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Potty Training Cason

IMG 1888

When I first thought of potty traning Cason, it wasn't in my plans until he turned 3, even though since he was about 20 months he has been going pee on the potty every day before his bath.  He would even sometimes tell me he needed to go when we were out and about and would go on the potty then too.  He even went poo on the potty in public restrooms a few times and a couple times at home.  So even though there was more than enough reason to train him, it just wasn't something I wanted to tackle while pregnant or with a small baby.  

Connor finally convinced me to try earlier when we found out he would just be a little too young to go on some of the "camps" on the Dsiney Cruise we are going on in a couple months and that they would most likely let him go on them since he would just barely not be 3, have an older sibling, AND if he was potty trained.  

So we decided Labor Day weekend would be the time we would start.  But then last Thursday, I brought home some new underwear for him and he was super excited to try them out.  So we just decided to do it then.  He has been okay since there have been accidents, BUT then I would say I have just been okay at my consistency in taking him to the bathroom throughout the day.  At first I was pretty good at having him go every 5-10 minutes and then that started to taper off and he started to have more accidents.  He had a #2 accident in his underwear two days in a row and after that second one I decided he needed a diaper.  But then I realized that might not be a good idea.  Since then he has done his business on the potty and has had only a couple pee accidents.  

I know he will probably have more accidents for a couple weeks still but at least I think we have gotten through the hardest part.  

First Day of School

IMG 0781

Corbin had his first day of school today so I took the usual front door picture.

Here is Cason peeking through the window.

IMG 0784

Corbin seemed genuinely exited to be going to school that day.  I was a little worried since his summer school didn't seem to go very well.  Today, he was ready and willing to go and see his teachers and to meet new friends.

I dropped him off and he had no problems as usual.  He gave us kisses and hugs and was ready for his day.

IMG 2041

Cason is the hard one when I take Corbin to school.  He never wants to leave and I usually have to leave with him kicking and screaming.  It's a little harder now that I also have Kinsley too.  Hopefully that will get better as he matures into a nice well behaved 3 year old.  Ha.

When I picked Corbin up he was so excited to run up to me and show me he had made a bracelet and he said, "Mom, it's for you."  Later he told me "Boys don't wear bracelets."  He was just so talkative and telling me everything they did and friends he played with.  He was especially excited that he got to see his three teachers from last year on the playground.  I was so glad to hear how great his first day was and I know he will have a great LAST year in preschool!

My Kinsley Girl

IMG 0714

I know I just did a post on Kinsley but she has been on my mind a lot the last week or so and I wanted to record all these feelings I have about her right now.

IMG 0692

I've felt that all my babies have been pretty good.  Corbin was great, Cason was a little less great.  But Kinsley.  She just takes the cake for good babies.  I can't even begin to describe how much of a blessing she has been to me.  It brings me to tears thinking about it because most of the time I feel as if I don't deserve to be her mother.  

IMG 1690

Her first two weeks home from the hospital she slept probably 23 hours of every day.  And that 1 hour she was awake was in the middle of the night.  While that is not ideal, I think I was still was in my excitement phase that it didn't bother me as much.  Then my dad passed away.  One of my first thoughts were "How am I supposed to take care of a newborn baby when this happened?'  Now I look back and think, "How would I have ever been able to get through that without taking care of a newborn baby?"  Having to nurse every few hours helped me to focus on something joyous.  I think Kinsley was a help to many people at that time when feelings were so raw about the loss of my dad.  

IMG 1625

During those first couple weeks, Kinsley was carted everywhere.  She went with me to my dad's house the night he passed away.  And she slept and slept and slept in her carseat the entire time we were there.  She was carted all around while things needed to get done.  She wasn't sleeping in her bed, or her beloved swing.  She slept whereever she was.  We had a private family viewing of my dad, and Kinsley was the only one of my kids to come to that.  And she slept in her carseat the whole time during that.  And she didn't even make a peep even though she didn't get to eat an hour past her normal feeding time.  

