June 2017

I took Kinsley on a last outing while she is not in school full time yet!

IMG 2623
IMG 2638
IMG 2680
IMG 2696

Connor and I celebrated 11 years at the place we were married.

IMG 7946

This cute baseball player!

IMG 2752

Kinsley’s preschool graduation performance.

IMG 2833
IMG 2878
IMG 2897

Last day of school for my boys!

IMG 3231

They had some great teachers!

IMG 3262
IMG 8965

Start of summer s’mores.

IMG 3184
IMG 7448
IMG 3320

The boys wanted to go to school on their first officail day of summer to play foursquare

IMG 3335

and basketball.

IMG 3350

Then we went and picked up Kinsley from her last day of preschool ever.  I can’t believe after 7 years of taking one of my kids here, that I am done.  So sad!

IMG 3912

Baseball closing ceremonies!

IMG 1310

I was sporting 3 different teams for my 3 kids!

IMG 3403

The kids helping dad with a palyhouse in the backyard!

IMG 0457

We had some birds make a home on our outside heater.  It was cute to see the male on the endge looking like he was protecting the female!

IMG 3414

Some summer reading!

IMG 3421

Dirty faces and fresh picked plums!

IMG 2189

Nana and Papa came to visit for Kinsley’s birthday and I thought this was such a sweet picture!

IMG 3611
IMG 3646

Kinsley  had a dance performance and did so great!

IMG 3688

Book reading at the park!

IMG 5679

Great America!

IMG 3831
IMG 3838

A fun start to summer!

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