Science and Religion

I read this quote the other day and I have no idea where to put it so I won't forget it, so here it goes.  It was written by Henry Eyring, Reflections of a Scientist (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1983), 47.

I have trouble understanding why people drift away from the Church.  I'm sure the reasons are different and varied.  I can understand if a person wants to misbehave and has to rationalize to himself.  He has to think he's all right.  But I also understand that people who think they have to be as smart as the Lord, understand everything, and have no contradictions in their minds may have trouble.  There are all kinds of contradictions that I don't understand, but I find the same kinds of contradictions in science, and I haven't decided to apostasize from science.

In the long run, the truth is its own most powerful advocate.  The Lord uses imperfect people.  He often allows their errors to stand uncorrected.  He may have a purpose in doing so, such as to teach us that religious truth comes forth 'line upon line, precept upton precept' in a process of sifting and winnowing similar to the one I know so well in science.

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