Mother's Day and My Birthday

Since my birthday always falls either on or close to Mother's Day, I figure it's jsut easiest to celebrate them together. This Mother's Day was definitely a success.  Connor is a great husband and gave me a wonderful day.

The kids and Connor came in to wake me up with breakfast in bed and cards.  The boys picked out gum for me!  Connor said he wanted to let me sleep in but wanted to wake me up in enough time to not be stressed about getting ready for church.  Does he know me or what?

Church was good and as always glad I was able to go even if it's hard to pay attention with an almost 11 month old trying to be on the move everywhere.  

We got home and took some pictures.  This is what I wanted most for Mother's Day since I just don't have many pictures with my kids individually or together.  


After the kids went for their nap, I read and was not expecting to take a nap, but I did.  I probably slept for 2 hours!  It felt very nice!  Although, I was still tired for bed that night.  I guess my body is still trying to catch up from all the lack of sleep over the last several years of having babies.  

Connor made a wonderful dinner!  It was so good.  He even made me a birthday cake that he has been doing for years now!  We had my family over and it was a really good evening.  We used the china that we got from Connor's Grammy!  It was nice to remember her in that way.


Yes, I am one of those lame people who took a picture of their food!

IMG 5904

For my actual birthday, the kids silly stringed me when I came down for breakfast.

I spent most of the morning trying to set up a Cars track for the boys.  Corbin kept telling me I could do it.  Well, I sort of did it.  It was set up, but the cars wouldn't go very well on it.  I never did figure it out and the boys had moved on by that time anyway.


We went to lunch with Connor at Aqui.  It's not his favorite so I was grateful he said that was fine.  Then my sister watched the kids while we went to dinner at one of my favorite places, Dish Dash.  It was a wonderful birthday!

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