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The space shuttle Endeavor flew over our house today as it headed to LA where it will be permanently displayed at a museum.  

I heard about the time it would be coming so Cason, Kinsley and I stayed outside waiting for it.  (Corbin was at school and got to see it there.)  

Here we are waiting.  Cason has his camera ready too.

IMG 1059
IMG 1060
IMG 1071

Kinsley got restless waiting outside, so I had to bring her back in.  She liked looking at the ceiling fan more than the space shuttle.

IMG 1075

I had heard on the news that it wasn't very loud so that was what I was expecting, but I could hear it coming a mile away and I just started snapping away.  By the time it was gone (after only 10 seconds or so) I looked around for Cason and I saw that he had booked it back inside because it was so loud.  

IMG 1078
IMG 1080
IMG 1082
IMG 1084
IMG 1092

It was super exciting and people were rushing out of the houses all around to see it.  Such a fun experience even though no one I was with was as excited to see it as I it was.

Kinsley + Family Pictures

DukeFamily Portraits-2261-2096245012-O

Wow!  That's all I can say.  Our friend, Meghan MacAskill, took our family pictures plus ones of Kinsley a couple weeks ago.  Meghan has been our photographer since Corbin was born 4 1/2 years ago and we honestly couldn't imagine any one else taking our pictures.  She is amazing and we always love EVERYTHING.  Again, we have stunning pictures of our family that I couldn't wait to share.  Here are some of our favorites (okay, not our favorites because they ALL our favorites, but here are just some of them).

DukeFamily Portraits-1837-2096189089-O
DukeFamily Portraits-2075-2096225637-O
DukeFamily Portraits-2080-2096223538-O
DukeFamily Portraits-2130-2096229356-O
DukeFamily Portraits-2179-2096239005-O
DukeFamily Portraits-2222-2096241177-O
DukeFamily Portraits-1768-2096184184-O
DukeFamily Portraits-1947-2096207340-O
DukeFamily Portraits-1996-2096213274-O
DukeFamily Portraits-1904-2096200393-O

I'll leave the family pictures as a surprise for the Christmas card.  

Kinsley is 3 Months!

IMG 2276

I seriously don't understand how time can feel to be going so fast with some things and so slow wiith others.  It makes no sense and I wonder if I will ever have a good understanding of time someday.  In any case, Kinsley is 3 months.  And while it feels she has been in our family forever and I honestly have a hard time remembering what life was like before her, these last 3 months have just flown by.  

Here are a few things about her:

-I just moved her into 3-6 month clothes this week.  She probably could and should have moved earlier but I haven't wanted to accept the fact that she is now officialy out of 0-3 month clothes.  This has been the hardest stage of clothes to go up for each of my kids.  
-She will also move into size 3 diapers this week as well.  We just have a handful of size 2 diapers left and I want to finish off those last ones before we move her up a size.  (Both Corbin and Cason got to size 5 diapers within a year old and then stayed there until they were potty trained and it seems Kinsley is following that same track.)
-She is my best burper.  That may be a funny thing about her but it is true.  She takes hardly any time to burp and it has been that way her whole life so far.
-When she is laying in the boppy or in her swing, she tries to sit up so it looks like she is going crunches.

IMG 2249

-The other thing she always has had since she was first born is a stuffy nose.  The doctor gave me a name for it but I can't remember it.  Basically, she is always stuffed up, especially in the night.  It makes it hard for her to sleep so that is why sometimes she has been waking up in the middle of the night.  I think it's getting a little better and the doctor said it usually goes away by 4 months so we'll see how that progresses.
-She is talking and cooing a ton now.  I love it.

IMG 2015

-She also is smiling a lot and we can get her to smile any time we want, excpet for when we had her pictures taken.  Then, of course, we couldn't get her to smile at all.
-She still is the best baby there ever was but she is starting to realize that it can be a little more fun if she has attention, so sometimes she will be loud (not crying) because she wants attention.  If there is something wrong, like neededing her diaper changed she does this tiny little cry as if to say "I don't mean to bother you but I may need your help with something."  She rarely cries and I don't think she's ever cried for more than 3 minutes before.  
-She has captured the hearts of her two brothers.  It's been so sweet to see how much they just ADORE her.  I knew they would love her, I just didn't realize how much they would think about her and want to see her and hold her and hug and kiss her.  

