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July 2017

Connor and I decided to do a home project and so we took the kids to Home Depot to get supplies.  Corbin was less than thrilled!

IMG 3866

I guess I didn’t get any pictures of the during the project but here is the after.  We painted Kinsley’s room and added crown moulding.

IMG 3876

On July 3rd (the day my dad passed away 5 years ago) Holly and I took the kids to San Francisco and met my brother for lunch.  Then we went and saw a movie.  Not this movie, but the kids wanted to be get a picture with it.

IMG 3882

We went to the local high school on the 4th of July to go running or bike riding and Cason really wanted to run with his dad.  This was my super cute view!

IMG 3887
IMG 3889
IMG 3899

We went to our ward 4th of July bbq and Kinsley was playing catch with her friend Caleb.  It was the cutest thing to see these 5 year old playing catch.

IMG 9995
IMG 7757

We went to my mom’s for food!

IMG 3909
IMG 3915

We tried a new place for fireworks and we had a nice view of the 49ers stadium! Oh and LOTS of candy!

IMG 7803
IMG 3928

Kinsley praying with her dad one morning!

IMG 3934

We were preparing our family room to be redone so we were going through toys!  SO many Legos.

IMG 2648

Another Great America trip!

IMG 3957


IMG 9864

My cute son!

IMG 0829

We got to have a fun American Girl party for Kinsley’s birthday!!  She loved it!

IMG 3994
IMG 5006
IMG 3859
IMG 9905
IMG 4032

Getting the family room even more ready to be redone!

IMG 4815
IMG 9153

Free slurpsees!

IMG 6412


IMG 2326

I played Apples to Apples with the boys and these are the cards they chose for “nasty”.

IMG 8318

We saw Hamilton in San Francisco and it was amazing!

IMG 8840

Kinsley dressing up!

IMG 4235

More work!

IMG 8079

My handsome sweet boys!

IMG 8005
IMG 3045 2

Kinsley always fell asleep in the car after Great America.

IMG 4303

I took the kids to the beach and we had a great time!

IMG 4389
IMG 4414
IMG 4422
IMG 4429
IMG 8062
IMG 4461
IMG 4465
IMG 4473
IMG 0914

THe kids had complained that it had been 2 years since they had been to a Giants game so we had to remedy that!

IMG 1131
IMG 4537
IMG 8026
IMG 1661
IMG 0823

We did some haircutes before our trip!

IMG 8028

Then we were off to Lake Powell!

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