Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I can't believe it's 2012 already!

Our New Years Day was pretty low key.  Since it was Sunday, we got up and going so we could get to church.  It was a big day for Corbin.  He was starting his first day of Primary in the Sunbeams class.  I wondered how he would do since he had LOVED nursery and starting primary would mean sitting still a lot longer.  

Since I was also teaching primary that day, I was able to see how Corbin did during the first hour.  And he did like any other Sunbeam.  He was a little wiggly, enjoyed about half of singing time, and paid no attention during sharing time (but stayed quitely in his seat).  At the end of church he said he had a good time so that's all that matters!  Here  is Corbin before church!  My little Sunbeam!

For dinner that night, we had our sparkling cider since we were all too pooped the night before to actually have a toast.  I thought the boys were pretty funny trying their drinks.  They aren't used to the bubbly drinks!

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Hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(P.S.  Since this is a new blog, the comments are done differently.  There weren't many comment options, so we went with commenting through Facebook.  Supposedly you can still comment even if you don't have Facebook, so I assume you can choose whether or not to be signed in.  Just a heads up.)

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