Kinsley 11 Months


My beautiful girl!  Even though she's my third child, it's still fun to get to see her personality come out and really get to know who she is.  This will just increase more and more!  


-LOVES, and I absolutely mean LOVES, snuggly, furry, soft things.  She will snuggle soft blankets, stuffed toys, or even real live animals.  A few weeks ago we were at a ward activity and a family brought their tiny 2 month old puppy.  My mom was holding Kinsley and they put the puppy out for Kinsley to see.  She just grabbed on to that puppy tightly and wouldn't let go.  The poor little dog was so scared.  But Kinsley LOVED it.  She was kicking and squealing.  I also recently took her to the pet store.  Here she is once she saw those furry guinea pigs.

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And with a blanket!


-just got her 8th tooth this month.  And she knows how to use them.  Ouch!
-eats pretty much anything now.  There are the few high allergenic foods that we don't feed her, but as long as we cut everything bite size, she eats it.  I would guess her favorite foods are fruits and veggies since those are what she eats first off her tray.  She also finally likes french fries.  The first month I tried to give them to her she would gag like they were the grossest things ever.  


-is pulling herself up on furniture, the bathtub, the baby gate more and more now.  And she's starting to steps along the furniture as well.  It's been hard giving her a bath lately because she just stands up.  I put her down and she instantly stands up.  Corbin has been helpful about holding her in the bath while I bathe the other kids so I don't have to constantly worry about her falling down.  


-is still our tiny little girl.  I had to take her for a weight check since the doctor was slightly worried about her falling off the chart.  Even though she was still tiny, at least she is back to 5th perecetile.  The doctor said she was really happy about that and to keep doing what I'm doing.  16 lbs 15 oz was her weight at 10 1/2 months.
-points ALL the time.  Corbin didn't point until really late, maybe almost 2 but Kinsley has been pointing for a few months now.  She mostly points at people, but sometimes she'll point at objects.  If she sees someone she points at them.  It's pretty funny and cute.

IMG 5716

-is still sort of a mama's girl but she is less and less as time goes on.  
-is a very social baby.  The doctor commented how she doesn't seem to have any stranger anxiety.  And it's true.  She will go to anyone.  If she sees me then she might fuss a little but if she is fed and changed then she has no problem being held by anyone.
-is not super smiley or easy to get to laugh.  We have to work very hard for her to laugh and even then it's a very girly, dainty laugh.  Very rarely does she full on belly laugh.  
-is signing "all done" even when not prompted.  Sometimes I can get her to sign "more" but that's not as often.  She is saying dada, mama, baby, hi.  
-can wave and clap and shake her head no.  She likes to shake her head no to things I ask her to do.  She thinks she is pretty funny.  And she is.

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-is a little dancer.  She will shake her little body when there is music going and we ask her to dance.  It's stinkin' cute.

Her schedule:

6:30am: Wakes up and plays around in crib until we come get her.  If we wait long enough, sometimes she falls back asleep.
7:00am: Eats breakfast.  Toast, yogurt, fruit, cereal, water
8:00am:  Nurses and gets dressed
8:15am: Plays while I take a shower and get ready for the day
9:15am: Morning Nap
11:00am:  Wakes up and plays or we run errands
12:00pm: Lunch time.  Meat, cheese, veggies, crackers, bread, fruit, water
1:30pm:  Nurses and goes down for a nap
3:30pm: Wakes up and plays or we go for a walk or get dinner ready
5:30pm:  Dinner.  Whatever we eat just cut up bite size
6:00pm: Family play time.
7:00pm: Bath, jammies, scriptures, books, songs, prayers.
7:30pm:  Nurses and then to bed!
Night Wakings:  She tends to wake up a few times at night.  Sometimes just for her binky.  Sometimes for hours and hours.  I recently read that if a baby is waking up around the same time every night that they should be gently roused half awake about an hour before the time they wake up at night.  Connor has been doing that and it has seemed to help.

We love our little "Kins my Bins".  (A common nickname we all use for her.)

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