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July 2016

On the 4th of July, I decided to whip up some patriotic French Toast!  It was coconut syrup with berries!  It turned out pretty well for the first time and no planning.

IMG 2255

Took some patriotic pictures!

IMG 2258
IMG 2261
IMG 2274
IMG 2294

Then we headed to a family friends pool to hang out and swim.  The kids loved the slide!

IMG 2326

Then we tried a new place for fire works.  There were benefits and downsides so I have no idea what we’ll do next year!

IMG 2349
IMG 2376
IMG 2381
IMG 2382

Kinsley and Cason put on their Warriors jerseys to welcome Kevin Durrant to the team!

IMG 2415

Another Great America day!

IMG 2418
IMG 2426

We went to the park on early morning to play!

IMG 2440
IMG 2446
IMG 2455

I set up the sprinkler thing that Connor made a couple years ago. 

IMG 2468

We were getting rid of some toys and Corbin hugged these and said but they reminded him of things so he didn’t want to get rid of them!

IMG 2484

We celebrated Aisling at her birdal shower!  So fun!

IMG 2516

Safari Run and then free slurpees for 7-11 day!

IMG 2544

Great America again!!!

Then we had our big RV trip (see separate post)!  Then back to summer at home!

The kids had more swim lessons!

IMG 3732

We went to the children’s museum

IMG 3775

My mom took the kids one Saturday and Connor and I hit the pool just ourselves.  

IMG 3828

One night for dinner, we roasted hot dogs and s’mores on our fire put.  It was a prefect summer evening dinner!

IMG 3835
IMG 3849
IMG 3843
IMG 3848

Another fun summer month!!

The Big Trip

About a year ago, Connor’s borther bought a motor home (or RV, I really have no idea what the difference is or if there even is a difference) and they went on lots of trips.  They started to convince us that it would be fun to rent one oursleves and join them on a trip.  We thought about it and asked the kids who with no hesitation wanted to.  So we started to plan.  In January, we went to take a look at some RV’s so we could get an idea of what we would like.  We looked at several and the one picture I took from then happened to be in the RV we ended up renting.

IMG 6961

Carl and MaryAnn were taking 2 weeks for this trip and we weren’t able to do that so we had to make some adjustments so that we could maximize our time togeher.  We started a couple days before them and met them at Glacier National Park in Montana.  But that’s getting ahead of the story.

First, we had to pick up the RV.  They made us watch an instructional video before we could take it.

IMG 2599

The kids were really enthralled by it as you can tell.

Then there was going through the RV, making note of scratches and dents.  

IMG 2603

Now they are getting excited!! Connor drove it home so we could pack and be on our way.  When we were getting it packed someone stopped by and told us they had just done an RV trip and had a great time!  I think all of us were just excited to be on our way!!  We took a family picture just before we pulled out.

IMG 2607
IMG 2612
IMG 2610
IMG 2611

We stopped at Safeway to grab a few last groceries and eat some lunch and then got on the road.  We thought we were leaving in plenty of time to miss traffic but it took us 3 hours to get to the top of the Bay Area.  I love my Bay Area through and through but this traffic lately is getting out of contraol.

There were some pretty views admist the traffic though.

IMG 2618

Cason had an extremely loss top front tooth and I was hoping he would pull it out before we left, but of course the first day on our trip is when it comes out.  Pretty cute though!

IMG 2620

This was at a park we stopped at so I could make dinner while everyone else played.  It took a little while to figure out why our generator wasn’t working, but we got it all situated.

Then we got the kids reay for bed and they watched a movie so we could drive into the night while they slept!  One of the great things about having an RV!

IMG 2629
IMG 2625

We passed by Mt. Shasta.

IMG 2632

We stayed the night at a truck stop which was miserable for me.  It was loud and bright and very hard for me to sleep.  Connor moved us into the the shadow of a truck which did help but it wasn’t the greatest night of sleep I’ve ever had.

The next morning we made our way to Crater Lake in Oregon.  It was a beautiful drive!

IMG 2637
IMG 2640
IMG 2648
IMG 2655
IMG 2657
IMG 2659
IMG 2663

We found this really cool lookout point that had fossilized steam.  Corbin thought this was especailly interesting!

IMG 2667

The pillars in the background are the fossils.

IMG 2672

We made it to the lake!  It was so blue! I’ve never seen anything like it!

IMG 2684
IMG 2692

The kids really wanted to play in this big pile of snow.  They thought it was cool there was snow in July!

