Summer: Week 1

This summer I am trying to do the same plan I had for last summer.  I can see where things are already getting off but we I am trying to continue with it anyway.  The boys have swim lessons every day at 9am but that gives us plenty of time to do other fun stuff througout the day.  Here is our first offical full week of summer!  

Make It Monday

This day was also Kinsley’s birthday.  I still had plans of us doing some sort of craft or to bake something but when we got to the car after swim lessons, the car battery was dead.  AAA took longer than they normally do to come and he said we actually needed to replace the battery and he could do it right then.  So by the time we got home it was already lunch time and Kinsley was ready for her nap.  By the time she woke up and the boys were done with quiet time it was time to get ready to go out for dinner for Kinsley’s birthday.  But I made up for it the next day.


Take It Easy Tuesday

I deliberately made a down time day for errands or chores or other things that needed to get done.  After swim we did go grocery shopping and then Kinsley had her doctors appointment and then it was time for lunch.  Once Kinsley went down for a nap, the boys and I decided to bake cookies to make up for the previous day.  


For dinner, Corbin had been begging me to have us sit at our dining room table for a special dinner.  I guess we only sit there with guests and he wanted it to be just our Duke family.  I made salmon and sides and we taught them a little bit about table manners.  


Work the Body Wednesday

Technically, the boys work their body every day by doing swim lessons but I want to focus more on this.  After swim (and a quick Target run) we came home and I tried to get the kids to go on the trampoline or play basketball or tennis or something.  Only Kinsley really got into that and was jumping on the trampoline.  But later we went to the park and they played in the splash pad where we met my old neighbor who had moved away and was in town for a bit.   


Time To Read Thursday

We read some of our library books!


Field Trip Friday

This summer I am going to have to get creative as far as field trip’s go because of my foot.  I will still probably try some that have walking but not as many as I normally would.  We decided to go to a movie “How To Train Your Dragon 2”.  I was a little worried taking all 3 kids by myself.  Kinsley did great for 45 minutes but unfortunatley a lot of that was taken up with previews and commercials.  Next time I will try and go and miss previews.  


Connor met us for lunch at the mall after and they got to go on a few mall rides.


Then that night, Connor set up the tent in the backyard and the 3 boys had a campout.  They had a wonderful time!  Kinsley and I joined for a bit.  


It was a fun first full week of summer!

© The Duke Fam 2014