IMG 1526

Being the mom of three kids, means I have been very busy trying to meet needs of all of them.  Kinsley, often times is the one to get the short end of the stick.  Of course, I change her and feed her, but she is so content in her swing that she goes there for a good part of the day.  She is SO good during the day.  She sleeps, she eats, she will smile at me and then go into her swing or her carseat or the carrier whenever any of those is needed.  She doesn't complain and she doesn't cry.   

IMG 1638

And then just this past weekend, we moved her out of the bassinet in our room to the crib in her room.  She slept for 8 1/2 hours.  The next night 9 hours.  While it hasn't always been that consistent, what she does do is more than enough for me to feel rested.  (Of course, the older ones are what tire me out during the day.)  

IMG 1863

I can't say she is the most perfect baby.  There were some major grunting issues during her first couple of months that made it hard to sleep but I knew that would pass and they have.  She does have a fussy time which is the hour or two before bed, but I also know that will pass and it has actually gotten a lot better too.  

IMG 2416

Yesterday, when I was folding laundry she was actually awake (she still sleeps a lot during the day) and so I grabbed her and laid her on my bed in the boppy and sang to her as I folded.  She just smiled and cooed at me the whole time.  That was such a precious moment to me.  

IMG 0113

As I was thinking about writing this about her, I had this overwhelming feeling of love for her so I went and took her out of her swing and just held her.  I could tell she was getting tired since she was slightly agitated but she didn't make a peep.  She didn't cry, she didn't whine.  She just let me hold her.  The only reason I knew she wanted to be back in her swing to sleepwas because of her body movements.  So, even though I selfishly wanted to hold her, I knew she would be more comfortable in her swing.  She feel asleep immediately after I put her there.

IMG 0342

Oh and how she is with her two brothers.  They LOVE her to pieces.  And they pretty much smoother her in hugs and kisses and close up baby talk.  When I see them do it, it looks overwhelming to me, so I can only imagine how it is for her.  But I bet you can guess how she reacts to all that stimulation.  Not a peep.  Aow she is even giving her big brothers some of her precious smiles.  

IMG 2372

I used to think that I would be sent certain kids because I have something that they would need or that I could teach them.  I'm starting to realize that I am sent the kids I have because they have what I need and that they are here to teach me.  I will forever be grateful to Heavenly Father for these three precious spirits I have tied to me and Connor for eternity.  I am grateful they have a father who love them and desires for them to have a testimony of the Gospel and is a good example of how one should live.  (He is not just an example to them, but to me and everyone he meets, as well.)  I love my family!

IMG 2326

Corbin Swims

Okay, so I wouldn't say he can actually swim.  Far from it.  BUT he did complete his first week of swim lessons.  I only put him in one week this summer and I'm glad.  This summer would have been even more crazy if I had tried to do anymore than that.

The first day of swim went okay for Corbin.  It was actually chaos at the pool though.  The teachers are young and it took some time to get organized and Corbin ended up in a class with two girls a couple years older and way more advanced.  Corbin didn't seem to mind and sort of just went with the flow.  

IMG 1938

The next day they got it sorted out but it meant Corbin now had no one else in his class.  It was great that he was getting a private lesson for cheap BUT he hated all the one on one attention.  He might have been happier having to split up his learning time.  He pretty much cried the whole class for the next 3 days.  No amount of bribes could get him to stop.  He would do what his teacher asked, but he wouldn't do it happily or without crying.  

There was one time when she let go of him while he was using the kick board to show him he could do it by himself and he FREAKED.  

The last day of class he did a ton better.  No crying at all and he even went off the diving board (with help of course).  

They also gave him a progress report.  I thought it was pretty cute.

IMG 1964

But at least he is more comfortable in the water and hopefully next year, we will be able to do more weeks of swim lessons and Cason will be able to do it too!

Kinsley at 2 Months

IMG 0694

Oh Kinsley girl, how does the time fly by so fast?  I'm even taking as much time as I possibly can to enjoy these precious newborn moments.  But they are still going by too quickly for me.  That being said, it truly is a joy, as a mother, to see her growing and doing new things.  I don't know why it's so wonderful but I think it just keeps getting better with each kid.  

