September 2017

The month of September started out so very hot.  We were having an extremee heatwave with temperatures up to 118 degrees.  It was craziness.  We had booked our family pictures with our favorite photographer, Meghan MacAskill and since it was the earliest appointment we kept it.  Here are some of my favorites:

Duke Family Fall Mini 2017-8419
Duke Family Fall Mini 2017-8023
Duke Family Fall Mini 2017-8212
Duke Family Fall Mini 2017-8239
Duke Family Fall Mini 2017-8269

For Labor Day some friends invited us to go boating with them.  I wasn’t great at getting pictures but here’s the best I got.

IMG 5947
IMG 5954

Homework time for all 3 kids:

IMG 5996

Corbin’s stack of library books he got from the library.

IMG 6004

Kinsley’s first soccer game.


Some rain is always needed.

IMG 6037

Kinsley started to learn to scateboard on her own!

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

Connor went sailing for a work off site!

IMG 8123

We went to watch the sunset.

IMG 6141
IMG 6159
IMG 6148
IMG 6168

Cason and mommy time!

IMG 6181

Kinsley likes to be helpful and set out all the stuff for the boys to brush their teeth!

IMG 6211

We left on our trip and Connor’s parents came to stay with the kids.  They got to do some fun stuff!

IMG 4344
IMG 2879
IMG 6782
IMG 2136
IMG 0008
IMG 0207
IMG 5428
IMG 1270
IMG 4241
IMG 0007 2
IMG 4047
IMG 1604
IMG 0278
IMG 3556
IMG 2509
IMG 6992
IMG 2454
IMG 7404
IMG 0528
IMG 4965
IMG 0761
IMG 5087
IMG 5655
IMG 1498
IMG 8314
IMG 1848
IMG 0188
IMG 6861
IMG 9229
IMG 0191

The kids had a great time with Nana and Papa and barely missed us while we were gone.  It was nice to know they were being so well taken care of and loved.  Thanks again to Nana and Papa for letting us have such a fun trip!

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