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November 2017

Cason’s class went on a field trip the day after Halloween and I got to go with him.  It was another bus field trip which aren’t necessarily my favorite but it is good to see how the kids are during it.

We got to go to Natural Bridges beach and to see the butterflys.

IMG 7932
IMG 7937
IMG 7967
IMG 7979
IMG 7985

My sweet little buddy!

IMG 8013

I got a new phone that takes great pictures!  Got one of Connor!

IMG 8014

Corbin got a new book from his book order and he was reading on the walk home from school.

IMG 8026

I got a new phone that takes some awesome pictures so I hope the quality will improve sometimes.

IMG 8035
IMG 8039

Corbin needed new church shoes and they fit me. Crazy!

IMG 8072

Cute soccer players!

IMG 8111

Corbin and has favorite little buddy!

IMG 8134

We were lucky to have a lot of Connor’s family come out for Thanksgiving.  First there was the Sparan race!

IMG 8204
IMG 8207
IMG 3208
IMG 3237
IMG 8221
IMG 8238
IMG 3315
IMG 8246
IMG 8251
IMG 3338
IMG 8272
IMG 8276

Connor carrying Cason to church!

IMG 8277

The next day we went to Academy of Sciences.

IMG 8287
IMG 8304

Kinsley had a Thanksgiving performance!

IMG 8313
IMG 8314
IMG 8316

The next day we went to Alcatraz and hung around Pier 39.

IMG 8323
IMG 8329
IMG 8331
IMG 8333
IMG 8336
IMG 8339
IMG 8340
IMG 8341
IMG 8362
IMG 8364
IMG 8367
IMG 8377
IMG 8389

I didn’t get very many pictures of Thanksgiving day but the weather was beautiful so we got to eat outside and I got to hold a sweet sleeping baby!

IMG 8396
IMG 8397

Our annual decorate the tree for FHE.

IMG 8477
IMG 8484
IMG 8491
IMG 8497
IMG 8501
IMG 8531

A cute picture of Cason!

IMG 8564

Corbin was leading a scout activity carnival booth.

IMG 8570

Cason reading his book at breakfast!

IMG 8574

Corbin opened up his fun size m&m pack and there was only one m&m in it.  

IMG 8577

We had a great November!  Now, on to December!

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