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May 2018

I love spring time and I guess I was really into taking pictures of roses.  The first one from our backyard and the seond one from the neighborhood.

IMG 2956
IMG 2957

I loved this spring artwork Kinsley made!

IMG 2964

The boys had a pack meeting with on obstacle course that they had to tied to another scout.  I loved these two partners together!

IMG 2990

It was a warm day so we hit up the pool for the first time of the season!

IMG 3001

Cason had a lemonade stand with a friend!

IMG 3009

Corbin being a cool guy!

IMG 3010

Look at thise massice blackberry Cason found!

IMG 3036

Kinsley had her Mother’s Day celebration.  My last one! 

IMG 3064
IMG 3063

Celebrating Mother’s Day and my birthday!

IMG 8985

Kinsley as catcher! Cutness overload!


I was realizing I don’t have a ton of pictures of Corbin smiling at the camera and he fought me on it but I was able to get it!

IMG 3155

We wen to the kids Open House and got pictures of them with their teachers.  Of course, one of all the kids with mr. Hugo.

IMG 3150
IMG 3147
IMG 3143
IMG 3145

Ok, so one day, Corbin came home from school saying his wrist hurt and that he fell backwards while playing four square and hurt his wrist when he caught himself.  Well, I didn;t think of it much but then someone told me I should probably take him in.  So I did, AND HE BROKE HIS WRIST! Crazy.  There went the rest of his baseball season.

IMG 3230

Corbin had a lit fair where he had to do a presentation on a book he read.

IMG 3235

The 2nd graders got to come walk around the fair so Cason was able to see Corbin’s.

IMG 3245

THis was the first year both boys were Scouts to do the flags on the graves for Memorial Day.

IMG 3262
IMG 3271
IMG 3273
IMG 3289
IMG 3286

After the flags, we went and got lunch and Corbin wanted this HUGE hamburger.  He’s definitely starting to show teenager signs! Yikes!

IMG 3293

Then we went to Academy of Science for a bit. They kids were loving the check out the specimen room this time!

IMG 3295
IMG 3301
IMG 3297

We had dinner up in the city with my family!

IMG 3303

Kinsley loves being like a little mother to Nate!

IMG 3315

This is one of my most favorite sights.  The kids using the reading room the way I wanted it used!

IMG 3325

I got to go on a field trip with Kinsley’s class to the bay!

IMG 3353
IMG 3357
IMG 3382
IMG 3394


IMG 3537

Oh and lots and lots of baseball!

IMG 3440
IMG 3416

Another great month!

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