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This was an eventufl summer and one of the things that our family did was races.  

Spartan Race

In July, Connor and the boys did a Spartan Race at AT&T park.  Our friends, the Maginots, and AIsling were also there to race.

IMG 2794
IMG 2802
IMG 2805

The kids race was first in the morning and Uncle Chris got to run it with them!

IMG 1612
IMG 1614
IMG 1630
IMG 1629
IMG 1653
IMG 1660
IMG 2809

They got awesome medals at the end!

Then it was time for Connor, AIsling and Jon to race.

IMG 2811
IMG 2813
IMG 5048
IMG 5052
IMG 5050
IMG 1686
IMG 1707
IMG 2824
IMG 2834
IMG 2838
IMG 2847

It looked like a fun but tiring race.  Way to go everyone!

Wipe Out Run

I was somehow convinced to do this one with my family.  I was really worried about the run part of it because I’m not a runner and I actually really dislike running.  But it ended up being a lot more fun than I thought.

IMG 3552

We were team “Never Nudes’ from Arrested Development.

IMG 3615
IMG 8946
IMG 3614


After baseball season, some of the boys team mates were asking if they wanted to play soccer this fall.  Well, Corbin decided he did not want to but Cason said he did.  So, we decided we would try a different sport!  Connor signed uo to be a coach and the other coaches are friends who we did baseball with so it has made it more fun.  Cason has only had one game so far, but it’s been fun!

IMG 1807
IMG 1806
IMG 1812

Casons team: the Ninjas!

IMG 1813
IMG 1826
IMG 1833

Cason was really cute and did really well for never hvaing played this sport before.  Another cute part was watching Corbin cheering him on and getting frustrated when his team wasnt scoring.  Corbin said it did make him wish he was playing.  I am looking forward to learning more about this sport and seeing how Case progresses over the season.

Animal Adaptations

One of the things that we decided to do this summer was to make a show.  Corbin wanted to name it Animal Adaptations and each week talk about a different animal and their different adaptations.  With my very basic editing skills, I made an episode.  We were only able to do 4 episodes.  


Episode 1: Sloth

Episode 2: Tiger

Episode 3: Platypus

Episode 4: Red Eyed Tree Frog

The kids had fun with it and I loved seeing them take ownership of a project!

Stay tuned for Season 2 coming Summer 2016!


Our one big trip for the summer was to to visit our family in Utah. It was sad not to see Connor’s parents (who are on a mission) but spending time with siblings and cousins was so fun.  We decided to fly because we found pretty cheap flights.  The day before we left I found this list Corbin made for our trip.  I thought it was pretty cute.

IMG 3149

It says: “Airport List” with a drawing of an airplane.  “Wake up, put clothes on, eat breakfast, go to airport”

Wiating at the airport.

IMG 3152
IMG 3154

It’s usually a small plane to Utah from here and you get on outside but this was the first time that I’ve seen two passenger loading doors, one in the front and one in the back.  Our seats were in the back so that’s where we got on.  

IMG 3159

SInce there are only 2 seats on a side, Connor got to sit without kids.  But it was such an easy flight.  Life really is changing!  Cason’s reading the safety rules.  He’s my little rule follower.

IMG 3163
IMG 3160

Since Carl had to fly out that morning for a business trip, he left a car for us to use.  This was the cute sign left for us in the truck made by Allie.

IMG 3166

The minute we got there kids took off ready to play.  I could barely take any pictures because no one wanted to stop.

IMG 3172
IMG 3171

The next day we went to the Dinosaur Museum and we got to have ALL the cousins there.  So fun!

IMG 5087

My cute sisters-in-law.  Love these girls!

IMG 3217
IMG 3208
IMG 3223

For dinner we spent at Clint and Amy’s and they pulled our their cotton candy machine which no surprise was a BIG hit.

IMG 3227
IMG 3231
IMG 3240
IMG 3234

The boys spent the night over there and I got this picture in the morning!

IMG 3276

Sadie was so cute to Kinsley and such a good cousin to her.

IMG 3254
IMG 5102

Swimming at Cole and Lacey’s! Why was it so cold the day we chose swimming? The kids didn’t care of course.

IMG 3257
IMG 5106
IMG 3281

The next morning, MaryAnn and I went to an exercise class.

IMG 3412

Everyone else went on a hike.

IMG 5110
IMG 3278

We then went to Chik-fil-a and saw a movie, Shaun of the Sheep.

IMG 3260
IMG 5116

After we hung out at Carl and MaryAnns and the kids played and some watched a movie.  They love their Aunt MaryAnn!

