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October 2020

Kisnley’s reading app has recipes and she found some she wanted to make for Halloween! Earwax on a stick. They actually tasted pretty good.

IMG 3068

General Conference. 

IMG 3084

Doing our puzzle!

IMG 3086

Lots of Legos!

IMG 3088

On our walk, Kinsley was dmiring the flowers! I was too!

IMG 3238

Connor drove up to the condo to fix our fridge!

IMG 1465

The sunset at home!

IMG 3242

I was cold but too lazy to go get my own coat so I borrowed one of Corbin’s!

IMG 1471

Trying out their new rollerblades with their hockey sticks!

IMG 3253

Connor and I went on a date to an outdoor restaurant and we got some dessert to bring home from the cafe across the street!

IMG 3255

Vampire with blood on his cheeks!

IMG 3262

Watching Back to the Future 2 in the backyard!

IMG 3274

I didn’t want to miss out on our annual pumpkin patching so we got tickets (which are never needed in non-Covid times) and drove up to Half Moon Bay!

IMG 3276

Kinsley feeding the goats!

IMG 3284
IMG 3299
IMG 3305

We did it with the lights on!

IMG 3308
IMG 3311
IMG 3318
IMG 3328
IMG 3335
IMG 3346
IMG 3361
IMG 3381

As much as I don’t want to admit it, I think this was our last time to Lemos. The kids are just too old. Kinsley still had fun and Cason a tiny bit but it’s time to find a patch geared to more older kids.

We stopped at another patch that the kids can do some hay jumping and met some friends there.

IMG 3385
IMG 3393

Then we made a stop at a beach! it was a gorgeous beach and beautiful day!

Image 1-4-21 at 6.35 PM
IMG 3405

Corbin taking a test!

IMG 3423

Casom and Kinsley’s school pictures!

YWTMPQ9Y-27661 original
YWTMV3F9-27661 original

We went to the condo for a weekend and to meet Cole and Lacey!

IMG 3428
IMG 3429
IMG 3432
IMG 3434
IMG 3435

Still doing school!

IMG 3436
IMG 3439

7-11 is across the street so we always get slurps!

IMG 3441

We found a bike park!

IMG 3466
IMG 3442

It’s almost November and Kinsley is paddle boarding!

IMG 3475

The cousins went out too!

IMG 3482
IMG 3484

It was actually really cold despite the kids being in the swimsuits in a cold lake. Cole used one of the kids pnochos.

IMG 1487

Kinsley sleeping!

IMG 3498

That tree!

IMG 3502


IMG 3508

Pomegranate juice face!

IMG 3514

I took the kids to Pinkberry. It had been a long time since we had been there!

IMG 3517

Another breach day!!

IMG 3523
IMG 3532
IMG 3536
IMG 3549

Corbin’s school decided they could not safely take yearbook photos so they asked us to do it on our own and to add a Zoom background. Here’s the before and after of what Corbin chose!

IMG 3559
Corbin Duke

Corbin and Kinsley watching a show in our garage!

IMG 1495



WHat the boys chose to wear for Nate’s blueberry party!

IMG 3565

Millie was just staring up at Connor!

IMG 3567
IMG 3576
IMG 3578
IMG 3584

Cason got a pumpkin tp carve to share for his Primary Zoom Activity.

IMG 3593

The Primary Virtual Halloween Party.

IMG 3615
IMG 3621
IMG 3625
IMG 3628
IMG 3632

On my walk I saw this flower growing out of a neighbors yard. It looked fake.

IMG 3634

Sometimes when you are working from home you get interupted by your kids!

IMG 3636

I was trying to trick Corbin in Mastermind. He wasn’t fooled!

IMG 3641

Reading time!

IMG 3645

Cason with his favorite chips!

IMG 3655

It was such a beautiful evening we decided to carve pumpkins outdoors!

IMG 3657
IMG 3688
IMG 3685
IMG 3682
IMG 3687

Halloween School (from home).

IMG 3714
IMG 3709
IMG 3711

I volunteered to help with Kinsley’s class party!

IMG 3729
IMG 3733
IMG 3736

There has been a lot of election talk in our house. Cason was learning about the electoral college from his scholastic news so Connor was explaining it a little more to him.

IMG 3746

Since our school can’t have their annual Walkathon it was done virtually (for 10 days). This was the first day!

IMG 3748

Then was the Walkathon kick off party!

IMG 3757

Connor and Kinsley were definitely doing their dancing thing!

IMG 3761

Day 2 of Walkathon!

IMG 3777

We still got in our costumes even though there wouldn’t be any trick or treating.

IMG 3833

We did take candy for some friends for a little reverse trick or treating!

IMG 3843

Happy Halloween!

IMG 3848

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