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Dentist for Kins!

The kids had their dental check up and it was Kinsley’s first time.  The boys always love to go to the dentist.  Our dentist office has their front lobby like a movie theater and there are TV’s and video games all throughout.  So what kid wouldn’t love it?  They did great even though we were there for 2 hours.  We decided to get sealant put on Corbin’s big teeth so we were there longer than I anticipated.  

But Kinsley was the one I was super surprised about.  I didn’t take Corbin to the dentist until he was 4 because I knew he woudn’t have done well until then.  Cason was 2 1/2.  I thought I would try Kinsley but didn’t expect much at all.  I just kept laughing the whole time she was getting done becuase I was just so surprised that she was sitting still for it all.  But the x-ray’s were where I was cracking up the most. 


Even now, looking at the pictures with the camera there and her lifting her chin like she asked to.  There was a kid there 6 months older than her there who was screaming and crying and here was Kinsley just doing all she was asked.  And don’t think I’m judging that other family, because that is exactly why I didn’t bring my boys here earlier. This just shows how different Kinsley is than my other kids and it makes me laugh.  She acts so much older than she is and I have no idea how she got this way other than that is just who she is.  


Oh my cute little girl.  So obviously, you can tell from the pictures that she did wonderful.  The dentist told me that all my kids are really good. I told her I was shocked by Kinsley and she said sometimes kids surprise you.  The dentist did tell me I should probably take away her binky.  I remember she told me this same thing with Cason and so we took his binky away soon after that and it was not good.  He went from sleeping through the night and even sleeping in until 7am to waking up earlier than 6am a lot of the nights.  And he is still that way no matter what time he goes to bed.  Corbin, on the other hand, did not have his binky taken away until just before he turned 3 and he stayed a good sleeper.  So you can imagine why I’m hesitant to take this away from Kinsley.  We’ll see!

Overall, we had a great visit to the dentist and I’m glad my kids don’t take after me and really dislike the dentist.  

Swim Lessons

The boys finished their 6 weeks of swim and had a great time!  They both are much better swimmers.  Corbin is swimming wonderfully now.  He doesn’t like the deep end because he likes to be able to reach the bottom just in case.  Cason knows the basics of swimming and he can do it a little bit but unfortunately in most shallow ends he still can’t reach the bottom so he still has to spend a lot of time at the stairs when I take them swimming because I have to watch Kinsley so much.  Even though Kinsley did not take swim lessons, she has gotten so much better in the water.  At the begninnig of the summer she wouldn’t even get in the water and now I have to make sure I am with her all the time because she will just go in.  She likes to do head bob’s and push the limits of where she can go in the pool.  It’s been fun with all the kids loving the water this summer.

The lessons were great.  The boys were in the same class the first two sessions and then got split as Corbin became a better swimmer, as it should be.  The boys had an awesome instructor for one of the sessions and then Corbin had him again the last session.  Corbin also had his friend, Spencer, in his class that last session so it made it more fun!  Their instructor just knew how to speak to the kids and really taught them how to swim with the right amount of work and fun.  He used flying like Superman to show them how to do glides, so what boys woulnd’t eat that up?  This was the third year we have gone here and it’s all I’ve ever known but according to others I’ve talked to, it is a really great program so I am happy about that!.  


Erika’s Bridal Shower

Erika has been one of my best friends for years and years.  We have known each other for over 20 years now!  Crazy! She was the maid of honor and my wedding and I was the matron of honor at her wedding.  She also had a maid of honor so we got to share duties.  Her maid of honor did the bachelorette party and I was in charge of the bridal shower.  

We had a great time with yummy food, fun games and lots of visiting.  The best part was getting to hear all the stories about Erika from her friends and her mom and grandmother!  


Summer: Week 5

Make It Monday

Since this was the week after we got back from our trip and I was hosting a bridal shower on Saturday, my plan for the week was very low key.  

The kids put together their Lego sets from Legoland and I think that counted as making something!


Take it Easy Tuesday

Well, not so much as taking it easy as my kids said “Why do we have to go to so many stores?”  We had a huge errand day trying to get everything for the bridal shower.  So yeah, no pictures.

Work the Body Wednesday

The kids did go to swim lessons and I was busy trying to get organized so again, nothing really working our bodies. No pictures again.

Time to Read Thursday

We finally stuck to the actual theme of our day!  We went to the library and read a few books there and picked some to take home.  And, of course, we had to stop and play at the beloved statue out front of our local library!


Field Trip Friday

We sort of did a field trip, but no pictures.  We played at a local playground with a friend who just moved back to town! 


Since we were in San Diego for the wedding, we decided to go to LegoLand on Saturday once Holly and Jona were off on their honeymoon.  Connor’s parents and brother came down as well and so it was fun to have people to go with and especially for the kids to have their cousins.  I love how they just get a long right away as if no time has passed. I hope it’s always that way!

We decided to surprise the kids with going here and we had Alex tell them.  

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

After breakfast, we headed to the park!  We were given some advice to have the kids wear their swim suit so they could go in and out of the water feature easily.   We lucked out that it wasn’t too hot but it was still hot enough for the kids to get in the water.  I was worried about my foot and how I would last, but I made it through the day!  

What a wonderful and fun day!


The Wedding

Holly and Jona are married!  It was a beautiful day and we are so happy for them!


Summer: Week 4

Make It Monday

We played with a clay kit that I was given for the kids.  They were sort of into it.