IMG 2698
IMG 2713
IMG 2718
IMG 2724

We then stopped in Bend, Oregon and I found this cute little resturaunt to have brunch/lunch at.  

IMG 2732

The inside had shelves and shelves of books!! 

IMG 2734

Funny story with Corbin.  He asked us if they had any Leo Tolstoy because he wanted to read it.  I told him I had no idea but he probably wouldn’t find it while we were there in just our section.  He truns to a book, picks it up and lo and behold!

IMG 2737

What are the chances!  Also, what 8 year old wants to read Tolstoy?  I’m 35 and am barely working my way up to reading Tolstoy. Ha!

Mango lemondae!

IMG 2742

I got a side salad with my crab sandwich.  Pretty much a full size!

IMG 2745

Connor goet biscuiits and gravy,  He said it was delicious but I’m not really a biscuits and gravy kinda girl so I took his word for it.

IMG 2746
IMG 2748

That night we stopped at a RV park near the church for the next day.

IMG 2757

We took the kids swimming, put them to bed and then relazed outside.  Luckily I got a much better nighs sleep.

IMG 2763

Connor wanted me to document our RV in the church parking lot and him in white socks because he forgot his black ones.  The Dukes are keeping it classy!

IMG 2769

After church we drove up to the Spokane temple to have lunch!

IMG 2771
IMG 2785

Then we drove through idaho and into Montana where we stopped to get som Huckleberry shakes.  Yum!

IMG 2792
IMG 2797
IMG 2801

It started pouring just before we walked out to the RV so we got a little soaked but nothing a warm blanket can’t fix!

IMG 2803

We finally met up with some cousins and found a place to crash.  Kinsley and her bed.  She likes things just so.

IMG 2808

The next morning we headed into West Glacier.  The kids loved this stream (river?) which was freezing but they could care less.

IMG 2812

I couldb’t get over all the beautiful color rocks!

IMG 2814

Rock skipping!

IMG 2818

Couins around a tree!

IMG 2834
IMG 2848
IMG 2850

So we finally realized that we were not hiking the right way to Avalanche Lake, so we turned around and went back to the RV for lunch.  On the way back, we found this tree that the kids all piled into.  There was a girl who thought it was hilarious and had to get a picture herself.

IMG 2855
IMG 2861
IMG 2862
IMG 2864

We decided to ride the shuttle up to the top.  We had a few nappers along the way.

IMG 2866
IMG 2872
IMG 2877
IMG 2887
IMG 2890
IMG 2895
IMG 2899
IMG 2901
IMG 6398 (1)

We headed back and decided to retry making the hike to Avalanche.  Kinsley had a rough time, but we made it!

IMG 2904
IMG 2913
IMG 2918
IMG 6402 (1)
IMG 2920
IMG 2933
IMG 2944

We stopped at A&W for dinner!

IMG 2947

Some cute cousins!!

IMG 2951

For lunch the next day, I made some nachos on the go using the taco meat I made at home before hand!

IMG 2954

Some more grogeous views on our way to East Glacier.

IMG 2957

We stopped at the ranger station so the kids could get their Jr, Ranger badge.

IMG 2959
IMG 2960
IMG 2964

Look at Kinsley with her hand raised!

IMG 6416 (1)

Up at East Glacier we took a boat from one lake, got off, took a boat across another lake and then we hike to another lake and then hiked all the way back. 

IMG 2971
IMG 6418 (1)
IMG 2974
IMG 2975
IMG 2979
IMG 2990
IMG 2992
IMG 3002
IMG 3007
IMG 3019
IMG 3021
IMG 3025
IMG 6422 (1)
IMG 3061
IMG 3071
IMG 3080
IMG 3087
IMG 3094

We got back and had fun with some apps while we waited for our table at the lodget resturaunt.

IMG 3109
IMG 3116
IMG 3117
IMG 3120
IMG 3121
IMG 6424 (1)
IMG 6425 (1)

We found a place to sleep that night and then made our way into Canada the next morning!  At the stop where they checked our passports the guy was asking why Connor moved around so much as a kid and what his dad did for a living.  It didn’t seem like making conversation but that he wanted to know in case we are…??? I have no idea what that could mean. Ha! 

IMG 3127
IMG 6426 (1)

We then were in Waterton which is the Canada side of Glacier.  We wanted to ride horses so that was our first stop!

IMG 3133
IMG 3142
IMG 3145
IMG 3157
IMG 3175
IMG 3180
IMG 3181
IMG 3192

After our just shot ride, we decided to do the hour long ride.  

IMG 3198

Kinsley was on Slow Joe!

