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Feast Your Eyes

Before we saw the movie Brave, we watched the previews.  There was a part where one of the men lifted up his kilt to moon someone and says "Feast your eyes".  I was hoping that this part would be forgotten by our boys but unfortunaltey it is the most quoted part.  (Actually, it's the only quoted part.)  But it has actaully quite funny.  Corbin first did it with the Scotish accent and all.  He then added lifting up his shirt to go along with it.  Cason then started doing it with the accent too.  

I got it on video.  Corbin didn't do it as well as he usually does but Cason's was pretty good.


Ahoy!  This last week, Corbin was really into pirates.  It may have something to do with it being Pirate Week at school.  He also has gotten several new Jake and the Neverland Pirate toys so put these all together and he needed to play pirates too.

IMG 0324
IMG 0316
IMG 0323

I thought the cutest thing was soon after this, Corbin brought me a star wand and told me to be the princess and he would save me.  Apparently pirates in his world, SAVE princesses and not kidnap them.  I like that much better!

Kinsley at 1 Month

IMG 0225

I can't believe my sweet Kinsley is already 1 month.  In some ways, it seems like that time has gone way too fast, in others, it feels like it has been a lifetime since she was born.  Either way, she is changing and growing and I'm loving seeing everything. 

Here are some of the things about her lately:

-She has become a grunter.  The little stinker.  Cason was a lot worse with his grunting as he would do it ALL night long.  But Kinsley will do it for awhile as she is trying to fall asleep and that means no sleep for me during that time. No amount of burping seems to relieve this.  Oh well, at least I do know this won't last forever and will probably stop within the next month or so.  
-She absolutely LOVES her swing.  If she is fussy or grunting, she will instantly stop once she is in her swing.  And then of course, promptly fall asleep.  She could probably sleep all day long if she is in her swing.
-She's not really sleeping consistently at night, obviously since she's only a month old.  There was one glorious night that she slept 7 hours, and a few times of 6 hours, but now she seems to only last about 4 hours, sometimes 5 if I'm lucky.  This I know will also not last forever.  I'm trying hard not to wish this stage away, but it is hard when I'm tired.
-I mentioned when she was two weeks about her blocked tear ducts.  At that time, one of them seemed to be getting better but now they both seem to be better.  I don't think I've cleaned out any goop in over a week.  So I guess that means they may be gone, right?  
-She is now just starting to get her baby acne.  It does seem to be getting worse every day, but so far it's no where near like the boys.
-Like I said, there's not really any schedule, but I'm trying to keep her somewhat consistent and try to feed her every 3 hours during the day starting at 7am.  So that's 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm.  If she seems to need to eat earlier than that I will feed her, but this is what I aim for since it's the best times for the boys schedules.  At night, I would like it to be consistent, but no luck.  She will eat 1-2 times during the night, but does not usually fall back asleep so that means either I or Connor are up during the night.

Of course, we love our little girl and are happy to have her.  It's been fun getting to see how quickly she grows and changes.  I don't remember it being this fast with the boys.

Our 4th of July

I think I've said this before how I LOVE the 4th of July.  This 4th, though, was not good.  We had lost my dad not even 24 hours before and so we were all in shock and mourning.  We tried, however, to power through it and have some celebrations since that is what my dad would have wanted.

I think my love of the 4th actually came from my dad.  One of my first memories of going to see the fireworks, maybe around 7 or 8, I was with my family, I'm sure, but I just remember my dad.  He was SO excited and happy and kept telling me how fun this was.  His excitement was contagious!  After that, I have loved celebrating  this holiday and it is usually with my dad.

Connor also even said that this holiday reminds him of my dad.  When Connor and I were just barely dating not even a month, we went to see fireworks with my dad.  I have been spending this holiday with my dad every year (except for 2 that I can think of) for as long as I can remember.  

Our original 4th of July plans, were to get up early and go to our ward's pancake breakfast.  Then we were going to my dad's for a BBQ and then to fireworks that night.  