Take it Easy Tuesday

So many errands and getting ready for our trip.  The boys played lots of Legos!


Work the Body Wednesday

We played at a park before we had to get home to get packed for San Diego!


Time to Read Thursday

We were driving down to San Diego for Holly’s wedding so not much reading going on!


Field Trip Friday

A wedding in a far away city counts as a field trip, right?  See HERE for more about our San Diego trip!

Independence Day

Another 4th of July has come and gone!  Crazy how fast this summer seems to be already going.  And there is a lot more on the way!

My mom took the kids overnight so we could go up to the city with Chris and Aisling, Holly and Jona so our morning was pretty lazy.  Connor actually got to go golfing with some friends and I know that was nice for him.  

After we stopped at the grocery store, we went to my moms to get kids and go swimming at the pool.  We had the pool all to ourselves and the kids LOVED it.  Corbin is getting so good at swimming and Cason is doing well too.  Since Kinsley has been watching 3 weeks of lessons she has decided she wants to be a fish now too.  The last time I took them all swimming was the last day of school and Corbin was really the only one who got in the water.  Now all 3 of them loved it.  


Then we came home and rested a bit before we had my family over for a BBQ.


Then we did some Pop-It’s and sparklers.


Then we headed off for fireworks!  I had to get  ashot of all the gear we took!


Our spot!


It was the coldest I ever remember it being but Kinsley did not want to stay in blankets or a coat.  I did get Corbin to come snuggle me and he was the sweetest guy to me.  During the school year, he was pretty influenced by his friends, I think, and never wanted hugs or kisses or to show affection.  I was determined to change that this summer since he would be home more and I’ve been showering him in affection.  It hasn’t really be reciprocated but this night, he snuggled close and gave me some sweet kisses and told me he loves me the most!  It sure meant a lot to me!!!

During the fireworks, Cason was out.  He slept in Connor’s arms and could not get woken up.  Corbin and Kinsley LOVED the fireworks.  Kinsley was the surprise.  She kept saying they were pretty!  When we got back to the car some people were letting off some close by us, illegally I think, and Kinsley wanted more when they were done even though it was SO loud.  

In the car on the way home, all 3 kids fell fast asleep!


What a wonderdul 4th of July!

Summer: Week 3

Make It Monday

This was the favorite Make it Monday we have had so far.  They all just loved making the patriotic fruit kebabs and were excited to show them off and then eat them.  And it was easy for me because it there was barely any preparation!!


Then we tried making an art project of fireworks bit this was not as a big of a hit so it turned into more a free art time.


Take it Easy Tuesday

I told them they could watch Sprouts for a little while after we ran our errands.  They were so incredibly good in the grocery stpre that I also let them get gummy worms.  I just love these kids.


Work the Body Wednesday

We went for a walk around the marsh near our house but since we are in an awful drought it was dry as a bone.  Corbin thought we were in the desert.


Kinsley took a fall and got a pretty scrapped up knee.  Poor girl.


Then I let them play at the park for a little while before we went and had lunch with Connor.


Time to Read Thursday

I skipped this again since we were asked to have a play date.  It was also July 3rd, a hard day in our family.  See THIS post for more about that.

Field Trip Friday

The 4th of July!  See HERE for what we were up to!

July 3rd Marks 2 Years

I can hardly believe that it has been 2 years since we lost my dad.  I didn’t think I would feel much different on the actual day than I do on any normal day, but it turns out I was a lot more emotional in the morning than I thought I would be.  I definitley felt like it was affecting my parenting so I had to say a little prayer to help me change my attitude to be a better mom.  Of course, I wasn’t too hard on myself but it was definitely important that I also be able to control my thoughts and actions in a more positive way.

The boys have been particularly sweet when it comes to talking about my dad these last couple years.  They’ve wanted to know if he will be alive again and that has been the perfect opportunity to talk about the Resurrection.  

A couple months ago, Corbin randomly said to me that he forgot what Grandpa Jeff’s voice sounds like.  I told him we could watch a video but I must have forgotten about it.  But this day, I was watching one and Corbin came up and said “Oh, now I remember what Grandpa Jeff’s voice sounds like!!”  

Another time, Corbin was playing with something and I told him that Granpa Jeff had gotten that for him.  He said “Granpa Jeff is so awesome!”  

The boys are always talking about when they get to see Grandpa Jeff again and how excited they are.  I feel so blessed that we can have these conversations and that it is not weird or awkward like it can be with adults.  They are just so pure and loving and really have the best intentions with all that they say.  

It’s hard because even though I have 31 years worth of memories of my dad, I wish I could have 31 more years worth.  I have two memories that stick out so clearly of the last day that I saw him alive.  One is of him at the grill making steaks for us at a family get together  And the other as we were getting ready to go home.  I just can see him standing in front of me saying our goodbyes and him giving me a big hug.  I appreciate that my mind has them so clear and that I can think back to them often when I miss him.  

My dad was a wonderful father to me and when I look back at pictures, I can sense and see the love he had for his children.  I remember him being so affectionate and that’s how I am with my children now.

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Screen Shot 2012-07-08 at 9.47.17 PM

That evening we went up to the city and had dinner at Rockin Crawfish with my siblings and their signigicant other’s and it was a wonderful time.  I got a picture of our aftermath!  


It was a good way to remember my dad!!

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