a little bit and maybe woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but it got better from there.  Donuts with sprinkles really helped.  We spend the morning cleaning  house and playing w/toys.  Another early nap for Kinsley, as we were to spend the afternoon at the Santa Clara County Fair.   It was cooler today which make the fair so much more bearable.  

The kids loved it all---the animals, the exhibits and the shows.  The rides were such a rip of $3 each, and Cason was not tall enough for them (even tho they were really stupid rides).  There was a reptile center, a bird show and pirate ship show.  We didn't leave till about 6pm, then stopped at Panera for dinner, then home for baths and get ready for Sunday.  Tonight Cason was asking when was Tuesday, and how many days.  The3y are missing you.  

Had to laugh at Corbin as we were just unloading.  I told the kids it was Church tomorrow, and Corbin asked if we were going to so something "fun" after church, BECAUSE we are still the fun five.  I told him we were going to take a day off for the sabbath.  


Day 5:

Wonderful Sabbath, fasting, praying and playing together.

Kids were great in church, except we really made a mistake.  We did not know we were suppose to pick them up at their classroom.  We didn't even know where their classrooms were!  We were waiting in the quad with Kinsley, like a couple of dumb bunnies.  Oh well, we will know better next time.  The kids in our primary never wait for parents.  

Michelle Maginot came by to bring some tomatoes and figs from her yard and we had a nice visit.

We got the kids to bed on time so we can have another FUN day tomorrow.


Day 6:

Today was a pretty fantastic finale for the Fun Five.  It started early when I asked the kids what they wanted for breakfast, and they said Cinnamon Melts from McDonalds.  Well, it is the final countdown, so what the heck.  We decided to have a pajama breakfast to McDonalds.  They thought that was the best part---wearing your pj's to eat out.  We had planned to go to Fioli Gardens today, but looked at the site and found out it was closed on Mondays.  So, I went looking.....

What I found was just perfect for our last day of fun (cuz we need to clean and get ready for mom and dad to get him---there is a picture in the photos that shows the play room pretty much as it was the whole time you were gone---toys out).  

About 9:30 we headed for Oakland and the Children's Fairyland.  It was just what the kids needed.  Lots of low key- not too intimidating fun for little people.  And, to top it off, it was only $8 per person---the best $40 we spent the whole time.  We were even able to get lunch for the kids for $20.  We had planned to only stay a couple of hours, but did not leave till about 2:30pm.  Kinsley slept on the way home, and the boys played on their iPads.  

We got home and I started dinner, as Grandma and Grandpa Abe were joining us for dinner and FHE.  Just so you know, I have only made one small trip to the grocery store, and we have managed to just use what was in the fridge and freezers.  We have pretty much gone through all the food in the fridge, and have tried to be healthy in eating (except for the trader joe's ice cream---yum).  So, we had a fun dinner and the kids were so excited to see Grandma.  Then lesson, activity and Abe brought the treats--yum.  We had the kids in bed by 7:30, as they were so so so tired. 


Now back to my thoughts! Dont I have the best in-laws?  You can tell those kids had a blast and were very well spoiled and loved!  

Thanks Jon and Shauna for giving us a child free vacation for making memories for our kids!!  We love you!


© The Duke Fam 2014