September 2020

We went swimming and hot tubbing with our friends and a hawk was watchig over us!

IMG 0769

It’s impossible to get them to all look at the camera normally!

IMG 0771


IMG 2571

Kinsley made this sign in school and wanted to hang it on her door!

IMG 2575

It was a super hot day and even though we have A/C, we just couldn’t stay inside with the sun shining another day!

IMG 2576

We got an email from the baseball league that because Corbin was registered for baseball 7 years in a row with his league he was going to to get an award, socually distanced, with all the other kids like him. It was pretty fun to be able to do that and have even a miniscule amount of basbeball after an aburpt end to the season back in March.

IMG 1383
IMG 1385
IMG 2589
IMG 2584

Holly had the idea to make cake balls together! They were so delicious that Connor and I decided to make them for our neighbor CHristmas gifts!

IMG 2592


IMG 2595
IMG 2598

Milk mustache!

IMG 2607

I was putting together our family picture outfits and had to laugh that I was finding the right matching masks to coordinate. Definitely a first!

IMG 2608

On our way to family pictures, Kinsley fell aslleep!

IMG 2619

After so many fires, we were lucky to be able to still do the pictures. The sky wasn’t clear but the air quality was decent.

There was a chicken at the farm!

IMG 1394

Sneak peek of our pictures!

M Duke Family 2020-

The fires got bad again. Orange yucky sky.

IMG 2625

Rare sight. Both my boys hugging me.

IMG 2630

Kinsley organizing!!

IMG 2632

Look at all the ash on Connor’s car.

IMG 2634

After our family pictures we were able to bring home some sunflowers and I had forgotten to take a picture of them before they started dying. This flowers in this picture kind of reminds me of the sunflowers in Vincent Van Gough’s painting.

IMG 2637

All kids on their screens!

IMG 2638 3

We were doing some chalk art. The lighting is so weird because the fires were still bad. 

IMG 2648

Double Back to School Nights! (Side Note, Kinsley’s teacher had a cutout out at the Giants stadium that was super close to where my Dad and Millie had their cutout!)

IMG 2651

Some Instagram shares of Connor and I!

IMG 2653

Surprise driveby birthday for Grandpa Abe.

IMG 2662
IMG 2672
IMG 2719

The chocolate hander outer!

IMG 2747
IMG 2769

Man that sky is still gross!

IMG 2777

Kinsley’s spa check in!

IMG 2778
IMG 2781
IMG 2782

We kept seeing this commerical and had to get a picture of Corbin in it. He didn’t even want to look at the camera.

IMG 2783

I usually think of Corbin as our reader, but in reality Cason is so very much a reader too. He usually has a book with him at all times and so if anything is slightly boring going on around him, you will find him reading.

IMG 2790

I am still impressed with the teachers trying to keep some normality even virtually. This one is an at home science experiment.

IMG 2796

Clint and Amy sent us their honey from their bees!!

IMG 2803
IMG 2806

My family (minus Cason) love it when I make German Pancakes. 

IMG 2814

Blue skies and shorts but she needs her umbrella!

IMG 2815

We went up to Tahoe (and our friends were already there). We went on a fun hike!

IMG 2820
IMG 2825
IMG 2829
IMG 2831
IMG 2841
IMG 2844
IMG 2846
IMG 2852

Then we headed to the lake!

IMG 2857
IMG 2861
IMG 2869
IMG 2871
IMG 2873

Back to screens!

IMG 2876

Or another screen!

IMG 2878

Dirty car and still hazy skies!

IMG 2880

Corbin getting his new Apple watch!

IMG 2885

You never know what pictures I’m going to find of Kinsley on my phone! With her kinetic sand!

IMG 2899

The playgrounds opened finally so I took the kids! 

IMG 2917
IMG 2932

Maybe some of our kids are a little too old for a playground.

IMG 2927


IMG 2935

Corbin made cookies virtually with the deacons quorum and he was so proud of them!

IMG 2938
IMG 2940
IMG 1431

Such a sad day. Our dear neighbor passed away. It had been months since we had been able to see her becaue of the pandemic, her age and because she had cancer. We attended her funeral with a live stream.

IMG 2945

Cousins playing!

IMG 2956
IMG 2963

Connor conducting church from the other room.

IMG 2964

Connor and Kinsley working on her art box. Making slippers!

IMG 2966
IMG 2969

WIth the leftover materials, Kinsley made a welcome mat for her room! Clever girl!

IMG 2972

When we went to the school for some school pictures, we ran into Kinsley’s friends!

IMG 2974

We tried some night swimming!

IMG 2987
IMG 2991

Corbin got so confident making the cookies the other day that he made some brownies!!

IMG 2997

And then, Kinsley really wanted to mak dinner on her own! So she did!

IMG 3002
IMG 3008
IMG 3009

Making breakfast the next morning!

IMG 3012

Connor took a half day off so we could go to the beach!!

IMG 3015
IMG 3018
IMG 3022
IMG 3052
IMG 3041
IMG 3058
IMG 3064

What a great way to end the month!

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