October 2017

Connor and I got home from Greece on October 1st and we were both so anxious to see our kids and give them big hugs and kisses.

They of course wanted to see what goodies we brought them.

IMG 1557
IMG 5113
IMG 1617
IMG 3927

After presents, we showed all our pictures and while Kinsley was watching all the fun we had, she leans over and says to me, “Mom, did you even miss us when you were in Greece?”  We had been telling them how much we missed them but when she saw all the pcitures she realized we weren’t jsut being sad missing them all day long.  It was swet and cute and sad at the same time.  I told her “Of course we missed you but dad and I did have lots of fun too!”

SInce this weekend was General Conference weekend, everyone else was watching while we were on an airplace.  I loved this list that Nana and Papa made with the kids about what they were learning about during the conference.

IMG 6815

The next day Nana and Papa left (thanks again for staying with the kids!!) but for FHE we decided to have a picnic at the school which was what the kds wanted to do.  

IMG 6823

Oh I missed these kids!

The next day was Kinsley’s first full day of Kindergarten.  I can’t believe I’m actually at this stage to have all my kids in school all day long.  It’s sad!  But these kids melt my heart!

IMG 6828

Connor and I went on our first lunch date since all the kids were in school for lunch and we decied on Greek food since we were already missing it.

IMG 6832

Kinsley practiving to be a big cousin.

IMG 6840

If you read last year’s October blog you may remember we tried to go to our nomal pumpkin patch but it was raining and CLOSED.  Connor had decided that was his last year going with us but I was determined to still go again this year and the kids all wanted to.  Holly went with us!

First stop is always to look at the pony in the parking lot and the other stops towards the entrance.

IMG 6846
IMG 6850
IMG 6851
IMG 6853
IMG 6855
IMG 6856

Oh and some treats of course!  Corbin was the only one wh got pumpkin ice cream.

IMG 6864
IMG 6867

Corbin acting scared!

IMG 6875

Cason acting scared with his grape flavored snow cone.  (He has all the sudden loved anything grape flavored!)

IMG 6879

This made me laugh going through the pictures.  Cason pretending to be dead.

IMG 6882

Kinsley had to pretend too, but she just looks asleep!

IMG 6888

These are some awesome kids!! (I’m not biased at all!!)

IMG 6893

This pumpkin filled well!  Sigh! I have pictures of each of them as a baby sitting inside this well.  It’s crazy how it doesn’t seem that long at all but it was 10 years ago, a whole decade, when I brought my first baby here.

IMG 6920

This is probably the last picture of the kids with their aunt before baby comes!

IMG 6942

Sometimes these kids just CAN’T look at the camera at the same time!

IMG 6947

Cason and Kinsley rode the ponies.  Corbin is now too big to ride them.

IMG 6962
IMG 7015
IMG 7020
IMG 7018
IMG 7035

Just before it cloeed I and bought the pumpkins while Holly took the kids to the Haunted House.  

IMG 7046

I was glad to take the kids for our annula pumpkin patch!!

The next day, Kinsley had a soccer game.  It’s so fun getting to see her loving a new sport!

IMG 7049

Cason happened to pick a backpack for this year that a ton of other kids chose too.  In his class alone there are two other kids with the same one.  I came to pick him up one day and there the 3 of those backpacks were right next to each other.  Pretty cute!

IMG 7139

I knew I loved Greek food before I even went there but being there for 10 days and eating it every day and never even getting sick of it, made me love it even more.  I really wanted to try and make some of the recipes we ate a lot while we were there.  So 2 weeks after we got home, I made chicken soulvlaki, tzatziki, puta, Greek salad, and potatoes.  I impressed myself with how it turned out. 

IMG 7154
IMG 7155

Took the kids to the park on their day off and they were playing a statue game.  I love when they all get along.

IMG 7169

I got back the kids school pictures.  Oh, I love these kiddos!


Some new Halloween pj’s!

IMG 7204

The kids school had thier annual Walkathon and they did great!  This year was a little different because it was cold.  Its usually balzing hot!  It was sort of a nice change but I could not warm up for the whole rest of the night.

IMG 7241
IMG 8154
IMG 8157
IMG 7303
IMG 7233
IMG 7231
IMG 8166
IMG 7257

We took the kids to Great America to check out some Halloween decorations!  (And maybe some Christmas ones too!)

IMG 7286
IMG 7289
IMG 7294

I’ve also been wanting to take the old time pictuers so we did that too.  The boys were sp excoted to hold a real gun.  The guy doing it put a bottle of Jack Daniels on the table in front of us and we asked if we could do something else instead.  So we went with the gambling theme.  I noticed when we got home that there was a liquor bottle behind ius in the pictures anyway.  

IMG 7296
IMG 7300
Print.jpg 2
Print.jpg 4

I got to go to the hospital to spend a little time with Holly while she was getting induced.  No one knew quite how long it would eventually take but the end result was getting to hold my sweet little nephew just an hour after he was born!  Welcome to the world sweet, lttle Nate!

IMG 7327

I got to go on a field trip with Corbin’s class to a California mission.  It ended up being a very hot day but it was still fun!

IMG 7367
IMG 7386
IMG 7394
IMG 7431
IMG 7433
IMG 7447
IMG 7440

The kids finally got to meet Nate!

IMG 7491
IMG 7512
IMG 7521

Picture taking before we had 2 Halloween parties to go to.

IMG 7539
IMG 7559
IMG 7578
IMG E7599

Our annual FHE pumpkin carving activity!

IMG 7729
IMG 7738
IMG 7741
IMG 7779
IMG 7792
IMG 7806
IMG 7809

Halloween Day!  The kids at their school parade.  It was nice that we just had one school this year!

IMG 7818
IMG 7835
IMG 7843
IMG 7891
IMG 7897

Halloween safety talk.

IMG 7902
IMG 7915
IMG 7917

My favorite football people!

IMG 7925

What a great month!

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