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October 2016

October started out great for me!  Not only was it General Conference

IMG 4817

but I (along with Holly, Chris and Aisling) was invited to Willie Mays suite for a Giants Game!

IMG 4821
IMG 4824
IMG 4822
IMG 4831
IMG 4833

It was Star Wars Day so there was some dressing up and also awesome shirt give-away!

IMG 4820
IMG 4825

Connor and and the kids (and Jona) came up to SF after to hang out!

IMG 4836
IMG 6633
IMG 4863
IMG 6638

The next morning I made some yummy French Toast muffins and egg sandwich!

IMG 4875
IMG 4878

One of the great things about General Conference!  Church in pj’s!

IMG 4880

Connor shaved off his beard a couple weeks before he officiated Chris and Aisling’s wedding!


IMG 4881


IMG 4882

Cason started playing basketball at an after school program!

IMG 4883

Kinsley at dance!

IMG 4892

Connor hit 10 years at Apple and they had a little celebration for him.  I was able to go for a little bit of it!  I am so proud of him!

IMG 4901
IMG 4899
IMG 4909
IMG 4902

I got to go on a field trip with Kinsley’s presschool class to the fire station!

IMG 4935
IMG 4942

The fun hat they got at the end!

IMG 5001

I realized I don’t get many pictures with Corbin or even just Corbin as much anymore!

IMG 5003
IMG 5009

OH MY GOSH!  We starte this puzzle during General Conference and it took us FOREVER to finish!  We finally did but it was HARD!!!

IMG 5014

Cason came up with these cute monsters playing basketball!

IMG 5022

The boys got back their schol pictures and they sent this sheet (which I didn’t order) in case I wanted any of these other prints.  I thought they were pretty funny!

CCI12102016 copy 4
CCI12102016 copy 3

I used to take Cason to get hot chocolate at Starbucks when Corbin was at school and I’ve kept that tradition now with Kinsley!

IMG 5041

I took Kinsley to the Children’s Museum!

IMG 5048
IMG 5054
IMG 5059

She could play in this kitchen for HOURS!

IMG 5067
IMG 5078

So then the day of our Pumpkin Patch tradition came.  Connor takes time off work and we go up to Half Moon Bay to the same pumpkin patch that we have since Corbin’s very first Halloween.  It was raining slightly but we didn’t think much of it.  We drive up there and the pumpkin patch is CLOSED!!!!!! We went to the one across the street and even though it wasn’t the same and we didn’t stay long becuase of the rain, we still were glad we did it. (Well at least I was, not sure if Connor thought it was worth it!!)

IMG 5089
IMG 5095
IMG 5101
IMG 5109
IMG 5119
IMG 5145
IMG 5150
IMG 5174

Since it was a rainy and quick outing, we decided to head to down town Half Moon Bay to a cafe for some dessert and hot chocolate.

IMG 5190
IMG 5192
IMG 5191

Someone may have been a bit tired after.

IMG 5195

Corbin really wanted me to make mushroom stew (he read about in a book) so I made beef stew and added mushrooms to his and mine.  He was disappointed in the beef!  What???

IMG 5213

We had a fun FHE at Golfland!

IMG 6647

Corbin had a little accident.  It was actually hillarious and I wish I had it on video!  Here’s the aftermath.

IMG 5259
IMG 5261

Then of course some arcade games!

IMG 5270

So back in September, I started noticing Cason seemed to be zoning out a lot.  It seemed like he wasn’t listening to me and I thought he was trying to get out of stuff.  Then I noticed it more frequent and at odd times like when he was reading me abook out loud.  So I emailed his doctor just to check and she thought I better bring him in.  She said he thought he moght be having absence seizures and to see a pediatric neurologist.  So we had the appointment and the doctor confimed that he does have absence epilepsy.  He had Cason blow into a pinwheel which induced the seiziure.  We then scheduleed an EEG  (which he had to stay up all night for) to confrim even further.  He sure was our trooper!

IMG 5274
IMG 5277

Then the start of Chris and Aisling’s wedding.  We took the kids out of school early so we could head up to SF for the rehersal and rehersal dinner!

IMG 5279
IMG 6651
IMG 6654

Corbin’s face still hadn’t healed!

IMG 6657

We tried to get a good night sleep so we wold be ready for all the festivities in the morning!  

The wedding was the day of our schools big Walkathon fundraiser, so we wore our shirts in support!

IMG 5286

THen of course a little swimming at the pool!

IMG 5297
IMG 5299
IMG 5302

Then we started to get ready and the girls went over with Aisling and the boys went with Chris!

Aisling was the best bride and Kinsley got all these fun things for being the flower girl!

IMG 5314
IMG 5315
IMG 5316
IMG 5317
IMG 5327

The boys getting ready!

IMG 6658

I didn’t take many pictures during the ceremony but here’s one I did!

IMG 5330


IMG 5332
IMG 5339
IMG 5345
IMG 5437
IMG 5440

It was a great wedding and we are so lucky to have Aisling as an official part of our family!

The next morning was a little bit lazy and then we had a brunch at Aisling’s parents.  Then we had our scheduled our fmaily pictures in the city!

IMG 6663

DInner after!

IMG 5442
IMG 5446
IMG 5452

What a great weekend!

Then for FHE that Monday, we did our annual pumpkin carving!

IMG 5466
IMG 5469
IMG 5475
IMG 5492
IMG 5505
IMG 5513
IMG 5520

Also, this month we finished The Book of Mormon as a family and started the New Testament.

IMG 5532

First we had the Ward Halloween party!

IMG 5574
IMG 5578
IMG 5564
IMG 5608
IMG 5680
IMG 5717
IMG 5729
Haloween 20161029 131 DSC0131

Then Erika’s!

IMG 5756
IMG 5760

On the day of Halloween, we had a couple parades and then trick-or-treating!

IMG 5786
IMG 5865
IMG 5998
IMG 6059
IMG 6083
IMG 6113 2
IMG 6116
IMG 6128
IMG 6139
IMG 6160
IMG 6154
IMG 6157

Wow!  What a great October!

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