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Easter & A Birthday

Connor turned 33 on Easter Sunday.  It was his brother who pointed out how interesting that is.  Christ was 33 when he died and we are celebrating Connor’s birthday on the day we celebrate the resurrection.  Pretty cool!  Connor was a good sport to share his birthday with Easter.  Corbin asked him why he decided to have an Easter party for his birthday.  Funny they think that is the theme he wanted. Ha!  

I love holidays with kids and so it is as exciting for me as for the kids.  The kids got to hunt for their Easter baskets.  I think Cason found Kinsley’s, Cason got a tiny hint to find his, and Corbin had a much bigger hint.  I hid Corbin’s pretty well and I forgot how frustrated he gets when he can’t do something immediately.  He definitely needs a lesson on “finding joy in the journey”.  As a matter of fact, maybe I need that lesson too.  


 Connor then got to open his birthday presents!


This year I asked the kids to tell me what they wanted to get Connor for his birthday and I got as close to what they wanted to as possible.  Corbin watned to get him a Giants blanket, Kinsley wanted to get him happy so we got him a childrens book called “Happy”.  Then came Cason.  His choice made me laugh but the more I thought about it I realized how thoughtful it was.  The kids, Cason in particular, screams in Connor’s ear when they are playing and Connor has explained they cannot do that to protect his ears for his job.  Well, Cason thought for a second what to get his dad and then said “Ear plugs so we won’t hurt his ears!”  What a cute little man we have!

Then we had breakfast (of something other than candy) and got ready for church.  We can’t usually do any sort of nice breakfast on Sunday mornings becuase church is so early and with my foot being the way it is, it’s even less likely to happen.  

Since we got to have Shauna here for Easter, she was able to take some good family pictures before and after church.


I was excited to get to have an egg hunt in our own backyard for the first time! We also made an egg for the grown ups to find that had money in it.  Aisling found it!


Then we (mostly everyone else) got dinner ready for everyone to come over.  Connor wanted steak and it was delcicious.  It was such a warm day that we got to eat outside! 

What a wonderful Easter and birthday for Connor!


Usually people say that Christmas is their favorite holiday and I agree to some extent. The season is so magical and you can feel that spirit in the air.  I love it.  And of course you can’t have Easter without Christmas but I just LOVE the meaning of Easter so much that as an adult Easter has become my favorite holiday.  I know we mostly celebrate the resurrection of which is a wonderful blessing that we will all receive someday. And it is so meaningful to me especially after losing my day. But I think of the whole last week of Christ’s life, the suffering, the crucifixtion and the resurrection are all so important to me in my life and I appreciate it so much more as an adult.  I know that Jesus lived and had to suffer for my sins and my pain just like he did everyone single person.  I know that was resurrected and that I will be too.  I am looking forward to when I can live with all of my family again and our bodies will be perfect.


I am also grateful to celebrate my husband.  He is such a hard working man.  There are a million reasons why I love him and it woud take me forever to write them all down but one reason that I love this man so much is that he is committed to me for eternity and he does what it takes to make sure we are on the right path.  Even if it’s hard and lately it’s been really really hard.  But he is as committed to me as I am to him and that’s what makes me feel like will get us to eternity together!


Easter Egg Hunt & Nana Comes

Since I’ve been a little out of commission with this foot, I haven’t been able to do nearly the amount of things with my kids but luckily Nana came to save the day (more like week and half) and my kids got to have a normal time.  

We started off with an egg hunt at the local mini golf place that a friend was helping with.  They got lots of eggs and had a great time.  It was Kinsley’s first time being able to search for eggs since she wasn’t walking on her first Easter.


Later that night we got a fire pit for Connor’s birthday! The kids loved to make s’mores! 


Kinsley at 22 Months

This blog is certainly lacking lately and I’ll probably do a post on why later but for now Kinsley is 22 months old and I don’t want to miss out writing about her.


My sweet Kinsley who is almost 2!  How did this happen.  I specifically remember having a conversation with someone several months before Corbin turned 2 and saying how I felt 2 was the age where I felt I no longer had a baby. Here I am with my last child turning 2 very soon.  Sad but very joyful at the same time!


-talks A LOT!!!!!! Sometimes I still feel like the mom with a kid who is trailing behind the others with delays, etc.  But then I realize that even though that was me and it was very hard, that’s just not me anymore.  My kids are doing well and it is so fun to see how quickly Kinsley picks up words and uses them from then on.  I love it! Since last month she has started putting more and more words together.  She is up to 3 words together now.  Sometimes she’ll say just one word, more often she will say two words together, and is now getting more comfortable with three words together.  Some of the phrases she says a lot now “Poops in there” pointing to her diaper.  “Bye. See you morrow”. “Mom ‘mon” meaning Mom c’mon.  Then recently, I stopped and got us some food for lunch and Corbin asked if we were eating it at home or the resturaunt and I told him we would eat it at home.  Kinsley then said “Mom, I know, let’s eat home.”  It was so cute and I couldn’t believe she was listening to our conversation and had that whole long sentence to say about it.  She amazes me!
-is still super in love with stuffed animals.  Her big pink dog is still her favorite.  
-is not really into watching shows.  She asks for them and says she wants to watch one but usually only lasts a minute or so.  There was one time I turned on Frozen and she watched for 30 minutes but that not ever happened again.
-she LOVES music.  Her favorites are “Let it Go”, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” ,“In Summer” all from Frozen, “Happy” by Pharrell but really just likes anything she can sing or dance to.  She also likes kids songs too.  Her favorites are “Wheels on the Bus”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “Popcorn Popping”.
-is our happy girl.  When she is not sick and her mom isn’t stuck on the couch she is always happy and smiling.  
-has finally stopped taking 2 naps a day.  Actually, I think she still might, but since there are more times she can’t because of stuff we have, I thought it might be best to just transition out of it.  She has done great.  She never seems tired but when I put her down she sleeps and then wakes up happy.  This didn’t happen as much with the boys.  
-has such a good relationship with her brothers, especially Corbin.  They just adore each other.  I was a little worried having all 3 kids home all week for Spring Break but I think having Corbin home has actually made Cason and Kinsley fight less so it’s actually been wonderful having them all home!
-is so completely loved by all of us and we just love having her in our family!!!

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