IMG 3199

Corbin got to ride his horse all by himselef without a trainer holding on the reigns.

IMG 6427 (1)

I thougt it was so cool to get to the lake and have my horse drink from it.

IMG 6436 (1)

Cason wondered why his horse didn’t drink.  Perfect time for the lesson “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!”

IMG 6437 (1)
IMG 3202
IMG 3208

Back in Waterton the kids played in the lake!

IMG 6446 (1)

We found the police station!

IMG 3212
IMG 3218
IMG 3221

We had to stop at the cute candy shop!

IMG 3225
IMG 3229

After lots of fun and being on the go, Kinsley had a bit of a tanturm.


But then she fell asleep!

IMG 3233
IMG 6449 (1)

On our way up to Banff we found the biggest truck in the world.  We had to stop at it, right?

IMG 3251
IMG 3265
IMG 3280
IMG 3283
IMG 3308
IMG 3317

Connor’s other brother, Cole (who served his mission in Canada), told us to try out Tim Hortons, a popular doughnut place.  

IMG 6456 (1)

It was so good!  It’s a fast food place but I had a breakfast sandwich and the english muffin was the best I’ve ever had.  It tasted and looked more home made then the English muffins we buy here in the US.

As we were getting closer to Banff, look what was one the side of the road.  We got out and close to it, which I must admit did kind of scare me.

IMG 3323

I spy two cute cousins in the RV in front of us!

IMG 3331

We heard about some hot springs that we decided to check out.  They had a normal pool and a hot spring pool and it was a nice break for the kids.  

IMG 3339
IMG 3360
IMG 3366
IMG 3367

Back on the road!

IMG 6457 (1)

We stopped for another mini hike!

IMG 3377

It was so far down and it scared me a bit!

IMG 6461 (1)
IMG 3392
IMG 3426
IMG 3431
IMG 3438

Then we finally reached the town of Banff and headed downtown.

IMG 3443

So, while the town was cute and there were lots of fun shops, it was so incredibly crowded and the majority of the resturants do not allow kids.  Seriously, lame.  We finally found a Mexican place that was okay.  

IMG 3453

The next day was our big day to the famous Lake Louise and the hike up to the Tea house. 

IMG 3455

It looks all great and peaceful, right?

IMG 3467

And I will admit that it was absolutely gorgeous! But this is what it looked like just a few feet back!

IMG 3458

People EVERYWHERE!  I think I was spoiled from all the other hikes and lakes we went to that had very few tourists, but Banff was just crazy.

IMG 3473
IMG 3484

Another lake on our way up!

IMG 6462 (1)
IMG 6464 (1)
IMG 3503
IMG 3508
IMG 3525
IMG 6474 (1)
IMG 6478 (1)

I had wanted to get something at the Tea House resturaunt but the lines were out of control.  

But the color of the lake is just unreal and so awesome!

IMG 3532
IMG 3540
IMG 3544

We then had to say good-bye to our cousins and head back home!  We love this family of ours!

IMG 3558

After we left them, we drove for awhile and then stoped at a steak place for dinner!

IMG 3561
IMG 3563

Back on the road, we saw a slight double rainbow that came with the rain!

IMG 3566

The next morning, we had some Tim Hortons!

IMG 3574

While we were there, Cason lost his other top front tooth!

IMG 3576

So we made our way into Seatlle and had planned to stop there BUT we could not find any parking.  We spent over an hour searching and it was frustrating and dissapointing, so this was basically our only view of it!!

IMG 3583

We drove out of the city and stopped for a little hike.

IMG 3586
IMG 3594
IMG 3597

Corbin was a little mad at all my picture taking!

IMG 3600

We did find a Cafe Rio for dinner, so that was nice!

IMG 3609

We found a really nice RV park to stay in that night.

IMG 3611

After church the next morning, we headed to Portland and found this great lunch spot!

IMG 3616
IMG 3617

Then we rode the tram up to the hospital and back down.  It’s just a few minute ride but the views are amazing!

IMG 3620
IMG 3624
IMG 3629
IMG 3641
IMG 3644
IMG 3647
IMG 3649

Kinsley showing her heart!

IMG 3658

We started driving back and got into very very Northeren California and stopped at this gas station to make some dinner and let the kids run out some energy.  I kind of like the brown weeds and the sun going down!

IMG 3663

They played catch!

IMG 3681

Movie watching!

IMG 3689

We found a donut place called Kevin’s (the name of Corbin’s best friend).

