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Memorial Day

Connor had the day off!!!  His first holiday off all year!  Besides that he has been working so much that it was nice to have an extra day of him technically off work.  

We decided we would go to the zoo.  The boys were so excited leading up to it.  Cason really wanted to see "big big giraffes" and Corbin wanted to see "all of the animals".  

Since SF is known for being on the cool side we dressed accoringly.  I told the boys to go get their tennis shoes (meaning not crocs).  Cason usually comes and asks for help when putting on his shoes, so I was expecting that.  But he never came to me.  I figured he must have asked Connor who helped him.  When we were about 15 minutes away from the zoo, I looked back at Cason and saw that he had his crocs on.  So I said to Connor, "You decided on his crocs, huh?"  He said he thought I did.  Funny!  Cason got his shoes on by himself and none of us even knew.  This reminded me of about 2 years ago when Corbin was his age and we drove all the way to the Tech Museum and Corbin had NO shoes on at all.  

Cason was happy to see his giraffes.  Corbin said he liked the gorillas best.  Connor liked the grizzly bears and I thought the polar bears (one in particular) was the cutest.

IMG 3202
IMG 1252
IMG 3207
IMG 3214
IMG 3227
IMG 3246

We also rode the steam train which the boys were excited about.

IMG 3237
IMG 3240

During lunch, there were tons of birds flying all around trying to scavenge the food.  Corbin has generally been scared of the birds when they get close but he has really been so much better with his fear of animals that they weren't bothering him.  Until, a big huge peacock came near with his wings spread out.  He must have sensed Corbin's anxiety about it because as he got closer and closer, he squaked his very loud squak.  It scared Corbin so much that he lost it.  Connor eventually got the peacock away from us but then Corbin started to be afraid of ALL the birds.  

We had a great day at the zoo!

After the zoo, we were able to meet up with my mom, brother and sister at the Golden Gate National Cemetary for veterans where my uncle, my mom's brother, is buried.  It was a nice way to spend part of our Memorial Day since that's what this day really is about.

IMG 3278
IMG 3258
IMG 3270
IMG 3276
IMG 3289
IMG 3290

Happy Memorial Day!

34 Weeks

6 weeks (maybe 7) to go in this pregnancy!  Yay!  Or not yay, depending how you look at it.  Yay because I'm getting so close to being done.  Not yay, because most people know those last several weeks are TOUGH.  I feel like I haven't written much about this pregnancy so I thought I'd do a little comparison of this pregnancy with my others (as best as I can remember at least).

-With Corbin, I was so much more swollen by this point than I was with Cason or this one.  I'm still swollen but it's so much better than with Corbin.
-As far as being nauseous, with Corbin it started about 6 weeks and lasted until about 18 weeks and I didn't feel sick again the rest of the pregnancy.  With Cason it started about 5 weeks lasted the whole pregnancy.  Maybe starting about 7 or 8 months I could curb most of the feeling if I was eating very regularly.  This time it started at 4 weeks and lasted until about 20 weeks.  Then every couple weeks or so after that I would get sick again. It stopped completely around 30 weeks but I will still feel nauseous if I am not getting enough sleep or food.
-About the middle of my pregnancy with Corbin,  I would wake up with leg cramps so severe that the first time I had them I thought I had to go to the hospital.  Nothing I did would ease the pain, except for giving it time.  They lasted maybe 5-10 minutes throughout the night.  I never had a single leg cramp my entire pregnancy with Cason.  This time the leg cramps started a month or so ago but if I stretch my leg a certain way then they are gone.  
-I believe my weight gain this time is very similar to that of with Cason.  With Corbin, I gained so much weight.  I believe that it was because I was working an office job while pregnant with Corbin so I was sitting a lot.  Then once I stopped working, I was so tired all the time that I was a litle more lazy with my time.  With Cason and this one, I can't be lazy.  Too much to do, and too many people to take care of.  
-With Corbin, I thought about the pregnancy all the time.  I can't remember with Cason, but this one, there have been times I have forgotten I am pregnant.  I'll plan out my day and then as I'm going through with it all, I start to remember that I don't have as much energy as I used to and I am not as fast as I used to be so it's harder to do the things I planned.  
-One of the things I have been grateful for is that I haven't had the same anxieties or panic attacks like I did with Cason.
-One thing I remember with Corbin and Cason is near the end it was SO hard to turn over during the night.  So far this pregnancy hasn't been as bad, but I'm not sure if that's because I'm not as far along yet.  
-I haven't felt anything that stands out to me that seems different because this is a girl.
-Heart burn.  With Corbin and this one, there hasn't been one day of heart burn.  With Cason, near the end I had maybe two nights where I felt I might be slightly feeling heart burn.  From what I hear, heart burn is pretty common during pregnancy and I feel lucky that I haven't really experienced it.
-I worked with someone who told me one of her biggest worries was that her belly button would pop out.  I thought that was kind of silly but then maybe it's because so far it hasn't happened to me.  I keep thinking it will, but with the last two I lasted the whole pregnancy without it happening.  
-The movements from the baby always seem different.  But maybe it's just that I forget what it is like.  Even though this is the thrid time I have done this, it still feels odd that there is this huge baby moving around making my stomach do weird movements.
-My joints ache.  This is something that has been completely different this pregnancy that I didn't experience at all the first two times.  If I sit or lay for long periods of time, then when I stand up my joints hurt.  If I move or walk around for a few minutes then it will go away.  It's usually always my hip and knees, but sometimes it will also be my ankes, elbows, shoulders, fingers.  There was one morning I got up and it felt as though every single joint in my body was sore.  I read that it's pretty normal, and it never seems alarming since it goes away pretty quicly once I am active, it's just another one of those strange things that happens that is different from what I have experienced.
-Another thing diffenrt with me this time, is that I do not feel confident it is a girl.  When I refer to the baby, I do say "she" but I haven't taken tags off anything new that I have.  This was not the case with my boys.  I was pretty confident that both of them would be boys once I had that ultrasound.  So even though the ultrasound tech felt it was a girl, I think it will still be a surprise on the birth day to hear it is a girl.  

