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December 2016

I caught Kinsley relaxing while reading a book!

IMG 6699

We went to the park!

IMG 6712
IMG 6731

“Look, Mom, my shadow makes me look like Princess Leia!”

IMG 6738

Christmas stories in bed!

IMG 6763

Cason got Cool Cougar (student of the month) for caring and kindness!!  

IMG 6747

Great America had it’s first Winterfest so Connor and I went on a date to check it out for the kids!  It was pretty awesome!

IMG 6753

One of the toy soldiers photobombed us!

IMG 6755

We tried the ice skating!

IMG 6771

Yummy hot chocolate!

IMG 6759

We took the kids to see Santa!  This year we got a fast pass so we got to go to the front of the line.  No tears this year!

IMG 6762 2
IMG 6763

The kids played with the new robot in the mall!

IMG 6783

Had to get this picture!

IMG 6821

We finally made it to the lighting of the Christmas tree in our downtown, but we missed the actual lighting. Oh well.

IMG 6824

Then a stop for dessert!

IMG 6829

We watched the First Presidency Christmas devotional.

IMG 6836
IMG 6842

Then our tradition of going to the Creche exhibit!

IMG 6845
IMG 6848
IMG 6851

And ice cream!!

IMG 6853

We came home to our driveway decorated!!  Thanks friends!!

IMG 6855

Connor and I were in charge of our ward Christmas party and we had some great friends come help!!  

IMG 6880
IMG 6886

Kinsley got a bindi at preschool!

IMG 6898

My few pictures of the party decorations!

IMG 6899
IMG 6900

All smiles and in bed by 9:30pm after the party was done!! Phew!  Hopefully, we will never again be in charge!

IMG 6906

We were making friend and neighbor gifts using the oranges off our tree!

IMG 6927
IMG 6928
IMG 6934
IMG 6937
IMG 6939

Connor and I took Kinsley to see The Nutcracker!

IMG 6946
IMG 6948
IMG 6951

We got to take the kids to Great America Winterfest!

IMG 6968
IMG 6976
IMG 6777
IMG 6778
IMG 6983
IMG 6989
IMG 6995
IMG 7003
IMG 6780
IMG 7010
IMG 7014

We went on our annual trip up to see the temple lights and picnic dinner in the car!

IMG 7019
IMG 7029
IMG 7034
IMG 7042
IMG 7046
IMG 7085

Kinsley had her preschool Christmas program!

IMG 7088

She refused to sing!! She just stuck her tongue out at me!

IMG 7122

My three ornaments from all my kids time in preschool!  I treasure these so so much!


Another tradition going to the live Bethlehem!

IMG 7145
IMG 7149

Kinsley wouldn’t perform her dance when I came in.  That girl!

IMG 7186

I got to help for Cason’s holiday party at school!

IMG 7252

We are full of traditions in December and this one of our family favorites!  We get pizza, then candy and drive through the lights in the park!

IMG 7353
IMG 7354 2

Our favorite candy shop that is just so festive at Christmas time closed down and reopend as a more upscale candy place that was not decorated for Christmas.  It made for a different experience but we still got some (expensive) candy.

IMG 7357
IMG 7361

Then on to the lights!  

IMG 7370
IMG 7375 2
IMG 7366
IMG 7364

Corbin wrote the cutest letter to VidAngel and the CEO wrote him back!

IMG 7087
IMG 7382
IMG 6798

Since Christmas Day was on a Sunday, we decided to do Christmas pictures the Sunday before since there would be a mess in front of the tree on actual Christmas.  Fun from the photo shoot!

IMG 7173
IMG 7411
IMG 7228
IMG 7391
IMG 7469
IMG 7403
IMG 7456
IMG 7449

We celebrated Hollys birthday!

IMG 7481
IMG 7482
IMG 7484

Kinsley took a mirror selfie!! I foudn this on my phone.  Good thing I wasnt in the shower!

IMG 7487

Another Great America WInterfest outing!

IMG 7491
IMG 7494
IMG 7511
IMG 7518
IMG 7522
IMG 7533
IMG 7539
IMG 7549
IMG 7552
IMG 7557

Holly wanted to go to Disneyland for her birthday so we decided to tag along!  We made a pitstop to a mall because Corbins shoes were falling apart.  We found a store called Kinsley so of course we needed some pictures.


Hotel room fun!

IMG 7570
IMG 7573
IMG 7582
IMG 7584
IMG 7589
IMG 7596
IMG 7598
IMG 7610 copy

Oh, I forgot to mention, Connor and Jona did get to go to the BYU Bowl game.

IMG 7236

A view of Cars Land from our hotel room!

IMG 7616

We didnt tell our kids that we were going to Disneyland.  Cason was kind of starting to figure out by the signs but we told him we didnt see any rides. It was pretty cute!

IMG 7239
IMG 7622
IMG 7625 2
IMG 7631
IMG 7249
IMG 7646
IMG 7659
IMG 7255
IMG 7665
IMG 7667 2
IMG 7257
IMG 7670
IMG 7674
IMG 7678 2
IMG 7696
IMG 7718
IMG 7731
IMG 7754
IMG 7761

We got home after lots of traffic, some throw up and being caught in the middle of a police standoff.  Memories!!

Christmas Eve at my moms!

IMG 7788
IMG 7785

Pj time!

IMG 7795 2
IMG 7805
IMG 7807

Christmas morning!

IMG 7811
IMG 7818
IMG 7822
IMG 7830
IMG 7838
IMG 7856
IMG 7861

Getting ready for our Tahoe trip!

IMG 7865
IMG 7870
IMG 7867

Up next: The Dukes go skiing!

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