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We started the day out by going to Corbin's school for his parade.

Here he is right when we dropped him off.  Someone else in his class had the exact costume and there were a total of 3 Spidermen.  

IMG 2923

Here is his class in the parade.

IMG 1779

Then just before they started sining.

IMG 1802

Here's one of his whole class.

IMG 1808

And two of the cutest spectators.

IMG 1770

Here's the video of some of the parade and one of the songs.  They sang a couple songs and then danced to Monster Mash.  I just put on Monster Mash because the video is already too long, but Corbin was just SO cute dancing.  He knew all the moves and I just thought it was awesome.  

After that cuteness, Cason and Kinsley and I ran to the fabric store so we could finish one of the costumes.  We got back just in time to celebrate with more black and orange by watching the Giants parade.

IMG 2934
IMG 2938
IMG 2956
IMG 2954

Connor got Kinsley to laugh.  It's not her first laugh but it is the first video.

Then we watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".

IMG 2964

Then after dinner we got in our costumes and went trick or treating.  For trick or treating we had Jake, Cubby and Snow White.

IMG 1931
IMG 1965
IMG 1948
IMG 1991
IMG 2005

Here's the awesome costume Holly made.  She's a cheesburger.

IMG 1928

We had such an awesome Halloween.  Now someone needs to come eat all this candy!

IMG 2029

Halloween Parties

The first Halloween Party we went to on Friday and it was at an elementary school in our city.  A friend of mine invited us but we must have missed them because we didn't see them there.  Too bad.  Here is one of two pictures we took.

IMG 2817

Here is the second picture we took.  Pretty fitting since they won the World Series two days later.

IMG 2509

The second Halloween Party we went to was our Ward party on Saturday.  Here are the pictures we took just before the party.

IMG 1546
IMG 1557
IMG 1577

Then during the party.

IMG 1595
IMG 1612
IMG 1605
IMG 1607
IMG 1610
IMG 1616
IMG 1639
IMG 1647
IMG 1653
IMG 1656
IMG 1644

Finally, the last party we went to was during our wards Halloween park day.  The only picture I got was of all these boys playing with all these trains.  Heaven for little boys.

IMG 2921

We've had a great time celebrating!

Pumpkin Carving


IMG 1666

Tonight was our usual carving our pumpkins for FHE.  Since we now have 3 kids who each get a pumpkin (plus the one Corbin gets at school) we decided to let the kids paint their own.  

So I took out the paints and the paintbrushes and just told the boys to go for it.  All the sudden I look over and see all the color paintbrushes in the correct color paint bottle.  Cason did this all by himself.  I didn't explain one single thing to the boys.  I expected one paintbrush to be used for all the colors but was very surprised and impressed.  Sometimes that Cason is too smart for his own good.

IMG 1744

Here are some of our pictures from tonight.

IMG 1667
IMG 1668
IMG 1689
IMG 1679
IMG 1741
IMG 1745
IMG 1718
IMG 1747
IMG 1758
IMG 1756

The Giants won the World Series!!


So many emotions as I watched the Giants sweep to win the 2012 World Series.  This has been a rough almost 4 months adjusting to life without my dad.  I know my whole family has been thinking of him as we have watched all the games leading up to this victory.  I had felt pretty good and together until just before the first World Series game started.  Then I just bawled.  I missed my dad.  I was sad that he wasn't going to be there to share this exciting Giants time with us.  I had talked to Connor about it and wondered where he is now, would my dad really even care if the Giants are winning?  But we both decided that it's not just about baseball, it's about the memories and times spent together!  

So Congratulations to the Giants!  And, of course, all their fans.  Their biggest one was watching from the best seat in the house!


Pumpkin Patch Trip

IMG 1303

Connor and I realized that this was the 5th year in a row that we have taken our kid(s) to the pumpkin patch.  I tried really hard to get a lot of pictures because I love kids with pumpkins pictures but having 3 very young kids in a crowded place, even with 2 adults, it's just really hard.  To add on top of that, I was recovering from what I think was the flu so I didn't have my full energy level.  

IMG 1309
IMG 1304
IMG 1361

Even though this pumpkin patch is just a couple miles from the beach so it's usually cool and foggy, the day we chose to go was warm.  VERY warm.  LIke 90 degrees warm.  My senses were all confused.  We were doing a fall activity but my body was hot like summer.  It was very strange.  (Adding the pumpkin icecream we ate that day just further confused my senses).

Despite all that, we had a fun time!  

When we first got there, my mission was to take pictures because I thought it would be easier than waiting until we were all tired before we went home.  Turns out when there are too many fun things to do, kids don't want to sit still for pictures.  I think Corbin asked me if he could ride the train a million and a half times when we first got there.  So we finally did and I was glad becuse we were in the front of the line and didn't have to wait super long for it.  Cason for some reason was a litle scared and he didn't want to let go of my hand.  

