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October 2015

October was a busy and fun month!  

The first Friday my mom had the kids, so Connor and I had date night.  We invited Holly and Jona to go to Benihana and then watched the BYU game after.

IMG 3985

We shared a table with another couple that was obviously getting some VIP treatment, but I was oblivious to really know what it was all about.  Connor then showed me on his phone under the table that he happened to be a football player for the 49ers.  Then it all made sense.  We started chatting with them about some of their favorite places to eat and they were really friendly and nice. We never mentioned him being a football player and I think that made them a little more friendly.  I think they were surprised when we took the above picture and didnt ask to get one with him. 

The next morning Cason had a soccer game and then we watched General Conference, which I LOVE.  What is better than hearing leaders that I love and sustain tell me exactly what I should know for my life rignt now?  I like to try and involve the kids in the listening and we did our usual candy jars.

IMG 4005

Corbin was being really affectionate to Holly and I had to capture it!

IMG 3987
IMG 3989
IMG 4002

The next morning we continued watching but this time we tried bulding a temple out of Legos.

IMG 4007
IMG 4011
IMG 4014

Besides the wonderful messages, it is also really nice watching from home in pj’s!

The next day, Kinsley and I being silly.

IMG 4025

And a rare nap from Kins.  This hardly ever happens, but if she is tired she just puts herself to bed. 

IMG 4040

My beautiful girl reading books.

IMG 4088

I think I have more pictures of Kinsley at this age than my boys.  Probably since she is the baby and I don’t want to forget these precious moments together!

Since Corbin was 8 months old, we have made it a yearly activity to go to the Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay for the pumpkin patch.  Connor has usually takesn a Friday off work for us to go.  Now that the kids are in school and naps are less common, Connor just takes a half day off and we go after the kids get out of school.  It is a lot less crowded and so a lot more fun. Connor and I were talking about how we wonder how much longer we are going to be doing this.  Corbin is starting seem a little too old, but i would also hate for Kinsley to miss out on these memories just because she has older siblings.  

IMG 4123
IMG 1937
IMG 1942
IMG 1950
IMG 1959
IMG 1968
IMG 1971
IMG 1972
IMG 4127
IMG 1977
IMG 4152
IMG 4150
IMG 1982
IMG 1983
IMG 1986
IMG 4159
IMG 4167
IMG 4171
IMG 4179
IMG 1996
IMG 4184
IMG 4187
IMG 4192
IMG 4210
IMG 2006
IMG 2008
IMG 2021
IMG 2043
IMG 2050
IMG 2056
IMG 2062

After the pumpkin patch, we decied to head to dinner near the beach.  Our seafood loving girl chose to get the kids salmon!

IMG 4220

Then we played on th beach for a bit.  The kids always want to get in the water no matter how cold or under prepared we are.

IMG 4226
IMG 4237

We had such a fun family tome together!

We also had some more of Cason’s soccer games!  He really started to get good after starting the season not knowing anything about soccer!

IMG 2096
IMG 2141

The boys got their school pictures back!

Corbin School Pic 2015 (1)
Cason School Pic 2015 (1)

We had a movie night watching It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

IMG 4405

The boys also had their schools annual Walkathon.  It was Cason’s first offical time participating and he did awesome.  He walked/ran 27 laps and each lap is about 3/4 of a mile.  He is in Kindergarten.  Amazing!! Corbin did better than he had ever done before and walked/ran 26 laps.  I was super impressed with them both!

IMG 4319
IMG 4322

Kinsley started loving tomoatoes and now I buy them for her.  She’s the only one in the family that eats them!

IMG 4414

And she is still loving dance!

IMG 4433

A random night out with my sweet Cason!

IMG 4462

We also went and saw Veggie Tales Live.  Corbin used to LOVE this show and I had always wanted to take him but it never came to our area.  I think since we are used to Disney shows and none of our kids are super into the show anymore then it wasn’t as fun as could have been but I still enjoyed it.  The theater also sold some of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve had, hot out of the oven!

IMG 4564

Some friends of ours had a Back to the Future party to commemerate the future date from the movie!  It was a costume party and it was awesome!

IMG 5277

The kids getting ready for our ward Halloween party!

IMG 4602
IMG 4592

I volunteered in the Fruit Loop necklace room!

IMG 4616
IMG 4613
IMG 4611

The princess dancing room!

IMG 5283

Punmpkin Walk!

IMG 5282

Kinsley getting a tattoo!

IMG 4622

The “hay” ride!

IMG 4628
IMG 4630

Coloring room!

IMG 4643
IMG 4644
IMG 4640

Then finally, trick or treating with a million kids!

IMG 4654

One Sunday, Cason wanted to dress up as Clark Kent and I thought it would be fun to do a side by side comparison in his Superman costume!


We went for a Sunday walk at a local hiking spot.

IMG 5293
IMG 4674

I took Kinsley to Happy Hollow one morning, just the two of us, while the boys were at school.

IMG 4684
IMG 4688
IMG 4691
IMG 4704
IMG 4716
IMG 4709

She was just enraptured with the puppet show!

IMG 4720
IMG 4731
IMG 4722

And, of course, fast asleep!

IMG 4734

For FHE we carved our pumpkins!

IMG 4742
IMG 4744
IMG 4747
IMG 4750
IMG 4753
IMG 4757
IMG 4762
IMG 4771
IMG 4778

Hot chocolate and banana bread at Starbucks.  A fall and winter favorite!

IMG 4838

Kinsley got her nails done to match her Cinderella costume!

IMG 2154

Kinsley had her school Halloween party and parade.  It was crazy for just Connor and me to go and not have any other kids to worry about.

Lots of princesses!

IMG 4869
IMG 2160

Parade time!

IMG 2167
IMG 2177
IMG 2191
IMG 2204

After school Kinsley really wwanted spaghetti so we wnet to Pasta Pomodoro.

IMG 4883

The next day the boys had their Halloween parade.

IMG 2236
IMG 2234
IMG 4900
IMG 4901
IMG 4907
IMG 4924

Cute elementary schoolers!!!

On actual Halloween, Cason had a soccer game in the morning.

IMG 4951

Then we all got ready for trick or treating.  

IMG 5058
IMG 4990
IMG 5304

We stopped and got some mini donuts for the drive to our first trick-or-treating spot!

IMG 5060

My Aunt Tina asked is if we wanted to trick-or-treat at Willie MAys’ house and we jumped at the chance!

IMG 5071
IMG 5075

Is that asweome or what? A big bucket of full size candy bars and a big bucket of baseballs.  They got one of each.  So cool.  Then we we trick or treated a little more around the neighborhood but didn’t stay too long since it was a long walk betweeen each house.  

When we got back to our neighborhood, Corbin was feeling sick and so Conno and Jona r took him back home to pass out candy.  The rest of us kept at it.  Kinsley totally cracked me up because she was on a mission to get tons of candy.  No stopping or lagging on her part.  She would book it to the next house and we would have to tell her to slow done.  My sweet candy loving girl.

IMG 5084

Checking out their loot!

IMG 5088
IMG 5089

And of course, fast asleep!

IMG 5090
IMG 5091
IMG 5092

We had a very busy and fun month!  Such good memories!!

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