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December 2015

I volunteered to go on a filed trip with Corbin’s class to Natural Bridges Beach where they were able to see lots of Monarch butterflies.  It was pretty awesome to hang out with 2nd graders at the beach and look at tons of butterflies.

IMG 4540
IMG 5564

After playing on the beach for a little while (which let me tell you was hard for those kids NOT to go in the water even thought it was freezing) we got to have a presentation by the rangers.  They asked for adult helpers and since no one was volunteering, i did.  Then some others stepped up too.

It turns out we were to dress up as insects.  I was a butterfuly.

IMG 4606
IMG 4607

Then we got to see some monarchs.

IMG 5589
IMG 5592

On the bus ride home with my boy!

IMG 5600

Connor and I went to his work Holiday party!

IMG 5631
IMG 5449
IMG 5451

We had a good time!

How cute is this note Corbin wrote to Kinsley at church?

IMG 5641

Watching the 1st Presidecny Christmas Devotional!

IMG 5646
IMG 5648
IMG 5654

The next day we went to the Christmas Creche!

IMG 5676
IMG 5677
IMG 5679
IMG 5682
IMG 5685
IMG 5464
IMG 5467
IMG 5687
IMG 5690
IMG 5691
IMG 5697

Then we got ice cream!

IMG 5700
IMG 5705
IMG 5707
IMG 5709

Doing Christmas nails!

IMG 5716

Corbin had his 2nd grade winter performance!

IMG 5772
IMG 5781

On Friday, we went to see Fantasy of Lights.  We had our usual pizza dinner!

IMG 5804
IMG 5809

Then we walked to the candy store to get treats for the ride!

IMG 5810
IMG 5813
IMG 5816
IMG 5817
IMG 5820

This year they gave us 3D glasses to see some of the lights.  It was pretty cool!

IMG 5821
IMG 5823

Unfortunately, while we were there, I got a call that my Grandma had passed away.  As soon as we were done, I rushed over to her home to be with family.  Here is the last picture I took with her.

IMG 4284

My grandma had a tough last few years, losing her son and then her husband all while dealing with MS.  She was moved closer to me which was great for me being able to see her but she went from living alone in her own house into a senior center in a matter of months  I do know that she is in a better place and pain free.  Also, I admit to feeling slightly jealous that she gets to see my dad again! We had her memorial and it was a nice remembrence of her!

We still went on with our Christmas festivities!  GOing to see Santa!

IMG 5833

Kinsley had been tealking about seeing Santa for weeks and was seo excited as we were getting closer and closer.  She could hardly contain her exctiement.

IMG 5851
IMG 5856

But then as we got up to him……


Poor Santa!  Loved or feared by kids for centuries!

Another tradition for FHE was Bethlehem!

IMG 5871
IMG 5883

Such a good experience!

One night we were having the missionaries over for dinner, both the sisters and elders.  Cason made Legos into missionaies.  The Elders had bikes and Sisters had food? I don’t know who taught him that.

IMG 5903

Sunday Christmas pictures!!

IMG 5918
IMG 5922
IMG 5927
IMG 5978
IMG 6002
IMG 6005
IMG 2294
IMG 2301
IMG 2316
IMG 2322
IMG 2325
IMG 2367
IMG 2388
IMG 2398

That night we celebrated Holly’s birthday!

IMG 6015
IMG 6020

My kids being super cute!

IMG 6025

A rare snuggle from Corbin!

IMG 6033

Holly and Jona offered to have the kids over for a sleepover one night and we went ice skating before Connor and I left on our date!

IMG 6043
IMG 6046
IMG 6047
IMG 6052

Getting ready for Christmas!

IMG 6065
IMG 6069

One of my favorite things is all the Christmas cards we get.  This year I tried something different and made it into sort of a Christmas tree shape!

IMG 6705

Christmas Eve at my mom’s house.

IMG 6071
IMG 6072

Christmas Eve getting pj’s and putting out of cookies for Santa!

IMG 6074
IMG 6080
IMG 6081
IMG 6084
IMG 6088
IMG 6091
IMG 6095
IMG 6097
IMG 6098

Christmas morning!!

IMG 6102
IMG 6115
IMG 6120
IMG 2406
IMG 6136
IMG 6150

A few days after Christmas we headed down to Southern California to go to Disneyladn!  We were a little bit worried about how crowded it would be but we were getting to spend time with family so we decided to take the chance.  

IMG 6164

Kinsley needed my sunglasses on the drive down because the sun was right in her eyes.

IMG 6167

We finally got there and waited by the fire pit at the hotel as we waited for our room to be ready.

IMG 6172
IMG 6171

And we finally got to see cousins!

IMG 6178
IMG 6186
IMG 6191

The next day we made it to Disneyland.  (I’m not even going to talk about how crazy busy it was!)

IMG 5505
IMG 6195
IMG 6198
IMG 6203
IMG 6216
IMG 6222
IMG 6226
IMG 6235
IMG 6246
IMG 6247
IMG 6249
IMG 6251
IMG 6259
IMG 6261
IMG 6262
IMG 6267
IMG 6269
IMG 6272
IMG 6277
IMG 6280
IMG 6285

We made it to day 2, this time at California Adventure.

IMG 6287
IMG 6288
IMG 6292
IMG 6297
IMG 5507
IMG 5515
IMG 5527
IMG 6306
IMG 6307
IMG 6312
IMG 6316

Next day back at Disneyland.  This was by far the better day at Disneyland!

IMG 6319
IMG 5531
IMG 6324
IMG 6326
IMG 6334
IMG 6340
IMG 6364
IMG 6365
IMG 6368
IMG 6383
IMG 6385
IMG 6391
IMG 6398
IMG 6402
IMG 6416
IMG 5532
IMG 6468
IMG 6477
IMG 6482
IMG 6487
IMG 6489
IMG 6499
IMG 5553

We drove home on New Years Eve and got home jsut in time to have our traditional New Years Eve celebration!

IMG 6509
IMG 6511
IMG 6516
IMG 6520

Connor any my top 9 Instagram pics of 2015!

IMG 6508
IMG 5556

December and 2015 was a great year!  Can’t wait to see what 2016 holds! (I just wish I could slow down time!)

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