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August 2017

Our August started out great since we were relaxing at Lake Powell.  

The day afer we got home we got to visit with my cousin who was in town visiting.  

IMG 3141
IMG 5181

We went on a family hike and it was nice to see the reservoir filled!

IMG 8049
IMG 5205
IMG 5220
IMG 5225 2
IMG 5230
IMG 8781

Then some swimming!

IMG 5256
IMG 5255

The kids were fighting so much so I made them come help me with dinner!  It worked!

IMG 7433
IMG 3743

We went to Monterey to the aquarium!

IMG 5313
IMG 5323
IMG 5342
IMG 5359
IMG 5371

We got a bowling summer pass and so we went quite a bit.  Super fun!

IMG 5376

Great America!

IMG 5422
IMG 5428
IMG 5434
IMG 5447
IMG 5459
IMG 5473
IMG 5575
IMG 5595
IMG 5612

Our Sunday walk to church.

IMG 8066

Our annual last day of summer lunch with dad!

IMG 5652
IMG 5653

And the first day of school.  All my kids are in school!  I can hardly believe it.

IMG 5697
IMG 5722
IMG 5735
IMG 5748
IMG 5783
IMG 5787

For FHE we picked up some cigarette butts at a bus stop down the street from us.

IMG 5875
IMG 5880

Then ice cream!

IMG 5889

We are ready for this school year to start but not ready for it to fly by like it usually does!

Lake Powell

Connor grew up going to Lake Powell and he loved it.  We knew that we wanted to take our kids someday but they were too young.  This summer we were given the opportunity to go with his family and even though there were still some concerns with their age, we decided to try it.  The kids were so excited and after our motorhome trip the summer before, Corbin thought we should call ths the boaterhome!

We drove part way the first night and stayed in a hotel.  Kinsley really wanted to bring her own suitcase.

IMG 8044

Corbin and his reading while walking.  I had gotten them new books and he couln’t put it down.

IMG 4779

Stopping for gas and treats!

IMG 4580
IMG 3703

Since we were going to make it to Lake Powell before Connor’s family, we decided to make a couple pit stops.  One in Bearizona to see Connor’s grandma.

IMG 9816
IMG 2297
IMG 4478
IMG 4614
IMG 0491
IMG 4654
IMG 2281
IMG 4675
IMG 4093
IMG 4737
IMG 4742
IMG 4745
IMG 1878
IMG 4781
IMG 7161
IMG 8217
IMG 4781
IMG 2498
IMG 4536

The next day on our way to Lake Powell we drove to te Grand Canyon.  Connor and I have never been to the south rim and were were just blown away how beautiful it was.  The kids were less impressed but did scare me to death trying to go near the edges.

IMG 1814
IMG 1099
IMG 4797
IMG 8046
IMG 1964
IMG 4816

We then drove to the Glen Canyon Dam.

IMG 7733
IMG 4842

Then we finally got to get on the houseboat.

IMG 4844
IMG 4847
IMG 4427
IMG 4543

We spent the night on the boat still in the slip and headed out to find our spot in the morning.

IMG 4786

With Kinsley still not being the best swimmer and Cason with his seizures, I was super nervous unless they had their life jackets on.  But everything went fine!

IMG 4551
IMG 4881

The kids really wanted to bring this captains hat and soon after this picture it flew off and was lost in the water.

IMG 1537
IMG 4901
IMG 4917
IMG 4929
IMG 4944

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I was trying to think of how I can caption all these photos but basically every day on the lake was pretyy much the same.  Playing in the water, eat whatever we want, play, eat, play, eat, play some games, eat and sleep!

IMG 4971
IMG 4560
IMG 4983
IMG 4991
IMG 3756
IMG 4576
IMG 5036
IMG 6659
IMG 5083
IMG 6772
20170801 191702
IMG 5149
IMG 6778
IMG 6780

We had a great time and then we had to make the drive back.  About an hour or so after we left, we got a flat tire, in the 100 degree heat.  Connor changed the tire and then we drove into Kanab to get a new tire.  Luckily some family met up with us for lunch.

IMG 6783

The drive home is always harder.

IMG 0084

We stopped in Las Vegas for some Cafe Rio.  It was 120 degrees outsde.  Crazy!!  The last couple times at Cafe Rio havent been my favorite and I got something different and fell in love with it all over again!  We need one by us!!!

IMG 5160

We had such a great vacation and can’t wait to do it again!

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