Cason and Mom Trip

The time finally came for my trip with Cason.  Years ago, Connor and I decided that I would take each of our kids on a trip when they turn 8, he will take them on one when they turn 12 and then we will take one together (just parents and the one kid) when they turn 16. We are hoping they will feel how important they are to us when we make the effort to spend 1 on one time!

Cason chose Disneyland!  Wt took off on a Thursday afternoon and got to the hotel!

IMG 4122
IMG 4124
IMG 4125

Disneyland days start early and since we didnt want to waste any time at the park, we ordered room service!

IMG 4126

Cason loved the robe in the hotel!

IMG 4128

California Adventure was our first day!!

IMG 4129

Cason made a sad face in the Soarin’ line becuase he was sad about the space shuttle that crashed.

IMG 4130
IMG 4138
IMG 4142

So I don’t really enjoy Tower of Terror but now that it has changed to Guardians of the Galaxy, Cason really wanted to try it.  So this was just for him!

DCA GUARDIANSESCAPEARIDE 20180622 412112965231

We went to the library for Beauty and the Beast castle and Cason loved it.  I had never been there,

IMG 4152

One of our many churros!

IMG 4156
DCA ROUTE66 20180622 8242290890

I think this is Loki?

IMG 4174

We also saw Groot!

DCA HLWDCHAR3 20180622 8242321430
IMG 4191


IMG 4203

We wnet back to the hotel to have some swim time!

IMG 4205
IMG 4206

The dad of this little boy was clueless that I was trying to get a picture!

IMG 4213

So Pizar Pier was opening the next day and we made a conscious deciscion to miss out on Pizar Pier to avoid crownds.  

IMG 4217

Churro #2 for the day!

IMG 4219

We went back to the hotel and heard the fireworks from our room!  I have to admit I’m not a parade person.  

The next day was spent at Magic Kingdom!

IMG 4222
IMG 4225
IMG 4228
IMG 4240


IMG 4251
IMG 4253

Another ride Cason made me go on!

IMG 4256
IMG 4259

We got this picture for Kinsley.

IMG 4271
IMG 4272
IMG 4275
DLPCA DARKSIDE1CHAR 20180624 8242786244
DLPCA DARKSIDE2CHAR 20180624 8242789169
DLPCA LIGHTSIDE2CHAR 20180624 8242791875
IMG 4292

Cason got some attnetion from a storm trooper because of his shirt!

IMG 4298
IMG 4300

Churro again!

IMG 4305

Cason was exhausted so we went back to the hotel for bed time.  IN the morning we went to Sacrament meeting in an Anaheim ward and then started our drive back.  On the way home, I see smoke ahead of us.  Sure enough there was a fire on the side of the road.  It scared me for sure!

IMG 4308

Cason and I had a great time.  I do feel like it was a great experience for our relationship.  Because I had been on a similary trip with Corbin, I wasn’t under any pretenses that Cason was going to all of the sudden talk to me about stuff he doesn’t normally (something that I thought would have happened with Corbin).  So we were able to enjoy each other and have a great time.  He did miss his siblings a lot which I was actualy happy to see.  I love spending time with my kids and I cherish alll the one on one time I get with them!!

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