Our House: Family Room 

As soon as we moved into our house I knew that I would want to re-do our family room someday.  We used it mostly as a playroom which was worked for us at the time but was becoming more and more annoying to me as the kids got older.  With Kinsley starting Kindergarten in the fall and the kids would just not be spending that much time there, I thought it was as good of a time as any to seriously start the project.  We had just finished paiting and putting up crown moding in Kinsley’s room so I think that gave us the bug to do more projects at home.  We didn’t realize how long it would actually take.  

We started in July finding a contractor to do what we wanted which was to put hardwood floors in and re-do the fireplace.  Once we found that we started work on the room.  

First getting rid of toys and furniture.

IMG 4051

Then pulling up the laminate flooring!

IMG 4062

Then Connor and I repainted the room.

IMG 4275

Then the work by the professionals could start.

IMG 0109
IMG 5309
IMG 5390
IMG 5585
IMG 5628
IMG 5659
IMG 5820

Once they left, we did the finishing touches and got a new couch for the room!

IMG 5848

This was all done by the end of August.  Our contractors were charging a little too much for the built-ins we wanted so we had to find someone else.  This took so long siince it was a semi-small project.  Most people were used to re-doing whole kitchens and houses.  But we finally settled on someone in October but they couldn’t start until January! I thought the day would never come, but it finally did.

IMG 9866
IMG 9868
IMG 9886

After they were in I could start adding the stuff to the shelves.  I assume this will be a lifelong process.  But there was still one last finishing touch.  

IMG 9972

Connor finally had time to hang our mantel that we bought.  We had it made by a guy that lives in Bountiful, UT where Connor grew up.  We thought that was kind of cool to have something made there in our house!

IMG 0331

We absolutely love this room now and love being here and spending time!  I actually like writing so many emails now that I have a pretty space to do it in!

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