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This year, like last, we hosted Thanksgiving.  For some reason, I wasn’t that stressed this time and felt more confident with making the turkey even though it would be the first time making it all on my own (with help from Connor).  Connor and I were happy with the result and we had a great Thanksgiving even if we were missing people to share it with.  My sister was in Idaho with her boyfriend and of course, my dad.  

Here are some of the pictures from the day!


I am most thankful for my family, the gospel, my Heavenly Father and my Savior!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Corbin’s Thanksgiving at School

The Kindergarteners at Corbin’s school had a little program for the parents.  It was pretty cute and I loved it so much.  For some reason my heart just swells when I watch my children perform things they have learned at school.  My children bring me so much joy and I love to watch them!


Can you see Corbin among all the kids?  There are 7 Kindergarten classes at his school.  That sure is a lot of 5 year olds!!!

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

After the program we went back and had a “Friendship Feast” of fruit salad and cornbread.  


Kinsley stole Corbin’s seat!


Our House: Mud Room

Ever since I joined Pinterest and have seen all the home design ideas, I have wanted a mud room in my future house. At that time I thought that we would never be able to own a home, but now that it is here, we can make the mud room.  Connor wasn't sold on it at first, but I think the more excited I got about it the more excited he got about it.  And I think he loves it maybe even more than I do now.  

Here is the original picture that I loved.


Our garage isn't that big and also I needed space for all of us not just the kids so I was wondering how this would go.  We hired a guy to do the cabinets in our laundry room and asked him if he could recreate this but with 5 spaces instead of 4 and in a smaller amount of space.  I think he did a pretty dang good job!

Here's the before.


Here it is before it was installed.


Here it is after it was installed with the kids.


And now completed!


We love this space and even the kids are excited about having their own spot for all their stuff.  

Kinsley at 17 Months

IMG 9657

Kinsley is now 17 months.  The time is flying by and she is getting older despite what I would like.  A friend of mine told me she doesn't look like a baby anymore.  Very sad.  But fun at the same time.


-is saying a ton of words.  I have no idea how many she actually knows but she says more every day.  Two of her favorite words are "no" and "cookie".  As you can tell from those two words, I am a really great mom. 
-is running and walking and trying to jump.  Both feet don't come quite off the floor yet, but she tries.  She also thinks she is a big girl and will just walk off steps.  This is okay for small steps but for big ones it's a problem.  She also thinks that if she holds on to the railing she can do it.  Well, since she is so short she still needs help.  That is why we still use gates on the top and bottom of the stairs.
-has the cutest personality.  People always comment on how happy and smiley she is.  There were a few days where she was sick and just wanted to be held and she felt miserable.  Lots of people at school drop offs noticed the change in her.  It was so sad.
-is a big hugger!  She just squeezes us so tightly!  She will give kisses if she feels like it but mostly she just says "no" when I ask her for one.
-is one tough cookie.  She isn't phased by other kids picking on her and can hold her own.  She will fight back.  I guess 2 older brothers will do that to you.  Kinsley does not hit anyone except for Cason.  Connor and I sometimes cannot help but laugh even though it really shouldn't be funny.  
-has to say night night to her brothers and give them hugs and kisses when she goes down for her afternoon nap.  Sometimes she has to give them multiple hugs and kisses.
-still loves to snuggles soft, fluffy stuffed animals.  She loves her pink dog she got from her birthday but lukcily it seems any stuffed animal will do at bedtime. 
-has been going through a throw up phase (at least I hope it's a phase).  I can't seem to figure out what it is that is making her throw up but I think it might have to do with her eating too much and maybe eating out too much.  There was a week there where we were eating out more because of Connor's schedule and she was throwing up more.  She's gotten better now that we've been eating at home.  One of these times she threw up was while I was waiting outside of Corbin's class to pick him up.  She and I were covered in throw up and there was nothing I could do but hold her and comfort her.  Corbin ended up having to push the stroller home while I carried her since I knew she would be throwing up again while we walked home.  She did and she "chose" while we were crossing a busy street to do it.  Fun times!
-is a girly girl with a good mix of tomboy.  She loves to play with balls and dolls.  As with the boys, she likes paly  with character figurines as well.  
-is still taking 2 naps a day.  She is the latest 2 a day napper I've had. Corbin and Cason stopped taking 2 naps arond 12 months.  Her longest and best nap is in the morning.  
-is using a spoon and fork really really well!  
-is still the joy of all of our lives.  Cason might beg to differ on occasion but the rest of us just can't get enough of her.  Corbin adores that girl and protects her to no end!

Her schedule doesn't change much from month to month anymore but here it is anyway.

6am:  Wakes up.  Usually it's because the boys wake her up.
7am:  Breakfast 
8am:  Dressed for the day
9:15am:  Gets milk and goes down for a nap
11:30am:  Wakes up
12pm:  Lunch
3pm:  Nap after we pick Corbin up from school at 2:30
4pm:  Wakes up
5:30pm: Dinner
7:00pm Bedtime routine
7:30pn:  Bed

Of course the third child gets less consistency but she has been pretty good to just go with the flow.

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