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December 2017

We started out our December by going to our city’s tree lighting!

IMG 8597
IMG 8599

Outside my kitchen window, I love watching my kids!

IMG 8606

Another tradition that we continued was to go to the Creche!  We invited our neighbors this time!

IMG 8664

We also went and got ice cream, but no pictures!

Kinsley in front of the Christmas tree!

IMG 8668

So one morning, I came into Kinsley’s room to encourage her to get ready for school and saw this:

IMG 8686

A mini vodka bottle in her American Girl ice cream truck.  When I talked to her about it, she said she found on the way home from school (how I didn’t see her pick it up, I have no idea) and she thought it was perfect size for her American Girl dolls.  Oh that girl!

Another tradition that started last year was Great America’s Winterfest.  

IMG 8693
IMG 8695
IMG 8701
IMG 8738
IMG 8708
IMG 8718
IMG 8721
IMG 8735
IMG 8732

The next morning we got pictures with Santa!

IMG 8777

Later that day we went to a cookie party!

IMG 8779

Then Connor and I went to his work party! He sang karaoke with some co-workers!

IMG 8803

Another tradition was going to see the temple lights!

IMG 8808
IMG 8816
IMG 8843
IMG 8818
IMG 8852

The next day was Bethlehem with Holly and Jona and Nate!

IMG 8863
IMG 8867

My cute Cason!

IMG 8885

Cason had his school performance!!

IMG 8307

Helping in Cason’s class for the holiday party!

IMG 8997

Connor’s favorite tradition of getting pizza, then candy and then driving around for Fantasy of Lights!

IMG 9035
IMG 9038
IMG 9053

Kinsley dressed in the Santa costume Connor’s grandma made for him when he was a kid!

IMG 9099

During the break, I took the kids to Christmas in the Park.  Not as great during the day as at night, but it was still fun!

IMG 9107
IMG 9112
IMG 9113
IMG 9123
IMG 9138

Boy cousins!

IMG 9155

Met a new family!

IMG 8322

Hot chocolate with my baby boy!

IMG 9172

Ice skating! (I can’t ice skate AND take pictures!!)

IMG 9204

Then hot chocolate!

IMG 9207

Acting out the nativty with friends!

IMG 9218

I decided to take the boys to see the new Star Wars movie (Connor saw it with friends on opening night) so Connor and Kinsley had time together.  Kinsley was so excited for the daddy/daughter date.  She insisted on them dressing up for it and go to a nice lunch together!

IMG 8326

Christmas Eve was on a Sunday this year, so we dressed up in our usual fancy clothes!  Unfortunately, Corbin woke up throwing up and just did not feel good.  I told him he could stay in his pj’s for the pictures but he said he wanted to look nice.  So he got ready and was grabbing the bowl to throw up in between the pictures.  Poor guy!

IMG 9231
IMG 9229
IMG 9246
IMG 9301

Corbin even took a nap which he never does!

IMG 8327

Corbin was feeling a lot better to go to my mom’s for our tradition!

IMG 9319
IMG 8328

Our Christmas Eve pj’s!

IMG 9355

Christmas Day!!

IMG 9362
IMG 9373
IMG 9396
IMG 9400

Kinsley gave me this beautiful roses!

IMG 9404

What a great Christmas!  We are so grateful for our knowledge of the Savior and that we have time to celebrate His birth!

After Christmas we went to Pismo Beach.

When we got back we celebrated New Years Eve with our normal tradtion of having chocolate fondue.  

IMG 9598

We also started a new tradition of collecting great moments of the year and reading them while enjoying the fondue. 

IMG 9604

Here is our list in random order:

amazing Greece trip
Kinsley’s Thanksgiving performance
Lake Powell
our Lake Powell trip
Nana and Papa having fun with the kids while mom and dad were gone!
4th of July french toast
Mom and dad;s trip to Greece!
Mom and Dad
fun trip to Utah for spring break (adventure: driving when we were supposed to fly!)
Kinsley’s birthday
Nana and Papa visiting
the Grand Canyon
making the place in London
getting our family room re-done
have fun with our cousins
Duke family visited for Thanksgiving
seeing Hamilton
scripture camp
visiting Alcatraz
playing dolls
Kinsley’s birthday and cake
Mom’s birthday
watching my kids during swim lessons
Corbin’s 3rd grade Beatles performance
Kinsley’s soccer
Jona and Holly’s cute baby boy
Utah for spring break
went on a field trip to Mission San Juan Bautista
how beautiful my wife looks with her new lipstick!
the girls had a fun day at Lisa’s Tea Treasures!
having a great family
skiing in Utah
the boys participated in a HUGE move with good attitudes!
taco bell and the book fair
this year’s book fair
Super Bowl and seeing relatives
Valentine party
successful grownup Valentine’s party
movie day during President’s week
dad’s birthday
Cason’s 1st grade patriotic performance
Little League baseball season started and all 3 kids got hits!
Cason;s 2nd grade performance
New Years Eve and being with my family
summer at lace pal with nana and papa
Nate was born!
Chris and Aisling announcing having a baby!
Connor wiped the counters in the kitchen
Kinsley playing Barbies with dad
Family hike on MLK Jr day
Corbin and Cason getting to play Minecraft on the Xbox together!
At Wendy’s Kinsley said (while offering Connor some frosty) “Here dad is your daddy taxi (daddy tax).
Connor and I had a good date night.  We tried a new restaurant (PhoEver) abd saw a really good movie (Arrival)
school (science)
celebrating starting 2017 with my family in Tahoe!
Pismo Sand Dunes
having Thanksgivng dinner
playing tennis
Thanksgiving with family

We have so much to be grateful for in 2017!!  Can’t wait to see what 2018 bring!

Pismo Beach 2017

Since Connor had some time off, we decided to take a couple day trip down the coast!  

We arrived just in time to see the sunset!

IMG 9429

We went downtown to dinner!

IMG 9439

Then we walked on the beach in the dark!

IMG 9440

We played at the hotel in the morning.  They had lots of fun things to do!

IMG 9446
IMG 9450
IMG 9452

We got some yummy clam chowder for lunch and headed to the beach.  The kids actually went in the water…in December!!

IMG 9457
IMG 9462
IMG 8349

We played some games!

IMG 9481

We rode an ATV on sand dunes!

IMG 9486
IMG 9492
IMG 9497
IMG 8356
IMG 9514
IMG 9539

We rode our scooters to dinner!

IMG 9550

We let the kids choose a treat and they wanted a gumball!

IMG 9559

Hot tubbing!

IMG 9569

Scootering to the park!

IMG 9580

Checking out the butterflies at Pismo Beach!

IMG 9586

We had such a great time!

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