IMG 1325
IMG 1328

After the train, I took Kinsley to the car to feed her and Connor took the boys to play in the bounce house.  Just as I came through the gate to find them, they were getting their shoes back on after playing.  Perfect timing.  

IMG 1345
IMG 1348

We then took the hay ride which was extrememly bumpy but Kinsley was a champ and didn't cry or fuss at all.  After the hayride, I knew Kinsley would be tired so we put her in the stroller and she was out instantly.  We took that oportunity to eat some lunch.  

IMG 1451

After lunch the boys said they wanted to go on the pony ride.  So we waitied and waited in this really long line and when we got up to the front they both chickened out.  This exact same thing happened last year but we thought that since they were a year older it would be better.  I don't think we will try that again next year.  

We let the boys pick out pumpkins.  You know the whole, you can get as big of a one as you can carry?  Well, my boys didn't want a big one.  They wanted small ones.  So my dreams of having these perfectly sized pumpkins in relation to their age were a no go.  We got the smallest one for Kinsley and the boys each picked one barely bigger than hers.  

We decided to skip the goats this year and just go home.  We were all pretty tired.  But here are some more pictures!

IMG 1358
IMG 1388
IMG 1393
IMG 1410
IMG 1425
IMG 1435
IMG 1456
IMG 1455

Kinsley at 4 Months

IMG 2699

Our miss Kinsley girl is 4 months old.  

- 13 lbs 3 oz (35th percentille), 24 1/2 in (50th percentille), 16 in head circumference (How do I have a baby longer than wider?  That has never happened!)

IMG 1243

-She smiles like crazy but we haven't really gotten her to belly laugh.  She will make noises sometimes like she is close to laughing but won't fully do it.

IMG 1252

-She coos and talks when she wants to.  Sometimes she will make all sorts of noises but a lot of time she is content to just be silent.  Sometimes she will wake up and I won't even know it because she just lays there quietly.  

-She is sort of trying to grab things.  She will hold on to toys and bring them to her mouth but this isn't super coordinated yet.  She doesn't seem THAT interested in toys.  But if I put a book in front of her, THAT is when she tries to grab.  

IMG 1202

-Speaking of books, she really likes to be read to.  I've been doing it since about 2 months but in the last little while she seems like she is sort of paying attention.  Well at least she looks at the books pages as I read, and settles down if she is fussy before I start reading.  
-She also really really likes TV.  She will crane her neck to get a good view of it if it is on.  She will watch anything.  
-She seems to have a favorite brother: Corbin.  It's probably because he is more gentle with her and less scary.  He is still in her face a lot, but he is just more sweet.  Cason really tries but he is 2 so it is what it is.  A story about Corbin and Kinsley:  A few weeks ago, I was in the shower and Kinsley was hanging out in our room.  The boys were downstairs playing.  Kinsley started crying before I was ready to get out of the shower.  I could tell it wasn't a need anything cry just that she wanted attention cry.  So, reluctantly, I started to get out of the shower when Corbin came running into our room and goes to Kinsley.  He asks her what was wrong and stayed with her and played with her.  Well, I decided since he was there that I would finish my shower.  Corbin stayed with her for the rest of my shower and she was happy.  I thought it was so sweet that he came up to take care of her all on his own without having to be asked.  That is one of the things I LOVE about having other kids old enough to help in this way.  Corbin was too young to help like that when Cason was born.  It really is such a joy to see my kids thinking of each other, being kind to each other, and helping each other.  I imagine that is the way Heavenly Father feels and why that is one of the commandments.   

IMG 1272

-She does cry occasionally.  Usually if she is overtired or she hasn't been given enough attention so it's usually easy to get her to stop.  (Unless I am driving.)
-She loves to do crunches.

IMG 1284

Her schedule:

6:15: Wakes up with BIG smiles.
7:00:  Eats
7:30:  Get ready for day and play time.
8:30:  Nap (either in her crib, swing, or carseat depending on what we have to do that day).
9:15:  Wakes up and has play time or gets dragged whereever we need to go.
10:00: Eats then has more play time or runs errands with me or whaever.
11:00:  Nap (in her swing or carseat depending on the day)
11:30:  Wakes up and hangs out while the rest of us eat lunch
1:00:  Eats and usually goes down for a nap right away in her swing.  (This is her long nap of the day.)
4:00:  Wakes up and then eats.  I usually have to do the waking up but sometimes she will wake up on her own.  
7:00:  Gets ready for bed with bath and then eats.
7:30:  Goes to sleep for the night.
Middle of the night:  She was doing so good at never waking up at night.  But now it is an every night occurance.  Usually multiple times.  I don't need to feed her, she just needs her binky.  So at least Connor and I can take turns getting up with her.  (Usually Connor gets up with her because he has an easier time falling back asleep.  I can be up for hours or the rest of the night if I have to get out of bed.)

Connor and I both continue to call her our perfect angel.  We love her so incredibly much!

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