End of School 

Corbin and Cason have both finished school!  We now have a summer of weddings, swim lessons and hopefully lots of relaxing and playing.  

Corbin’s last day was Wednesday and his class did a Teddy Bear Picnic.  They had the big end of Kindergarten performance on Tuesday.  It was so cute and fun and I was impressed how well they all were.  His school had 185 Kindergarteners and they all performed.  This is one of my favorite songs they performed.  Corbin is in the red shirt. 

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After the half hour performance, we went back to the classroom where the kids got their certificates.  Then I got a picture with his beloved teacher, Mr. Hugo.  We absolutely loved him and are sad he won’t get to see him every day.


His last offical day of school was basically just a 3 hour party.


Driving away from the school this day made me really sad.  His first day of Kindergarten was not hard at all, but his last day I felt so sad.  Corbin is excited to move up, so on to 1st grade!!!!

Cason’s last day of school wsa the day after Corbin’s and they had a promotion ceremony and a potluck at a nearby park.   I wasnt nearly as sad for this since Cason still has another year of preschool before he starts Kindergarten.

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We got a picture with Corbin and Cason and his teachers because Corbin had these 3 same teachers when he was in this class.  We are hoping for Kinsley to get them too!


We sure love these kids and are looking forward to summer!!!!

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