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For spring break some friends asked us if we wanted to go camping a couple days.  We had it planned and then it started to look like there might be a possibility Connor wouldn’t be able to go.  And he wasn’t.  We decided that he would drive up with me the first night to help get things set up and then he would leave early in the morning to make it back to work.  Then I would be there for the rest of the time with the kids (and help from our friends).  This wasn’t the ideal situation and if the kids weren’t excited about it, I probably wouldn’t have gone.  But overall, it was a great time.

Of course every road trip needs a stop on the side of the road.

IMG 0055

Once we got to the campsite the kids were off and playing!

IMG 0056
IMG 0063
IMG 0066

Some cute and dirty kids instantly!

IMG 0070
IMG 0072
IMG 0075

The bummer about camp was that we were not allowed to have camp fires.  This made for cold nights and mornings and dissapointment that we couldn’t make s’mores over a fire.

We made hot dogs on the camp stove.

IMG 0081
IMG 0083

There was lots of playing in our tent!

IMG 0085
IMG 0090

The kids loved the head lamps!

 So that night I did not sleep at all and that is not an exaggeration.  I really had no sleep.  I was wondering how I was going to make it through the day and our hike without Connor on no sleep.  But I made it through the day with little notice of the lack of sleep I had. (The story is: During the night when I was getting more and more agitated that I wasn’t falling asleep, I prayed and asked for help to fall asleep.  When that didn’t seem to be working, I prayed and asked that I would be able to get through the day okay. I don’t really know what I was expecting but definitely not what blessing I ended up getting. Once I started getting up and getting ready for breakfast and the hike, I noticed I wasn’t feeling too tired, almost like I would feel if I got a decent nights sleep.  Then came the hike but I wasn’t feeling any more tired than I normally would have.  And this was the trend the whole day.  I was tired at bedtime and slept pretty well that night.  So I know my prayer was answered better than I could have imagined!!)

Here the kids are by a big boulder just before we started the hike.

IMG 0098

There were caves to hike through so Corbin insisted on wearing his head lamp at the start of the hike.

IMG 0109
IMG 0115
IMG 0123
IMG 0127
IMG 0129
IMG 0132
IMG 0136
IMG 0142
IMG 0150 (1)

Can I just say how awesome these kids were on the hike?  All 6 of the kids!!! Jon was awesome to switch off carrying the 2 toddlers and the three older boys loved being in the lead.  There were a few falls but we all made it without anything major.  Also some whining which I think is to be expected when hiking with kids, but I love that they can say they accomplished something hard!  And it was so worth it to go through the caves!  

We got back to camp and there was lots of playing and exploring and relaxing!

IMG 0154
IMG 0162
IMG 0164

Then dinner and s’mores on the stove.

IMG 0169
IMG 0173

Then a good nights sleep.  And a sort of lazy morning before we got packed up.

IMG 0176 (1)
IMG 0181
IMG 0188
IMG 0199
IMG 0192 (2)

Then we went on one last exploring mission before we headed home!

IMG 0226
IMG 0257
IMG 0232

Thanks to the Maginots for a fun time!!!

Easter Family Pictures

Since Easter this year was during General Conference, we dressed in our Easter best the Sunday after.  Here are some of the best (or most entertaining) ones of us!

IMG 1304
IMG 1301
IMG 1318
IMG 9990
IMG 9951
IMG 9960
IMG 9980
IMG 0017
IMG 0020

Happy Spring!


Easter fell during General Conference this year which makes for a little more relaxing day.  We started off our Easter festivities the night before while Connor was at Priesthood session.  We colored our Easter eggs.  I usually don’t get my act together to do this so I think this was the first time it happened when I was in charge of it happening.

IMG 1130
IMG 1136
IMG 1139
IMG 1140
IMG 1142

After the kids got in bed, the Easter Bunny prepared their baskets and hid them.  Last year, Corbin had a melt down when he couldn’t find his basket within 10 seconds.  He remembered that and said he didn’t want to be given any hints this year in where his basket was hidden.  We took that as a sign that he wouldn’t mind a little bit harder place.

Kinsley’s was hidden by the piano.

IMG 1146

Cason’s was under a curtain.

IMG 1145

Corbin’s was hidden in the hutch.

IMG 1147

Turns out we had a repeat of last year and there was another melt down.  I hope next year is better!

IMG 1144
IMG 1148
IMG 1150
IMG 1158
IMG 1162

Easter mess!

IMG 1167

And as if the kids didn’t get enough sugar, we made bunny donuts for breakfast.  (Don’t worry. There was some healthy stuff too?!)

IMG 1169
IMG 1183
IMG 1179

After conference we finished decorating our eggs.

IMG 1192
IMG 1193

Then we had an Easter egg hunt in our backyard just after the rain stopped.

IMG 1198
IMG 1215
IMG 1227

Aisling found the GOLDEN EGG AGAIN!!!!  That’s 2 years in a row!!

IMG 1229

Then we had dinner and I didn’t take on picture of that part.  

I am grateful for what Easter represents.  For our Savior’s resuccection on that 3rd day after he died for us.  I know that is true!


Happy Easter!

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