New Years Tradition

One of our New Years traditions is to have fondue and to read the good things that happened thiat year from the jar we keep thoughout the year,   Because of trios and birthdays, we didn;t get to this tradition until a few days into the new year!

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Here is what we read from the jar and who wrote it.  If it doesn;t have a name, it was me since I wrote the majority of them! Ha!

Kinsleys kindergarten graduation
Cason has had a great first basketball season
Going to alani-Cason
Turtle bay-Connor
Drinking my medicine quickly-Cason
Kinsleys 6th birthday
Ester-Cason (Easter)
Survived 3 kids in baseball
Skiing on NYE
Fun hike in st George
Corbins gold dust or bust performance
Lake Powell-ConnorLake PowellGreat America-Connor
Pupckin path- kinsley pumpkin patch
Cason turned 8
Cason chose to be baptized
Casons baptism
The kids and mom made it through 2 weeks of Connor in China
The boys doing awesome at cartooning
Parker’s wedding
Kinsleys dance for parents in December
Skiing in snow basin-Connor
Our cute Mary Poppins at Halloween 
Harry and Ron for Halloween
Hike with Corbin to castle rock-Connor
Fun Halloween parties
Kinsley doing awesome at soccer
Nate’s 1st birthday
Going to Utah for corbins birthday-Connor
Fun in Hawaii
Leaving to Utah-Cason
Dad safe in China
We booed the ondhias
 Made it through 2 weeks while dad was in China
Casons 8th birthdayFamily visiting for Casons baptism
Fun 4th of July
Boys cartooning class
Piano beach for Labor Day
Going to golf land-Cason
Great America winter fest 
Volunteering for Michelle’s campaign
Fun Utah visi
tJack 6-15-18
Cason field trip to bayland
Going to Disneyland with mom-Cason
Christmas Day with family and friends
Utah family visiting for thanksgiving
Corbins 10th birthday
Fantasy of lights tradition
Casons 8th birthday-Cason
Kids start school-5, 3, 1
Got lights and bathroom done
Lots of family visiting for Casons baptism
Trick or treating with friends
We were booed
Mom hosted great baby shower for Nathalie
Best Picts kins- kinsley
Connor made it home safely from china

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