We instead skipped the breakfast since we didn't get to sleep until 4am that morning.  We woke up and got dressed.  I was wondering what I should wear.  Should I wear 4th of July colors?  Should I wear black?  I felt like I still wanted to be patriotic but the emotions were so raw still that I didn't have a clue what was appropriate.  When I saw the boys and that Connor had dressed them in their 4th of July shirts, then I felt much better about what to wear.  I also dressed Kinsley in her cute lttle 4th of July outfit (that I wasn't even sure she would be born yet to even wear).  

IMG 0140

After we got ready we did go over to my dad's.  I'm not sure there was any particular reason other than it felt like what we were supposed to do.

My granparents held Kinsley and I made sure to get some pictures.

IMG 1597
IMG 1600

The boys were given the 4th of July pinwheels and glow sticks my dad had gotten them.

IMG 1594

An ice cream truck seemed to come by every half an hour or so.  So we took the boys out for their first ice cream truck experience.

IMG 1603
IMG 1607
IMG 1608

Kinsley got some snuugles from my brother.

IMG 2247

The boys played with Franlinda.

IMG 1598

The boys posing in front of the flag my dad just put up the day before for them.

IMG 2251

When it got closer to firework time, everyone said that we should go.  Every time I thought about going without my dad, I would lose it and I really didn't think I wanted to go.  I was convinced and in the end I was glad.  I think my dad was glad that I did it and I'm sure he was there as well.

IMG 2255
IMG 2262

While watching the fireworks, I heard my dad's voice in my head saying "Cool" as he would every year!  I miss him so much!

My Dad


                                                      (This picture was just taken a couple months ago.)

My dad passed away unexpectedly on July 3rd.  He was only 54 years old.

I'm not really sure how to write something so hard or if I just don't write it and then end this blog.  I don't think that's what I should do, so I'm left with wondering how to even begin to write this.  In actuality, I've written a lot about it but I don't think the details are very appropriate for this blog, so that is something I will just keep to myself and my posterity.  And I may share things here and there as I am feeling them.

I do think I have experienced all the stages of grief.  At first I went through all of them super fast, now I think I'm going through them again, but a little more slowly.  

One thing that I believe, feel, know, and am yearning to know even more, is that I will see him again.

Recently I was talking about my dad, and the thing that struck me so strongly was what my dad's legacy is.  I believe his legacy is that he loved unconditionally, especially his children.  I have never once doubted his love for me and I know he showed his love for me in everything he did. I believe his legacy of that unconditional love for his children will be passed down to my children and then their children and on and on.  I'm pretty sure he is happy to hear that is his legacy.

I miss you dad!  I can't wait to see you again!

Paternity Leave

Connor went back to work today after two weeks of paternity leave (or Bonding Time as the state of CA calls it).  This was the longest time Connor has ever taken off after the birth of one of our babes and it was AWESOME.  I think it was especially awesome because now that we have 3 kids, life is pretty much crazy town.  Connor was able to spend a lot of time with the boys and I know they are really missing their dad today.  

Here's some of what our family did during these past two weeks:

Friday:  Hang out in the hospital.

IMG 1356

Saturday:  Have a baby.

IMG 3508

Sunday:  Come home from the hospital and celebrate Father's Day!

IMG 3604

Monday:  Do some chores.  And a little bit of Just Dance on the Wii.

Tuesday:  Go to the library and watch some Raytones.

IMG 2191

Wednesday:  Happy Hollow!

IMG 2229

Thursday:  Visitors come to hang out.

IMG 3608

Friday:  Connor's Friday lunch group and a walk to Toys R Us so Kinsley could get the boys a present.

Saturday:  The boys get a haircut and we go to Grandpa and Franlinda's house for dinner.

IMG 0079

Sunday:  The three boys go to church.

Monday:  Corbin starts summer school!

IMG 1507

Tuesday:  All 5 of us go to a movie!


Wednesday:  Corbin goes to school and Cason goes to the library with Mom.  Dad does yard work.

IMG 1538

Thursday:  Happy Hollow and more yard work.

IMG 2238

Friday:  Corbin goes to school.  Cason hangs out with grandma.

Saturday:  The boys go for a hike.

IMG 2245

Sunday:  The 5 of us go to church!  (By the time we thought to get a picture, only Kinsely and I were still in church clothes.)

IMG 0117

Most of all LOTS of cuddling Kinsley!

IMG 0063
IMG 1515

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