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September 2015

Here is the month of September for our family.

For Labor Day Weekend, we went on a hike as a family.  Our kids seems to really love this and we do too.  I always had visions of being an active family and though we aren’t the best at doing it, we still enjoy it when it happens.

IMG 3678
IMG 3687

We had some fun with Dubsmash one day.

On occasional Fridays we have a movie night.  We had an old TV we were getting rid of so we moved it outside to have a backyard movie night.  We had a good time and want to do it again sometime.

IMG 3714

Corbin started really getting in to giving people bunny ears especially while taking pictures.  I guess it comes with this age.

IMG 3694
IMG 3716

Cason has still been enjoying soccer and started to get the hang of it a little more.

IMG 1863
IMG 5205

Connor has been walking with the kids to church most Sundays and Kinsley has a particular spot she likes to take pictures.

IMG 5169

One Saturday after Cason’s soccer game we decided to head up to SF for a Giants game.  

IMG 5210

We happened to choose the hottest day ever, but luckily our seats were in the shade otherwise I don’t think we would have made it.  When we first got there we did some of the kid friendly stuff, like the slides, and kid field.  Unfortunately, Corbin is now too tall to go in the kid field but the other two were able to.  Both Cason and Kinsley were some of the better kids hitting.  Not suprising since they are being raised in a baseball family!!

IMG 5216
IMG 5218

They had Buster Posey made out of Legos so of course our kids loved it.

IMG 5212
IMG 5215
IMG 5213

Cason lost his first tooth on the drive up to the game.  

IMG 3814

The kids were so good for the game.  We did let them have our phones after the 7th inning stretch but I was super happy with them and excited that we are now in the stage to be able to do more stuff like this.  

IMG 3828
IMG 3834
IMG 3850

At the boya elementary school, they have something called “Cool Cougar”.  Each teacher picks a student who has been responsible and helpful that month.  September is the first month of the year that a “Cool Cougar” is chosen and both Corbin and Cason were recognized! Parents of these students are invited and it made it so much easier for us to have only one assembly to ateend.  And of course, we are super proud of their choices that helped them get the award!

IMG 3888
IMG 5234

One Friday, we were invited to a wedding of a family friend.  This is actually Holly’s best friend since they were born. Holly was the maid of honor and the kids were invited as well!  It was in San Francisco and it wsa fun for all of us especially since we got to stay in the city!

IMG 3908
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The next day we had our family pictures taken in Half Moon Bay.  Meghan did a great job as usual!


We were getting this amazing sunsets every night and I got one from the front of our house that was particularly beautiful.  Pictures never do it justice, but it is a great way to end the September update.

IMG 3980

First Day of School

Wow! It’s another school year for the kids and there was a first day for all of them.  

Corbin: 2nd Grade. Corbin has a new to the school teacher this year, Ms. Hoefer.  Apprently she has been teaching for 30 years and has taught all over the world.  It will be fun to get to know her.

IMG 3508

Cason: Kindergarten.  Cason has the beloved Mr. Hugo that Corbin had for Kindergarten.  Cason already loves him!

IMG 1775

Kinsley: Preschool. I can hardly believe this is our 6th shcool year in a row at the same preschool the boys have gone to.

IMG 3598

Besides the regular preschool that the boys went to, Kinsley is also doing a co-op preschool with some friends 1 day a week.  Heres the first day of that one with her friends.

IMG 3666

I can hardly believe that I have a few hours a week to myself.  I was hoping to feel like I have lots of time to relax but Ive been able to fill my time with lots of to do things!

After the first week of school, the PTA put on a Back to School picnic which was fun to meet new people and be connected as a school community.  

IMG 3632

I am excited to see my kids grow over this next year (as well as cry that time is going too fast).  Happy Back to School!!

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