IMG 3272

The next morning Connor, Cole, Clint and Amy did a triatholon.  

IMG 5118

The kids played some more!

IMG 3284

Let’s see if I can get this next part right.  Cole saw on Instagram that the BYU box (a box full of BYU gear and the first person to get to it and sing the full BYU fight song wins it) was up at the Bountiful B. Connor drove up there to try and get it.  He was third in line and the first person sang the song incorrectly, but the next people got it right, so he was so close to getting it.  But he did get a couple free shirts.

IMG 5120
IMG 5121
IMG 5122

Then later that evening, we met Cole and Lacey and Connor’s good friend from high school, Cory and July at The Pie for some pizza.  The kids thought it was cool because it’s a resturant in a basement and they have been obsessed with basements since no one in CA has them.  

IMG 3287

Then we hung out for a little bit at the U of U campus.  The marching band was practicing which was pretty cool.

Since we were in Salt Lake we decided to walk around Temple Square for a bit.

IMG 3292
IMG 3299
IMG 3306
IMG 3311

MaryAnn made her cookie bars.  They are the best!

IMG 3312

I had to capture where the kids wer sleeping!  Cason with Davis, Corbin with Andy and Kinsley with Sadie!

IMG 3333

Connor got to ride bikes with his brother and I got to go to another class with MaryAnn.  It’s so nice that Sadie is old enough and responsible enough to stay with kids!

IMG 5127

Then we headed to a outdoor mall for lunch and playing around.

IMG 3336
IMG 3355

Of course, Dukes need to stop at a candy store!

IMG 3378

Then the girls got to shop.  I think this was Kinsley’s first girl shopping trip.  She did amazingly well. I’m guessing she’ll love this even more as she gets older.

IMG 3392
IMG 3398

Later that evening we had dinner outside and the adults played this fun game!

IMG 3401

MaryAnn killed it!

IMG 3407
IMG 3404

Connor and Carl slept outside under the stars with the kids.

IMG 3411

The next day we wanted to take the kids down to BYU to show them where Connor went to school.  The football team had an open practice so we checked that out.

IMG 3413
IMG 3416
IMG 3420
IMG 3422

We had to eat at the Cougareat! We had lunch with Connor’s old professor and mentor.  I didn’t get a picture. Boo.

IMG 3427

Then we met with someone else who made ice cream for the kids. Yum!

IMG 3433
IMG 3434
IMG 3435

Then we checked out the Bean Museum.  

IMG 3442
IMG 3445

Then we had dinner with another one of Connor’s friends from middle school/high school Brian and Kelley.  They are a good family and he is now our insurance agent too!

IMG 3450
IMG 3456
IMG 3457

The next morning we hung out for a little but but then had to say goodbye!

IMG 3481

Very sad day!  We had so much fun and can’t wait to do it all again!!! Thanks to Carl and MaryAnn for letting us crash at their place.  We miss you all of you already!

IMG 3482

Summa Summa Time!

After a crazy spring, with baseball and school ending, I was so looking forward to summer.  Lazy days, mixed with some routine and fun activities!  Our first night after everyone was out of school was spent around the fire pit.  

IMG 1713

Corbin decided that Darth Vader would have an easier time sitting by the fire and not get smoke in his face.

IMG 1711

All the kids were signed up for 6 weeks of swim lessons.  The boys did great and Kinsley had some good moments.  

IMG 2095
IMG 1761
IMG 1880
IMG 2735

One thing we did a lot was go to Great America.  We got passes this year and I wanted to get our money’s worth so we went about once a week.  As a result, Corbin is a fearless roller coaster rider.  He went on pretty much everything he was tall enough for.  I was really surprised and proud of him because he is more of the cautious type and I know that since he conqured these fears at such a young age will really benefit him later on in life.  

IMG 2761
IMG 2531
IMG 2457
IMG 2119
IMG 2434

We also had different beach trips throughout the summer.

IMG 1885
IMG 1893
IMG 1891
IMG 2091
IMG 2021
IMG 2038

We had some camping in the backyard nights.

IMG 2730

Connor taught the kids how to chop wood.

IMG 2712
IMG 2722

There was a trip to the Academy of Sciences.

IMG 3021
IMG 3009

There were some lazy dinners out!

IMG 2126
IMG 2547
IMG 1905

Some trips to the park.

IMG 2199
IMG 2161

Some naps along the way.

IMG 2098
IMG 3042

Snacking on plums from our backyard.

IMG 1884
IMG 1881

And lots and lots of ice cold treats.

IMG 2666
IMG 2962
IMG 2372
IMG 2867

We had a fun, lazy summer that we are looking forward to repeating next year!

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