I don't know why it is so interesting to me to see how my body reacts so differently (or sometimes the same) with each pregnancy.  I know there are so many different variables as to why it is different but I'm still surprised that it's not exactly the same.  

I was doing the math the other day and I figured out that for the last 5 years I will have been pregnant for 27 months.  If I add in nursing, it will be out of 6 years and I will have been pregnant or nursing for 63 months which is 5 1/4 years.  It feels like a VERY long period of time to not have my body all to myself but it has been something that has been so incredibly worth it.  I wouldn't change it (well, maybe I would make some things easier) but I would definitely do it again if it meant I could have these sweet little kids in my life.

Here I was around 31 weeks, I think.

IMG 3111

Latter-day Prophets

Corbin and Cason have both really been into learning who the prophets and apostles are.  I'm pretty sure it all started just after General Conference.  Corbin was looking at the Friend magazine and asking who different people were.  He had Thomas S. Monson down pat, but seemed disinterested in who the others were.  Cason on the other hand, really started wanting to know the names of the First Presidency.  We told him, and a couple days later, he came to Connor and me telling pointing to a picture and saying, "That's President Eyring".  Connor and I were so impressed and making such a big deal about it that it encouraged Corbin to learn their names.  He got them down pretty quickly and then he started moving on to the apostles.  For a while he just knew Elder Andersen, but now he knows the majority of them.  

First presidency Monson edited


Since they liked that so much, I decided to teach them the song "Latter-day Prophets" and now it's one of their favorites.  Corbin now can pretty much name all the past Latter-day prophets and I've been trying to show him pictures to go with the names.  This actually has also been good for me, because I can't say I've been the best at knowing who is who.  

230 34739000 p 348

Since Corbin has been learning so much about prophets and apostles, he prays for them daily.  That has been such a good example to me.  

Also, I've been really trying to keep all the screens (TV, IPad, computer, iPhone, etc) off as much as possible for the kids (not us).  And for the most part they are.  The kids longest stretch without anything has been 4 weeks!  But it's really hard to say "no" when Corbin is asking, "Can I watch General Conference?"  

IMG 1122

IMG 3120

We think they are pretty cute and special!

Mother's Day Tea

Corbin's preschool class had a Mother's Day Tea today.  They did a little performance and then we ate a little lunch the kids had prepared.  The older class made the sandwiches and Corbin's class made the brownies.  So of course, I had to get a picture.

IMG 1185

Here is a video of his class singing.  This has to be one of the most fun things about being a mom.  

During the little lunch, his teachers passed around the gifts they had made.

IMG 1188

Here's a closer look at the card.

IMG 1189

He is pretty correct with all his answers, but I am thinking maybe I don't need to take him to the zoo, children's museum or park anymore, if Target is the place he gets to go for fun.  Hmm...


We finally moved Cason into Corbin's room (no longer called Corbin's room, but the "boys room").  Our pediatrician suggested we do it before the new baby comes so Cason wouldn't feel displaced.  I definitely have mixed feelings when it comes to them sharing a room.  In theory, I think all kids should have to share a room.  Most adults have shared a room at one time or another in their lifetime and the younger they start, the easier it is.  But in practice, it is hard.  The main thing I was worried about was that they wouldn't sleep very well.  After 2 nights of them sharing, so far, I have been right.  I'm hoping they will adjust as time goes on.  

We got a trundle under the bunk bed that we put perpendicular to it, so we don't have to move it in and out every time he needs to use it and that is Cason's bed.  It's a twin size so he looks tiny on it, but so far he seems to have no problem actually going to sleep in that bed.  

Also, I remember when Corbin moved out of the crib, feeling very sentimental about it.  It was no different with Cason.  I kept counting down the days that would be his last night/nap in the crib and it made me sort of sad.  He is no longer my baby anymore, but is sleeping in a big boy bed.  Soon I will have a tiny little baby to go in what will seem like a very big crib.

Here's Cason's last night sleeping in the crib.

IMG 3134
IMG 1136

Here's his last nap in the crib.

IMG 3142
IMG 3154

And him in his new bed!

IMG 3178
IMG 1166

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