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November 2020

We started the morning off walking some Walkathon laps!

IMG 0003

Then football in the afternoon.

IMG 0010

We watched Coco in the backyard!

IMG 0013

More Walkathon!

IMG 0020

My notification that my ballot was counted!!

IMG 0032

Kinsley writing a story!

IMG 0034

I’ve had a goal for years now to make a pie. Connor loves pie and I’ve never made one before. So when I had a lot of apples that needed using, I decided I’d better try it. I made everyhting from scratch including the pie crust. It didn’t turn out too bad.

IMG 0041
IMG 0058

Kinsley got another one of her art boxes. It was to make light lanterns. Most of the projects we could finish fairly quickly, but this one took weeks for some reason. 

IMG 0042

More Walkathon! (it lasted for 10 days!!)

IMG 0053
IMG 0068
IMG 0074

It was warm enough to grill and play in the backyard!

IMG 0082
IMG 0080

More Walkathon!!! Crazy!!

IMG 0088

We got some yummy treats from our Bishop and his wife who Connor had been serving with and was just released!

IMG 0115

Walkathon again!

IMG 0117

I thought it was so cute that Kinsley was playing with the old toys we have kept for our niece and nephews.

IMG 0121 2

The kids doing some raking in the backyard!

IMG 0123
IMG 0127
IMG 0138

Doing some nails!

IMG 0146
IMG 0149


IMG 0155

We were going to see my mom for her birthday and Kinsley chose this to wear. She has her own style and I love it!

IMG 0157

Birthday pavlova!

IMG 0270

Covid friendly friend time! Zoom and video games!

IMG 0286

We went up to the condo to get a change of scenery and try on the ski stuff to see what fits the kids.

IMG 0291
IMG 0290

After we did that, we headed out to do a bit of sledding.

IMG 0293
IMG 0297

Then came this fateful deciscion to snowboard on a sled down the hill. Connor stepped off wrong and even though It didn't look too bad, but it ended up being a broken ankle for Connor. He thought it might have just been sprained but we found a couple days later it was actually broken.

Still trying to put on a smile! (And I’m talking about both of us because I can’t say I was too happy either.)

IMG 0319
IMG 0323

I had wanted to go watch the sunset at the lake but Connor was in no condition and two of the kids didn’t want to go, so it was just Corbin and I. It was great to have some one on one time!

IMG 0329
IMG 0331
IMG 0336

Connor resting and icing his foot.

IMG 0339

Me and my girl!

IMG 0340

It’s going to be really hard to go back to in person church! This was sacrament meeting!

IMG 0344

It was a short trip so we are heading home!

IMG 0347

We found a monarch butterfly on our walk.

IMG 0387

Working on our FAME (Fine Arts Mini Experiences) that are usually done in class but now are done during asyncronous time.

IMG 0392
IMG 0394
IMG 0395

I love that they both are different and beautiful and still similar enough to see how they relate!! That is why I love art!!

Playing football on the back lawn of church!

IMG 0398

Saw this tree with the light behind it on one of my morning walks. Breathtaking!

IMG 0405

An artist from Denmark made these art compositions of the Savior of what he may have looked like more accurate to the region and I love them. 

IMG 0408
IMG 0409
IMG 0410

Clay time! This is also usually done in class but now it’s at home!

IMG 0416

Connor in his boot! I thought it was cute and funny that he was wearing church clothes on the top and shorts on the bottom! It’s fine during at home church and people are only seeing your top anyway!

IMG 0426

Kinsley’s finished art box project!

IMG 0428

I was so proud of Corbin to let his cuddly sister hug his non-cuddly self.

IMG 0446

Lost tooth!!

IMG 0447

Cason asked to play chess and I had just been watching the Queen’s Gambit so I felt like I could play. Turns out I did not learn how to play better by watching that show, Ha!

IMG 0451

Kinsley has been really into rollerskating lately and is trying to get the boys more into rollerblading.

IMG 0453
IMG 0454

Kinsley’s new lanterns in her room!

IMG 0456

We went mini-golfing during Thanksgiving break!

IMG 0471
IMG 0473
IMG 0476

Holly and I got matching dresses for Kinsley amd Millie and they are darling!!

IMG 0493

Setting the table for Thanksgiving!

IMG 0495 2

Ok, I kind of love this picture because the girls are each smiling at their own mother!

IMG 0513
IMG 0547

I know that we had been advised not to gather together for the holidays but we have made this bubble with my family and it seems silly to stop it when we have been safe. I also know how extremely blessed I am to be in this sitatuon and I am not taking it for gratned.

IMG 0558
IMG 0559
IMG 0561
IMG 0570
IMG 0579

After Thanksgiving we got out the Christmas stuff! Cason dressed as a funny Santa!

IMG 0587

I came to get some more decorations and I saw the kids had made this fort and I just loved that they all were playing together like this.  Connor and I pulled out our indoor snowballs and bombarded them in a snowblal fight. They LOVED it and were so happy! It was so fun and such a good memory. We did it several times thougrough the season and it was a hit everytime. 

IMG 0590

We usually put up all the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving but save the ornaments for Family Home Evening. Kinsley was most excited for this and asked every hour if we could put the ornaments on the tree no matter how many times I told her we were waiting until Monday. I didn’t realized just how much she loves the tree!

IMG 0593

Kinsley having a posicle while doing a yoga pose!

IMG 0597

Christmas Miles Morales/Spiderman!

IMG 0600

Saying goodbye to our Thankful Tree!

IMG 0605

FInally the day for trimming the Christmas tree. Kinsley and I put on our matching Christmas aprons and assembled a charcutterie board for dinner!

IMG 0610

We need hot chocolate too, of course!

IMG 0612
IMG 0614
IMG 0618
IMG 0624
IMG 0634
IMG 0636
IMG 0640

We decided to make an ornament as a family for our pool clubs tree!

IMG 0660
IMG 0664

We are excited for the Chirstmas season!!

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