Here are a few new things about Kinsley:

-10 lbs 11 oz. The doctor told us she went from 5th percentille to 50th percentille.  That was a pretty good jump.
-21 3/4 inches tall (25th percentile)
-38 cm
-She is in size 2 diapers and size 0-3 months clothing.  But I think she won't be in those for too much longer.
-She is a smiler.  This is definitely probably one of the best stages of a child's life.  She doesn't smile all the time, but she smiles often enough.  Also some of her big smiles are of her just openeing her mouth really wide as it seems she is still trying to figure out the whole smile thing.  
-The doctor told me she may start rolling over in the next couple months.  My boys didn't start rolling over until 8 months (I think they were too chunky to roll over) so I'm guessing Kinsley will be the same. But I did put her on her playmat the oher day and she was using her feet to kick the toys hanging down and all the sudden I looked back over at her and she had rotated around the mat. 
-She's not really on a schedule except for at night.  We start getting her ready for bed at 9:30 and have her down around 10 or so.  She then sleeps until 4:30 or 5 (sometimes longer if I'm lucky).  Actually, I know I'm already lucky even with the shortest amount of sleep.  
-She has found her hands and is constantly trying to put them in her mouth.
-She's a really good baby all around and usually is just fine to be carted anywhere we need to go and sleeps almost anywhere. 

We love our sweet little daughter.  It's so fun to have her in our family!

Sadie and my kids

As Carl and Annie were getting ready to leave, I was taking a picture of Sadie holding Kinsley.  I realized that I had a picture of her holding each of my kids when they were a baby.  I thought it would be fun to compare them.

Sadie with Corbin at age 2 months:


Sadie with Cason at age 4 months:

IMG 6956

Sadie with Kinsley at age 2 months:

IMG 0670

Fun with Cousins!

We were so lucky to have Connor's brother and his family come out and spend a week in California!  Here is some of what we did.


IMG 2285

Rode in the wagon:

IMG 2293

Jumped on Papa:

IMG 2300

Celebrated Kinsley's blessing day:

IMG 2423

IMG 2434

IMG 0505

Went to the park for dinner:

IMG 0515

Went to Happy Hollow:

IMG 1874

Saw some fish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

IMG 0536

IMG 0559

IMG 0572

IMG 0577

IMG 0589

IMG 0591

Had play time and dinners at our house while the adults talked:  
(That's why I only have this one picture)

IMG 0607

Went to the beach:

IMG 1897

IMG 0620

IMG 0627

Played with some mustache's:

IMG 0634

IMG 0638

IMG 0639

IMG 0636

IMG 0640

IMG 0645

IMG 0652

And said goodbye:

IMG 0662

We miss you and can't wait to see you soon!!!

Kinsley's Blessing

IMG 2346

We had Kinsley's blessing on Sunday.  It was a nice day and we were lucky to have so much family there.  Obviously, there was one person glaringly missing from this special day, my dad.  But we know he actually was there, I'm sure.  

After Sacrament Meeting, we went back to our place for lunch.  We actually have a big enough place to have everyone over!  Here are some pictures of Kinsley's special day:

IMG 1855
IMG 1865
IMG 2313
IMG 2322
IMG 2328
IMG 2339
IMG 2362
IMG 2372
IMG 2378
IMG 2383
IMG 2387
IMG 0463
IMG 2394
IMG 2396
IMG 2401
IMG 2428
IMG 2430
IMG 2434
IMG 2435
IMG 2437
IMG 2448
IMG 2451
IMG 0473
IMG 2461

Kinsley's First Giants Game

IMG 1846

We took Kinsley to her first Giants game.  Some people say she is being brainwashed, but I think she's more just being taught the truth!

She was seriously an angel baby.  But that's not much different than she normally is.  She slept for some, she was awake for some and was basically an all around perfect baby.  It was so easy bringing her.  Here are some of the pictures from that night.  (We won't talk about who won….)

IMG 1837
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IMG 1841
IMG 1842

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