IMG 0934

IMG 0952

-She is starting to use her hands a little more (and she sucks on them like crazy).  She uses her feet to kick all the toys hanging off her play mat.

IMG 2025

-She still doesn't have a day schedule since it pretty much changes with how well she sleeps at night.  But right now we are putting her to bed around 9 and she will sleep until 7ish.  Sometimes she will wake up a few times in the night and need her binky, sometimes she will sleep through the whole night.  It's different night to night so we are just kind of going with the flow for now.  She will usually eat in the mornings between 6:30 and 7:30 and then I try and feed her every 3 hours with some sort of nap in between each feeding.  Then after her 7pmish feeding, we keep her up until bedtime.  This seems to help her sleep better at night and it's pretty much what we did with the boys too.  During the day she only sleeps in her carseat or her swing.  I've put her down in her crib sometimes for a nap but she doesn't sleep quite as long and usually I have to just wake her up anyway to put her in her carseat to go somewhere.  She definitely won't be able to be on the same schedule as they boys had.

IMG 2093

We love what what she adds to our family by being here.  She is so sweet and amazing and none of us can get enough of her.

IMG 2001

IMG 2020

First Dentist Trip

IMG 2172

The boys had their first dentist trip this morning.  Our pediatrician originally told me they needed to go when they turn 3.  Corbin is 4 1/2 but I knew that a dentist trip before this would be miserable for both of us, so I don't feel bad that he was overdue.  Cason was just a little early but I knew he would do fine.  When we got to the dentist they told me I'm supposed to bring them no later than 1 year old, but it is what it is.

The dentist I was referred to by a friend was not in our dental network , so I decided to try the new children's dental center down the street from us.  Our appointment was at 8am which I thought was perfect because it would mean fewer people (actually there was no one else there) and the boys would probably be happier.

The waiting room was like a movie theater.  They had movie theater seats and a big screen with The Lion King playing.  The boys LOVEd that.  They took us back and while I was filling out paperwork, a technician took Corbin to do x-rays.  I was surprised that Corbin willingly went with him and sat and did what he told him to do.  They couldn't get all the x-rays because he started gagging but it was a good start.  Cason wanted me more during his x-rays but he sat there all cute waiting for them to be done.

Both Corbin and Cason got a cleaning as well as a flossing and teeth poked and counted.  I was surprised that there was no whining or crying from either of them.  The best part was NO CAVITIES!  (Actually, I would have been surprised if there were).  

IMG 2170

We survived the first trip to the dentist and I'm glad that it wasn't too traumatic for them (and me).

Labor Day

We had a good Labor Day that was packed with fun stuff!

We started the morning off with 3 kids in our bed watching Dinosaur Train.  Connor and I are thinking our full size bed just might not be big enough anymore.  

IMG 2117

While I fed Kinsley and got us ready, the boys went out back to play.

IMG 0900
IMG 0910
IMG 0915

Then we went on a little hike not to far from our house.  You can't really tell in the pictures but it was REALLY steep.  

IMG 2125
IMG 2123

We got up to the top with a great view overlooking the valley.  Only Connor would pose with a view in the back.  

IMG 2134

The view the other direction.

IMG 2135

The boys just wanted to play in the dirt.

IMG 2133

Actually Corbin didn't want to stop at all.  As soon as we reached the top, he told me he didn't want to stop and that he wanted to keep going.  We thought we would just go to the top and then head back since we just have little kids but that was not making Corbin happy, so we kept on going.

IMG 2136

Well, even though we were going and going we thought it might be time to head back so I could feed Kinsley.  Corbin by then had gotten way ahead of us.  You can see a dot that is Connor and then way ahead of him is Corbin.  

IMG 2139

For some reason, he would NOT come back to us.  He could have hiked all day if we had let him.  

We then had lunch at one of the boys' favorite places, Pizza My Heart.  They thought it was pretty fun that we let them sit at the bar with the swivel chairs so they could watch the guy make the pizzas.

IMG 2142

Kinsley was just her normal amazing self.

IMG 2144

After naps, we decided to go swimming at my moms.  Kinsley was cute in her swim suit!

IMG 2147
IMG 2154
IMG 2150

I even tried sticking in Kinsley's feet but she liked it much better out of the water.

IMG 2160

We ended the evening at a friends BBQ.  It was a great, and fun filled day.  This was one of those days where you just feel that life is good.  It came at a perfect time.

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