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November 2016

Kinsley got to have a friend come and play.  She was being a good hostess and had fun playing cars!

IMG 6164

We started our Thankful Tree!

IMG 6170

When Kinsley gets to choose an activity out, she ALWAYS chooses to go to Toys R Us and sit in the cars.

IMG 6217

We met Holly and Jona for dinner at Smashburger and at the end we had a ton go cups because of the shakes an drinks we all ordered.  I thought it was pretty funny.

IMG 6233

We celebrated my mom’s birthday and it was a fairly warm evening so we had it outside.  It was a really nice evening.

IMG 6269

She just wanted fruit instead of a cake.

IMG 6272
IMG 6278

With my boys!

IMG 6279 2

My very own troll doll.

IMG 6324

I loved that Kinsley wrote “turkey” with an upside down “u”.  

IMG 6327

Crazy hair day!  It’s hard to tell but we sprayed it blue.  And tried to make it look like a wave.

IMG 6352

I help with Cason’s student store.  They earn tickets and get to spend them on prizes!

IMG 6363

We had a stake temple day with babysitting so we went to Fenton’s!


Trying on snow stuff!

IMG 6486

I volunteered in Corbin’s classroom for his Thanksgiving party and Kinsley got to come along!

IMG 6491

Connor volunteered in Cason’s class for his party.  

2016-11-22 13 37 09 CumberlandThanksgiving
IMG 6702

Connor finally got his new ice maker that he ordered over a year ago!  It makes nugget ice!  Pretty awesome!

IMG 6726

We went and saw the new Disney movie, Moana.  Corbin was too cool for school to be in the picture.  

IMG 6507

Thanksgiving Day!  The kids and I always watch the parade while Connor plays football.

IMG 6512

Thanksgiving at my mom’s house this year!

IMG 6535

The day after Thanksgiving on November 25, 2005 Connor propsed to me.  This year the day after Thanksgiving again was on the 25th so on the 11th anniversary of our engagement, we took the kids to the spot where he did it.  The San Francisco Botanical Gardens.  

IMG 6749

Then and Now!


Then we took the kids to see The Lion King!  It was great!

IMG 6578
IMG 6582
IMG 6591

Kinsley found a heart shaped strawberry!

IMG 6599

Erika and I went out for breakkfast for her birthday and we wore the same clothes!

IMG 6604

Our annual decorate the Christmas tree for FHE!

IMG 6631
IMG 6621
IMG 6650
IMG 6615

Our finished tree!

IMG 6647

My cute praying boys! 

IMG 6668

Kinsley made this cute winter scene with her Christmas toys and some styrofoam.

IMG 6676

Then Cason came home and………

IMG 6684

We’re ready for Christmas!

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