Cason Turns 2!

Today is Cason's 2nd birthday.  Connor and I were talking this morning how it's hard to believe he is already 2 and we can't believe he is only 2.  Sometimes he seems so much older but the time has gone just too fast that how can he ALREADY be 2.  Either way, it is pretty exciting to have a birthday in our house.

Connor and I put up decorations, balloons, streamers, and banners the night before so Cason would have something fun to wake up to in the morning.  

Corbin, Connor and I went in to get Cason in the morning singing him "Happy Birthday".  For some reason, he acted all shy and turned away from us.  Corbin ran downstairs and told Cason about the balloons and that got him really excited.  I have never seen two boys so excited for balloons.  

We let Cason open two of his presents and then ate breakfast.  Connor got some Donettes as a special birthday treat.  

After dropping Corbin off at school, we went to pick up the last few ingredients for Cason's cake (I thought I had powdered sugar but I was all out) and then we headed off to Cason's Little Gym class.  It's hit or miss with if he likes it on a particular day, but luckily today he liked it.  

After picking up Corbin, we went to eat lunch with dad at the Greek place we like.  Cason said he wanted pizza but since we are having pizza for dinner, we decided it would be okay not to go where he chose and instead go a place where he can have chicken nuggets and french fries.  

During naps, I attempted to make Cason's cake.  Cason actually told me he wanted cupcakes instead of a cake, so that's what I did.  As usual, I researched what I wanted to make and mine never turn out exactly like the pictures.  But my test is, if the kids know what it is supposed to be, then I call it a success.  Cason didn't know but Corbin instantly did.  So I guess that's a half success?  (In case you can't tell, it's supposed to be Elmo and Cookie Moster.)

For dinner we had pizza and then some of my family came over for cake and presents.  I love Cason opening presents since he says "WOW" to everything.  At first Corbin asked if he could have some presents too, but when we told him it was Cason's birthday he was perfecly fine with that.  Corbin would be geuninely excited for Cason.  He would say something like, "Oh cool, Case.  Look you got a cool scooter".  That was fun to watch.  

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We sure love our Cason!

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