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May 2017

Kinsley and I had a backyard picnic on a beautiful spring day!

IMG 1774

We went to see the BYU basbeball team play against Santa Clara.  

IMG 1807
IMG 7754

Connor was watching the Warriors game while we were watching the baseball. 

IMG 1830

Daddy and daugther before church.

IMG 7879

Kinsley performing at the Mother’s Day Tea!

IMG 6503

Playing with Shopkins!

IMG 1991

Cute boy before basbeall practice.

IMG 2017

Kinsley at her baseball game.

IMG 8255

So one Saturday evening, we rode our bikes to dinner as a family.  Our way home, there was a blindpot on a path we were taking and a guy came full speed down the path and hit into Connor.  Here was the aftermath.  His face looks awful but the worst of it was one of his back tooth broke. 

IMG 2086

The next day was Mother’s Day/my birthday.

IMG 7893

My family in Warriors colors for church!

IMG 2098

Corbin did a 40 book challenge at school and he did awesome!

IMG 2112

Kinsley let me do her hair besides just a quick ponytail or braid.

IMG 2185

KInsley and I went to Great America just the two of us!

IMG 2192
IMG 2197
IMG 2238
IMG 2257
IMG 2273

Cason mad efriends with some 4th graders and was always playing four quare with them.

IMG 9303

We were in the thick of baseball season and had multiple games each Saturday.  Connor and I took pictures of how often we changed clothes to support our kids teams.  And then of course, the Warriors game that night.

IMG 2393

I caught Cason reading The Book of Mormon.

IMG 2412

Connor and I went to a Giants game.

IMG 2416

The next day we got to go put flags at the Veterans cemetary with Corbin’s scout troop.

IMG 2439
IMG 6508
IMG 2445
IMG 2447

We made our summer bucket list!

IMG 2455

We took the kids and Corbin’s friend to Great America for Memorial Day!

IMG 7934
IMG 0859

End of season t-ball party!

IMG 2534
IMG 2543

Corbin’s teacm doing the Little League pledge before his game.

IMG 2577

Straight from his game to Cub Scouts for the Raingutter Regata.

IMG 0657

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