Mt. Tamalpais

We decided to try and do a hike as a family since my foot has been feeling a little bit better.  One place that we have really been wanting to go was to Mt. Tam, a favorite place of my dad’s.  Connor has even done several scouting trips there but we hadn’t ever gone as our family.

The way up was a little windy and Corbin was starting to feel a little sick so we stopped for a mini hike.  


You can drive up to almost the top and then hike 0.3 miles to the very peak of Mt. Tam so this what we decided to do.  


One of the views on the way up.


Corbin and Cason were such good little hikers.  They would have made my dad proud!


We ate a few snacks at the top and then headed back down.


There is a guy in our ward who has a calling with the Young Men like Connor and he grew up with my dad.  On one of their scout trips he told Connor about how they used to hike Mt. Tam and then eat at this burger place down at Stinson beach.  I had never known this but Connor thought it would be fun for us to go eat there after our hike.  I didn’t get pictures of the place but Kinsley who almost fell asleep riding on Connor’s shoulders after we had finished eating still with the drink in her mouth.


As I was gathering pictures for this, I remembered I had some of me and my siblings with my dad hiking Mt. Tam.  I thought it would be fun to post those too.  As you can see, the weather was a little bit different.


This part of Mt. Tam with my dad was near where we stopped to do our mini hike when Corbin wasn’t feeling well.  

I know my dad would have loved to be there on that hike with us and to see how well his grandkids were doing.  I’m sure he was there with us in spirit!

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