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November 2015

This was a good month to focus on being thankful.  We put up our thankful tree and it was filled even just by the first day.

IMG 5101
IMG 5125

After a very hot October, we got some relief AND much needed rain!!!

IMG 5107
IMG 5120

One Saturday, Connor and I realized we dressed alike unintentionally.

IMG 5312

Cole and Lacey came for a visit so Connor and Cole could go to the BYU game.  It’s always fun to have cousins!

IMG 5318
IMG 5164

The boys night out!

IMG 5321

The girls night out.

IMG 5165

Connor loves his crumb donuts!

IMG 5324

Cason had his award ceremony for soccer!

Then we took the kids to see the new Peanutes movie at the nice theater!

IMG 5202

After a short but fun weekend, it was time to say goodbye!

IMG 5334

The kids really wanted to rake the millions of leaves.  Go right ahead kids!!

IMG 5353
IMG 5358

One night when we were getting the kids down, I was laying down on the floor before scriptures and Cason made me this comfy set up and directed me how to lay.

IMG 5261

For some of our ward temple trips, a few couples offer to watch kids on a Saturday morning at the stake center next to the temple so more couples can attend.  Connor and I volunteered this month and luckily some good friends of ours also volunteered.  There were a ton of kids but supposedly we don’t have to babysit again for the next 4 years!

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Corbin’s class had a Stone Soup Thanksgiving meal that parents were able to attend.


Cason had his Thanksgiving Kindergarten performance.

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IMG 2277

Kinsley and dad had a fun afternoon running errands.

IMG 5389

The day before Thanksgiving, Connor was off work and the kids did not have school so we had a fun day.  We went to Black Bear Diner for breakfast since it just opened near us. 

IMG 5393
IMG 5400

Then we went and saw The Good Dinosaur.

IMG 5405

Thanksgiving morning when I taook a break from cooking to watch some pararde with the kids.  Connor was gone playing football.

IMG 5415

Kinsley loves all the dancing parts of the parade.

IMG 5418

Pre-dinner apps and football.

IMG 5421

Here I am getting ready for Thanksgiving! Im a clean as I cook kind of girl.

IMG 5432
IMG 5429

Kinsley helping with setting the tables!

IMG 5430

The boys made the place cards!

IMG 5434
IMG 5435
IMG 5439
IMG 5451

We had a movie night!

IMG 5453
IMG 5456
IMG 5457

We always have to plan our December calendar after Thanksgiving because that month gets BUSY!

IMG 5478

We set up our Christmas tree and had some hot chocolate while listening to Christmas music!

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IMG 5547
IMG 5552

What a great month and now on to Christmas!!!

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