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April 2016

April was a great month!  We started out with April Fools.  Connor put tissue in the boys shoes so when they put them on for school they wouldn’t fit.

I did my normal April Fool’s joke because none of the kids could remember the joke ALL the other years that I;ve done this.  I made them some Brown E’s (brownies)!

Kinsly wasn’t too happy with me!

IMG 8680

General Conference was another great part of April!

IMG 8722

Family selfie during the Sunday session!

IMG 8788

Puzzle time!

IMG 8799

FIrst BBQ of the year!

IMG 8828

Cason’s teacher’s wife was pregnant and he was about to go on paternity leave so the class threw him a baby showers.  24 onesies made by Kindergarteners!  How cute is that!

IMG 8886

THe theme for most of the kids was to draw Mr. Hugo and his wife and the baby, but they didn’t forget their dog, Sam!  I love it so much!

This spring the kids were getting TONS of plants to take care of through various activities.  It started to get a little ridiculous!

IMG 8891

One Saturday morning, the kids woke up and made breakfast for the whole family which was awesome!  It was toast and cereal but it feels so good to be at this point in parenting!

IMG 8901
IMG 8903

The Warriors have been big aroud here (for good reason) and the boys were being different players and practicing their move!

Kinsley has been really into her hair lately and this was when she did it herself!

IMG 8914

The boys making their own comic books!

IMG 8970
IMG 8971

I had the boys cut some strawberries for me! Thier first time!

IMG 8978

My cute Warriors fans!

IMG 6105 (1)

We went to Great America and I loved this picture of Corbin and me on Gold Striker!

IMG 8997

My cute dancer girl!

IMG 9187

Connor’s birthday!

IMG 9232
IMG 9244

The kids spring school pics!

CCI21042016 6 copy
CCI21042016 5

I thought this was interesting when I went to pick up the boys from school one day.  I stopped in the middle of the street and took one picture of what was directly in front of me and the other picture which was to my left.  I didn’t even move spots.  


Corbin found a slug!

IMG 9277

We went for a Sunday hike!


Cason made me laugh at his choice of book that he picked at his school library!  It’s not iike he knows any big pro wrestiing fans.

IMG 9477

So I picked up Corbin from school one day and he came out wearing an undershirt that he put on under his normal shirt.  Not only was it an undershirt which is generally maller but it was Cason’s understhirt.  I was laughing so hard. I think he was a little emabrassed when I told him.  And then when we got home and I wanted to take a picture, his hair was being crazy.  So funny!!!

IMG 9567

A good and fun April!

Legoland with Corbin

A few years ago, I read a blog post where a woman talked about trips their family takes where parents go individually with each kid.  I thought it was a great idea and Connor and I talked about it and adapted it for our family.  Here’s what we came up with.  When a kid turns 8 (a big birthday because they have an opportunity to be baptized) they will go on a road trip with mom for a long weekend.  When they turn 12 (another big birthday because they enter the Young Men or Young Women program in our church) they will get to go on a trip somewhere with dad in the United States.  The next trip we decided was when they were 18 they could go with both mom and dad somewhere in the world!  So we had this planned out and then the missionary age was changed to 18 for boys.  Once that happened, we had to adjust and now it’s 16 or 17 for the trip with mom and dad. 

Since it was so long ago that we decided on this plan, it felt like it would be forever before one of us actually got a trip.  But then Corbin turned 8 and it was time to plan our trip.  Corbin decided on Legoland and to stay in the Legoland Hotel.  We picked our dates and booked it.  

We left on Thursday for the drive down.  We stopped for lunch and took our first picture to commemorate our trip together!  I even got him to smile easily just by telling him we need to get a picture for the start of our trip!

IMG 9028

Corbin has been into taco’s lately so that’s what we had for lunch!

IMG 9022

We made it to LA just in time for traffic (actually, isn’t that ALL the time)!  Apple Maps kept saying “Unexpected delays, I can shave off 10-15 minutes if you go this new way.”  It kept happening and it took me to a weird toll road but we made it.  But $8 for the toll road! Crazy!

I did grab a picture for Connor from Naked Gun!

