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May 2016

Kinsley and I rode bikes to the park and had a picnic one day when the boys were in school.

IMG 9666
IMG 9668

This is how I found her once we got home!

IMG 9676

At Kinsley’s school they had a Mother’s Day Tea that I’ve gone to with all the kids. It was crazy to go to one with my LAST child!

IMG 9743
IMG 9761

I did a preschool class this year with 3 other moms and one of my themes was on the Olympics since the Olympics are this year.

IMG 9783
IMG 9950

For a night out that Connor took Cason on, they went and got drinks and a treat and took it to the tennis court and played some tennis!  Cute guys!

IMG 6136 (1)

Cason’s Mothers Day celebration in Kindergarten!

IMG 9991

Mother’s Day!

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IMG 0179

Connor and the boys ran in the Spartan race again this year along with Clint, Aisling and Jon!

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Then we hung out in the city for a little while!

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As summer getting closer, I decided we should make a summer bucket list!  We all worked on it and added things for us to do!

IMG 0380

We joined a community pool and started spending some warm afternoons there!  I’m sure wie wil spend a lot of time there this summer!

IMG 0451

Every day, Corbin comes home from school and without complaining does his homework.  I’ve been so proud of this cute boy!

IMG 0487

We grilled a yummy dinner!

IMG 0672

For Memorial Day, we rode our bikes to get donuts and then went on a longer ride!

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IMG 0739

We had a great May!

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