February 2018

Doctor appointment=ice cream!

IMG 0340

More basketabll for Cason!

IMG 0377

The kids take off on their scooters!

IMG 0379

Superbowl Sunday!  Holly and I found it funny that she and I were in watching the game while our husbands were in the kitchen getting food together!

IMG 0385
IMG 0384

This was the weather…in February!

IMG 0386

Another field trip! (I feel like I go on one a month!)  This was one with Cason to the Baylands!

IMG 0388
IMG 0395
IMG 0403
IMG 0418
IMG 0420
IMG 0424
IMG 0435

Singing Happy Birthday to my dad on what would have been his 60th birthday!

IMG 0510

Oh goodness!  I had an ER visit! Boo!! 

IMG 0531

Homework time!!

IMG 0617

My pretty girl!

IMG 0620

Valentine’s Day.  Cason grabbed one of my roses from Connor and got in this position!

IMG 0632

I helped in Cason’s class!

IMG 0635

Then helped in Kinsley’s class!

IMG 0668
IMG 5036

Their party loot!

IMG 0706
IMG 0707
IMG 0712

Our traditional Valentine’s family dinner!

IMG 0717

Baby snuggles!

IMG 0745

Kinsley had a showcase at school to show the work her group did on making a map!

IMG 0768

Then our trip to Utah and celebrating Corbin’s 10th birthday!

Getting back from Utah was hard.  Luckily, we had all of Sunday to wind down.  A family movie night was in order!

IMG 0968

Kinsley pretending to sleep on a saw box!

IMG 0981

This has been far and few between so I have to capture when my kids are getting along.

IMG 0988

Corbin loves this cousin of his.  It seems to be mutual!

Why does time just fly by? But it was such a great month!

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