Our Kinsley is 2!


We think she is a cute and fun little 2 year old and are excited to see what this new age brings!


-weighed 23 lbs 5.7 oz at her doctors appointmnet.  This put her back up to the 10th percentile!  Still tiny!
-was 32.0 inches tall and at 34th percentile.  
-has a BMI (this must be new) of 15.16 which is the 17th percentile
-has a head circumference of 46.1 cm.
-her favorite foods are watermelon, cheese, nuts.
-can count to 10, sing lots of songs, knows hundreds and hundreds of words.  My favorite word of her’s is watermelon “wamumum”.  
-holds a pen, crayon, marker like no other 2 year old I’ve ever seen.  She holds it correctly just like we do as adults.  It took me forever working with Corbin to do this and Cason still can’t without me moving his fingers to the correct spot.  Kinsley has just always held it naturally correctly.  
-is still in a crib, takes a binky at bedtimes, and still in a diaper.
-is wearing 18 month to 24 month clothing.  
-is an awesome jumper on the trampoline.
-still wants to do everything her brothers do so this means play Lego’s.  
-loves Frozen and dolls and is especailly fond of a play cell phone she has.  She still likes to carry a purse around with all her accessories.
-likes to play ball and has a pretty good arm.
-is our snuggly girl.  And she snuggles with lots of people.  I love this!
-is able to tell me so well what she wants or how she feels that when she has a screaming or crying fit I have to sometimes stop myself from getting too mad.  But usually if she is throwing a fit I can usually try and get her to just talk it out with me.  I was surprised when recently whe came to me and said “I’m scared” when a lawn mower came on next to her at a park.  She didn’t scream or cry but just calmly rushed to me so I could hold her.  

I have to admit, there are wonderful things about her being so mature for her age.  Like going out with the kids by myself is getting so much easier, but I still wish she would be my baby sometimes!

On her actual birthday, we got up in the morning and let her open her presents.  We had also decorated the house like we normally do and all throughout the day Kinsley wold point to it and say “For Kinsley’s birthday!”  It was so cute and it made me glad we had done it because we had considered not doing it since we had a party the day before.


We had to go to the boys swim lessons so I stopped and got donuts for us!  Then after swim lessons our battery in the car was dead so we had to wait for AAA to get there to fix it.  We waited way longer than I thought we were going to.  Kinsley was cute anyway.


We had lunch!


Then we went to meet Connor at BJ’s for her birthday dinner.  

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We sure love our fun girl and feel like she is a perfect part of our family!

© The Duke Fam 2014