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August 2016

One of the last Great America trips before school starts!

IMG 3866

The kids finished swim lessons and everyone was impressed with Kinsley having no fear off the diving board!

Kinsley had been talking about having a girls night and was asking and asking and we finally planned one!  She LOVED it!!!

IMG 3908
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IMG 3916

We watched our friends kids for the weekend and I thought this was so funny when they all lined up for sunscreen on our way to the pool!

IMG 3929

The Olympics started and we have some fans in our house!!

IMG 3933

So I really needed to go through the toys and organize.  And I finally did it.  I even have an emptry shelf which was pretty hard with our toy loving kids!  My OCD side even labeled the boxes and shelves to hopefully help the kids put stuff away in the right place!  Notice 1.5 shelves just for Legos.  Craziness!

IMG 3943

I came in Kinsley’s room one morning and Cason was doing her hair!  So cute!

IMG 3946

The kids had been begging to do some backyard camping.  We finally did it.  They were disappointed that they just got to sleep in a tent.  We didn’t even roast marshmallows!  We’ll keep that in mind for next time, kids!! 

IMG 3983

Connor took a day off work to spend a last summer day with us.  The kids wanted to go to the zoo!

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Holly got tickets to a San Jose Giants game and we went one afternoon.  It was blazing hot.  There is not much shade coverage so we were baking, but we made it through most of the game!!

IMG 4042
IMG 4044
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IMG 4062

Kinsley fell asleep in the car and it was funny because she was biting her lip!

IMG 4068

Another bucket list activity was to go to Chuck E Cheese, so we went there for lunch one afternoon!

IMG 4099
IMG 4104

My mom had passes to the Monterey Aquarium so we headed there one day!

IMG 4148
IMG 4120
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IMG 4133
IMG 4149
IMG 4143

These kids still love dressing up ALL the time.  Star Wars this day!

IMG 4174

Our annual last day of summer lunch with dad at Islands!

IMG 4181

And just like that, summer is over!  Goodbye summer bucket list!

IMG 4241

School starts!!

IMG 4188
IMG 4211

Our friends came out from Utah and we met up with them at Giants game!  So fun!!

IMG 4306
IMG 4267
IMG 4268

Kinsley also started her last year of preschool.  I can’t even think about it too much or too long or else I may be a mess.  This will be the 7th straight year I will be taking one of my kids here.  Can’t believe it’s the last year!

IMG 4281

Now that we are back to the school routine, this is the view I see a lot on our walk home from school!

IMG 4301

Since Corbin has homework every day, Kinsley has been wokring on her “homework”.  It’s basically a workbook and flash cards.  It’s so funny that she walks in the house after picking up the boys and grabs her homework from her homework box and goes to the table to start.  I hope these habits continue!

IMG 4314

Our school has a back to school picnic the second week of school and it’s such a fun event!  I got the one picture of Kinsley getting her cotton candy, but other than this one time, I basically didn’t see my kids for the whole event.  They all took off with their friends!  Even Kinsley has some friends from preschool who have an older sibling at the elementary school!

IMG 4318

My mom took the kids overnight and Connor and I went to a baseball game with my siblings!  We even got to go early and catch batting practice which was fun.  It had been a really long time since I’ve made it to a game for batting practice.  We made it for the pitchers batting practice.  My favorite part was when Javier Lopez (he’s the one on the very right of the below picture) was talking to us fans tellin us we needed to stand back when Madison Bumgarner came up to hit,  And he was right, those balls were hit FAR!  Chris and Jona both got balls!  Pretty awesome!

IMG 4323

Jona took the picture of us since he was in his Baraves jersey!  They lost but at least 1 out of the 6 of us was happy!

IMG 4324

Kinsley and I did Connor’s hair.  I think this a rite of passage for a dad with a daughter!

IMG 4340
IMG 4341

Can’t believe August is already over!

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