IMG 6485 (1)
IMG 3695

As we were getting closer to home, we decided to stop at the Jelly Belly Factory,

IMG 3701
IMG 3705
IMG 3709

Then we got home and cleaned out the RV and the returned it.  The kids all fell asleep in the car while were were waiting.  I guess it was a tiring 10 days!

IMG 3711

Wow!  What a trip!  It was amazing and there were so many things traveling in an RV.  I loved being able to get up while we were driving.  I loved being able to just have everything you needed with you pretty much all the time.  Driving while the kids were sleeping comfortably in their beds, being able to see lots of things on one trip because you can drive and stop as you wish.  The bad thing was not being able to park easily.  But I think the benefits outweigh the negatives, so I call it a success.  I know this is a trip I will always remember, and I hope the kids do too!

Branson, MO

This summer my moms side of the family had a famiyl reunion in Branson, Missouri.  I thought it would be fun to take the kids even though Connor wouldn’t be able to come with us.  I wasn’t going completely by myself since my mom and Abe were also flying with us.  We flew in to Tulsa, Oaklahoma and made the 3 hour drive to Missouri.  

The kids after our flights waiting for our rental car!

IMG 1685

Since I’d never been to this part of the country before, I was expecting lots of open fields but instead it was beautiful and green with lots of trees.  The views made the 3 hour drive worth it!

IMG 1688

We had a testimony meeting with just the family on Sunday since the ward there thought it might be overwhelming to have us all there.  Then there was food and activities.

IMG 1698

There was a big checker board at the palce we were staying

IMG 1707

On Monday we went to the Butterfly Palace.  It was pretty awesome!

IMG 1789
IMG 1723
IMG 1730
IMG 1749
IMG 1765
IMG 1776
IMG 1783
IMG 1800
IMG 1805

That evening the kids did an art project!


Tuesday, most of the family headed to Springfield to see the Fantastic Caverns.  We stopped for lunch at Steak n Shake!

IMG 1867

The caverns were pretty cool.

IMG 1868

i thought it was cool that the first explorers of the cave were women!

IMG 1918
IMG 1883
IMG 1900

We then went on a litte hike around the grounds and saw a cooperhead snake!

IMG 1910

On our way back to Branson, we stopped at this huge Bass Pro Shop.  I think it was the headquarters but the whole shop was as big as a mall basically.  It was so big.  

IMG 1955
IMG 1922
IMG 1936
IMG 1940
IMG 1941
IMG 1948
IMG 1952
IMG 1956

Once we got back to the hotel, we took a break to watch some of Shark Week.

IMG 1965

We then took family pictures and I got one of just me with my kids!

IMG 1972

On Wednesday, we went to a lake and went boating and played on the beach.  The kids were asweome and were loving the boat that had a slide off the back.  They went down the slide tons of times right into the lake!  If course, I didn;t get any pictures.  The one picture I got was from when it started raining and lightening and we had to leave soon after.  You can see there is no one in the lake but it was crowded jsut earlier!

IMG 1974

Then we got all nice and warm in bed!

IMG 1978

On Thursday, I decided to take the kids to Silver Doallar City.  No one else wanted to go and I just felt I had to go.  Luckily, my cousin’s daughter, Maddie,  agreed to come with me to help with the kids!

IMG 1984
IMG 1989

Corbin and Maddie went on this awesome roller coaster!

IMG 1993

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

IMG 2004
IMG 2010
IMG 2021
IMG 2017

We came back and celebrated my uncles birthday!  The kids room!

IMG 2024

Friday morning we went on a small walk to a waterfall near the hotel.  Kinsley didn’t want to get out of bed to come so she stayed with grandma.

IMG 2028
IMG 2033
IMG 2043

Later that afternoon we went to see one of the shows down on the Branson strip.  There are hundreds of shows but we picked Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede.  It was fun and there was so much food.  THe highlight for me was the cheese biscuits.  My kids didn’t like them so I ate close to 4 biscuits.  It was worth it.

IMG 2142
IMG 2143
IMG 2147
IMG 2150
IMG 2165
IMG 2168
IMG 2172
IMG 2179
IMG 2185
IMG 2228
IMG 2204
IMG 2216
IMG 2215
IMG 2230

We took some pictures with my cousin.  We lived together at one point so she is definitely my closest cousin!  This picture cracked me up because it looks like we don’t want to sit close to her!

IMG 2095

Tie-dyed shirts!

IMG 2077

On ou drive back to Tulsa, Cason fell asleep!

IMG 2236
IMG 2243

Finally on our way home from Oakland!  I was exhausted.

IMG 2252
IMG 2251

What a great trip and memory for all of us!

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