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September 2016

Our September started out with the kids all getting some good chore time in!

IMG 4527

We had Chik-Fil-A before the first BYU game of the season!

IMG 6576

I decide to make salad a little differently since we all like different veggies in our salad.  Everyone can creat their own!

IMG 4606

We went to Great America to get some more use out of our passes.

IMG 4625
IMG 4627
IMG 4642

Connor found this Ferrari next to our van!  Pretty funny!

IMG 6596

I got to have a girls weekend in Napa to celebrate Aisling’s Bachelorette!

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IMG 4714
IMG 4719
IMG 4725
IMG 4735

I love seeing one of my kids reading to another!

IMG 4778

Yum!  Benihana!!

IMG 6630

Camping for Labor Day Weekend

We actually only went one night of the weekend, but we had a good time despite a rough night.  

Connor left work a little early so we could beat traffic and have a little more time there before it got dark!  The kids went exploring immediately!

IMG 4364
IMG 4367

Cason got these kid binnoucluars in Missouri over the summer and he remembered to bring them.  But he was kind of mad at me for putting them with the toys so he almost forgot them.  He said, “Mom, these are not a toy these are for nature!”  

IMG 4373

We went on a small hike and found a view of the ocean!

IMG 4380
IMG 4384

Hanging out!  They were just chatting and relazing with us!

IMG 4387

Corbin learning fire starting skills!

IMG 4389

Dinner by the campfire!

IMG 4398
IMG 4402

That night our kid went to bed pretty early but when Connor and I finally went to bed, it was so warm and I think all of us were too hot.  Then there were some teens being loud  until 11:30.  And around 2:30am a car arrived and starting blowing up their air mattress with that lovely machine making noise.  So none of us really slept all that well. But in the morning, we woke up and ate breakfast. I didn’t get any pictures of it, but Connor said it was gourmet even thought it was super easy!

After breakfast we went on a hike!

IMG 4407
IMG 4411

We found a Ropes Course that the kids tried a little of!

IMG 4416
IMG 4436
IMG 4454
IMG 4466
IMG 4472
IMG 4479

Snack break!

IMG 4425

The hike was pretty hard, downhill to the waterfall and then uphill coming back.  It was about a 6 mile hike with an elevation of about 1500 ft (I think?) and the boys did it all themselves with very little complaining.  

We got back and since we were already packed up we headed home.  We did make a stop at a burger place on our way!

IMG 4490
IMG 4493

It was a fun way to celebrate our Labor Day weekend!

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