IMG 9033

We made it to the hotel! Doesn’t Corbin look super excited?  The iPad died 2.5 hours before we made it and he was super bored.  He’s also my kid who doesn’t get super excited about things.  It kind of bugs me but that he hardly ever talks about or shows excitement about things, but I’m sort of the same way.

IMG 9037

Corbin showing us around the room.  

IMG 9038
IMG 9039
IMG 9040
IMG 9041

There was a box of Legos and he went to work.  He built a parrot.

IMG 9042

In the elevator, once the doors close, a disco ball lights up and dance music is played.  Corbin is not a dancer so he always seems uncomfortable.  I’ve noticed that the younger the kids the more likely they are to dance in the elevator.  Otherwise, it’s just the parents embarrassing the kids by dancing in the elevator with strangers.  I try not to be the embarrassing mom, but Corbin did dance in the elevator with me (when no one else was in it) at LEAST ONE TIME!  The video is when he didn’t dance with me.

Another cool thing about the hotel is they have a treasure chest in the room with a code and they give you a paper with questions that you need to answer to get the code to open the chest.  Inside the chest are some Legos and other treasures that gets filled EVERY night.  How awesome is that!!

IMG 9044
IMG 9050

The next morning, Corbin woke up at 4:57am and was ready to start the day.  I told him that was WAY too early and to go back to sleep.  I think he truly did try but he wasn’t able to.  At least he was quiet.  But I wasn’t able to get back to sleep either.  I got up and exercised while he watched a Lego show and then we headed to the breakfast (which was awesome).  Then we came back while I showered and he watched more Lego shows.  

Then we headed right out the lobby to the front go Legoland.  We got to go in an hour before everyone else (even though most of the rides were still closed).  But it made for a great jump on all the rides before others could come in.

IMG 9053
IMG 9097
IMG 9055
IMG 9069
IMG 9073
IMG 9075
IMG 9080
IMG 9081
IMG 9082
IMG 9085
IMG 9089

I convinced Corbin to take this picture for Kinsley!

IMG 9063

Corbin started to say he was tired (understandably) and had a headache.  We headed back to the hotel, had lunch and then went to our room for some relaxing.  Corbin immediately got in bed and fell asleep.  He DOES NOT nap.  But I figured since getting up early and being on the go all morning wiped him out.

IMG 9090

When he woke up he was still being kind of lethargic and I couldn’t make him decide on anything to do.  I finally forced him out and we kind of walked around and then went back to Legoland for a ride or too.  

IMG 9096
IMG 9103

We ate dinner and then I realized he was running a fever.  I hadn't brought any medicines so we had to go out to Rite Aid and pick some up.  I also got a thermometer to check and had a fever of 102.2.  No wonder he wasn’t feeling well.  I gave him some medicine and he went to bed.  He woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I took that opportunity to check his fever which was gone.  He slept the rest of the night and woke up feeling a ton better!  He finally even ate some food!

IMG 9111

He even danced in the elevator!

We were able to go in early again using our special hotel slap bracelet.  Corbin made a heart for me to send to his dad.  We had a much better time this day because he felt a ton better.  We even went to the little aquarium they had.

IMG 9117
IMG 9118
IMG 9124
IMG 9126
IMG 9136
IMG 9145
IMG 9164

We took a break for some pool time.

IMG 9168

Then we headed back to the park for a little more fun!  

IMG 9170
IMG 9173

He was going on the cars and I told him to drive by me so I could take some pictures and videos.  He said “Just don’t embarrass me.”  I asked him how I embarrass him and he said by putting it on Instagram.  He told me I could send it to dad but not put it on Instagram.  (I wonder if the blog counts.)  But here’s the video where it looks like he is completely trying to avoid coming near me. 

IMG 9180

Then we had dinner and went back to the hotel for our last night!  He was pretty sad that it was coming to an end and I was too.  In the morning we ate some breakfast and headed to find a Sacrament meeting before getting on the road!  We happened to be driving by a Cafe Rio at lunch so we had to stop.  (There may have been a little planning on my part!)  Then our long road trip home!!!!

We had a great time and I think I accomplished what I wanted to with Corbin even if everything didn’t turn out 100% perfectly.  Corbin is good kid and is pretty agreeable but there are definitely things we can improve on.  I love him dearly and I hope that he will look back on this trip with fond memories.

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