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April 2017

April is in the thick of baseball season so we basically were living at the fields.  

IMG 3992
IMG 4008
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IMG 4083

General Conference puzzle!

IMG 0375

I went with Corbin and his class on a field trip to our city’s heritage museum!

IMG 0445
IMG 0453
IMG 0462

Cason got glasses!  We all think he looks super cool!

IMG 0503

More baseball!

IMG 4178
IMG 4194
IMG 4279

The boys had sports day at school and they were ready!!

IMG 0644

See HERE for our trip to Utah for spring break!!

We got back from Utah and went straight to my mom’s for Easter!  This was the only picture I took!  Oops!

IMG 1375

Back to baseball!

IMG 1446
IMG 4558

Connor had his birthday and didn’t even complain that it was overshadowed by basbeball!  He had his usual birthday pie!

IMG 1472
IMG 1473
IMG 1497

Since Connor left early on Easter morning when we were in Utah, we didn’t get pictures as a family together.  So we did it the next Sunday!

IMG 4587
IMG 4593
IMG 4600
IMG 4607

The boys got their spring pictures back!

CCI24042017 2
CCI24042017 copy

Kinsley had a preschool field trip to a grocery store.  The highlight for all the kids was getting to scan the items at an actual checkout counter.

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IMG 1656

More baseball!

IMG 4636
IMG 4664
IMG 4681

When we walk to church Kinsley always wants to get her picture taken at the same spot!


We had such a great April!

Utah April 2017

We planned a trip to Utah since Connor’s parents had just returned from their mission in the Dominican Republic.  We had everything ready and were dropped off at the airport for our flight.  

IMG 7777
IMG 0672
IMG 0675

We had some dinner and were waiting for our departure when all the sudden I get a text that our flight was cancelled.  We immediately go talk to the desk and come to find out there is not a flight for us until 2 days later.  The kids were devestated and we felt annoyed too.  Luckily, we hadn’t checked any bags and decided to just go home.  On the way there, we decided to just make a last minute road trip to Utah instead.  It wasn’t ideal but it was the best option.

IMG 0680

A couple hours into the drive in the rain, I realized there would probably be snow over the pass and we would need chains.  15 minutes before a car store closed we found some chains to buy.  Good thing, because we needed them!

IMG 0684

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A payphone!!!

IMG 0689

Lovely Nevada! But some happy kids with multiple hours of screens!

IMG 0691

We finally got there and got to have a double date with Cole and Lacey!


Everyone loves Nana’s massage chair!


Fun with Papa!


I always get the brussel sprouts when they are the menu.  These were listed as around 1200 calories.  We just couldn’t believe it.  

IMG 7783

We got to walk to church in the snow!

IMG 0695
IMG 0700

Kinsley was a lucky cousin and made cupcakes with her oldest girl cousin, Sadie!

IMG 0708

Look at all the snow on our car!

IMG 0710

Kinsley and Papa!

IMG 0711

Kinsley and Nana!

IMG 0736

The kids are so excited to be in Utah!

IMG 0723

We’ve heard a lot about Waffle Love and finally got to try it!


We visited a little farm.  Kinsley was our animal lover.  Corbin kind of sort of.  You will notice Cason is not in any of the animal pictures.  

IMG 0747
IMG 0769
IMG 7793
IMG 0780

Then we got some fresh made donuts!

IMG 0802

We were lucky to be able to go skiing and be joined by Connor’s parents and our sister-in-law, MaryAnn.  This skiing time was much better than las time for me.  MaryAnn stayed with me and gave me some pointers on how to improve and it went better than when Connor helped me! Ha!  Plus it helped that the resort was not crowded and it was pretty warm too!

IMG 0976
IMG 0977
IMG 0407
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IMG 0973
IMG 0972
IMG 7796

The next day we went downtown to check out the Church History Museum and Family History Museum!  We had such a great time!

IMG 0980
IMG 0984
IMG 0988
IMG 0998
IMG 1014
IMG 7798
IMG 1021
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IMG 1023

Later that night all the Duke girls got together for dinner and to see The Lion King!

IMG 1044
IMG 1065
IMG 1079
IMG 1085
IMG 1089

We decided to spend some time in Provo.  On the way we stopped at Thanksgiving Point and see some tulips and check out the children’s museum!

IMG 1092
IMG 1099
IMG 1103
IMG 1109
IMG 1113
IMG 1117

Then walked around BYU!

IMG 1118
IMG 1119
IMG 1122

On our way back we stopped to see our nephew, Parker’s animals at his job!

IMG 7803
IMG 1136
IMG 1153
IMG 1163
IMG 1177
IMG 7805
IMG 1197
IMG 1242

Of course, we had to eat some Cafe Rio!

IMG 1273

We helped Papa get ready for the Easter egg hunt for the kids.  We’ve never been able to be a part of it before! Yay!

IMG 1281

Then family pictures.  The last Duke family picture was taken when I was pregnant with Kinsley so she was the only one missing!

IMG 7822
IMG 1284

We went to Clint and Amy’s and there was just a lizard walking behind me!

IMG 1290

Easter Egg hunt!!

IMG 1292

We went to Lagoon with some of the family!

IMG 1294
IMG 7832
IMG 7833
IMG 7834

Some tired kids on the way back!

IMG 1299
IMG 1300

Easter baskets!

IMG 1304

Easter morning!

IMG 1323
IMG 1328

Connor woke up early to drive back home with his dad.  The kids and I kept our return flight home!

IMG 1246
IMG 1355
IMG 1372

We had a great time in Utah!  Thanks to family for spending so much time with us!

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